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CORNELL “CC” CARTER “That’s My Baby”

Published on July 20, 2018 by jms


“One Love is a message of Oneness with the planet and each other and the love and music to our guide to a better world!” – Clearly, Cornell CC Carter. We agree. And before his “One Love” album is to be put into the universal Soul Love status from the 17th of August, he givesus by means of “That’s My Baby” the ultra-smooth soul-vibrator on the summer way. Absoulut classic sound ambience, best mid-tempo groove reminiscent of somewhere Lonnie Hill and his “Galveston Bay”. Quite a great song – by the way, played and recorded under the supervision of Morgan Howell, who once again proves that his soul persona music worlds can set standards.





For more information about ONE LOVE or upcoming tour dates, please visit CC’s website and social media pages via: or


To Pre-Order ONE LOVE on digital services please visit:





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