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VHS is, and I should know, having now listened to it through three times on the bounce, a wonderfully ambient, bouncy, fun, even thoughtful at times collection of instrumental tracks that Dr. Chrispy began writing way back in 2003.

It was as he was traveling for work as an aerospace engineer and if you listen carefully to the tracks, never allowing any of them to merely drift above and over and away from you, you can most definitely hear the majesty of our universe embedded within each of them.

Indeed, and furthermore, each track was written in a different location, titled with the name of a city, airport code, or local attraction, and captures the vibe of each place and moment in time.

Basically put, VHS is an auditory travel diary, inviting you along to hear and experience the evolution from Dr. Chris Boshuizen, Space Scientist, to Dr. Chrispy, the Artist.

Oh, and showcasing perfectly Dr. Chrispy’s painstaking attention to detail, there will also be released a limited first edition CD featuring a double page spread photograph shot inside the cockpit of a vintage Boeing 747 aircraft.

The disc photography lines up with the cover, and hidden behind the disc is a shout out to one of Dr. Chrispy’s greatest film influences, ‘Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home’!

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