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The Aussie-American band The Walk-A-Bout believes in it. The only way to success, or course. Translate the group name as a walk, a stroll, maybe also a search. The name also refers to the roots of Aboriginals, many you do not notice in the rock ‘n roll of these’ new ‘New Yorkers. Last year their debut album appeared with the single Traveler and the funky ‘Shakin’ It Up ‘, and quickly logged by a 12 “single. And now a new mini-album with the promising title ‘Things Are Looking Up’. Guitarist Kevin Anderson is a rock in thinking of guitar decorations and found in the Australian singer / songwriter (+ harmonica, didgeridoo) the perfect ally. Four new songs and two as a bonus track from their debut. Together half an hour of acoustic guitar rock. The title track floats on a funky rhythm with some blues harp in between. The gentlemen love babbling acoustic rock ‘n roll. If you like rock ballads, ‘By My Side’ rocks like a beautiful jewel around the neck of a blonde wench. With a typically clear Australian voice timbre, like Stan Ridgeway in the 80s. In ‘Consequences’, ‘Sully’ breathes wonderfully on his harmonica. And now waiting for his songs with didgeridoo. The Walk-A-Bout operates from the creative eastside of Long Island. Something can really grow out of this!
Line up:
Kevin Anderson (Acoustic Guitars)
Darren “Sully” Sullivan (Lead Vocals, Harp)
Drew “Drumz” Bertrand (Drums)
Michael Perrotta (Bass)
Dave Christian (Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Marino Serdons (3 ½)
The Walk-A-Bolt believes in their future. You just hear rock ‘n roll with a lot of potential.
Only four strong new songs. And ‘By My Side’ is a wonderful ballad! So, do not miss it!

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