Alice Street Sessions by Eric Westphal

Great short review for Eric Westphal’s Alice Street Sessions!

Oasis Entertainment

For my 975th review, I am proud to present the album Alice Street Sessions by Eric Westphal. His music has already been well established by his work with the group James Blond, and Alice Street Sessions is a welcomed re-release and allows us to revisit Eric’s debut solo offering originally released in 2001, re-mastered and re-released June 2018 on the IAC Records label.  This twelve song album features such great tracks as Harmony, Another Time Another Place, Follow My Heart, Janine, Footsteps and much more.  I enjoyed this album from start to finish and is an album I will listen to over and over again.  This album was well written, recorded, performed and produced.  This re-issue is also available on 180-gram vinyl in addition to CD and digital downloads from Amazon, CD Baby, Itunes, IAC Records, and many other outlets.


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