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Kimia Penton

Where the Rain Falls

Review by Gary Hill
I’m not so sure that the cover image of this set does it justice. The violin as the focus of the cover gives two impression. The first is that the violin will be the central feature of the set. The second is that this will be some kind of heavily classical music based record. Neither of those things are true. Sure, Kimia Penton plays violin, but it’s not the central feature of any of this music. Her voice is the real selling factor here. The music leans toward pop music with elements of things ranging from jazz to country, folk and even progressive rock at times. All in all, this is a set that lives and dies with Penton’s vocals. Fortunately she’s an exceptional singer and makes this work like a charm. The only complaint is that this is roughly 25 minutes long. I’d love to hear more from this artist.

This review is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2018  Volume 6 at

Track by Track Review
Not Goodbye
Intricate guitar serves as the backdrop for this balladic number. The vocals are evocative and quite pretty. After the first verse the cut shifts to a movement that has some definite jazz-like qualities to it. It turns more toward a pop rock sound from there as it works onward. After the minute and a half mark it gets even more “oomph” added to the arrangement.
Show Me Love
This comes in quite jazzy and reminds me of Sade quite a bit. Penton’s violin adds some intriguing textures to this piece. The vocals have a bit of a soulful vibe, but the music is packed full of magical musical elements.
Where the Rain Falls
There is a bit of a down-home, country music element on display here. The cut isn’t far removed from the previous two overall, though.  There is some cool violin work in the instrumental segment later in the track. That movement has some definite fusion built into it. The whole cut gets some of that in the mix as it continues to evolve from there and works back to the vocal section.
Stepping Stones
Piano and vocals make up the concept on this balladic piece. That format really allows Penton’s beautiful voice to really shine. She is a wizard in terms of her singing skills. If you want proof of that, look no further than this track. It’s an exceptional performance.
First and Last Time
Acoustic guitar and voice starts this. The cut works outward from there after a time, getting reinforced as it continues. Overall this song probably fits under the folk ballad title.
Alive Again
We’re back into jazzier territory here. There is a lot more energy to this number, and it has a cool groove.


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Lovesick The Remixes Cover


For Immediate Release – San Francisco, CA – JORDAN HURWITZ is thrilled to announce the release of her long-awaited LOVESICK. THE REMIXES EP, capturing six entirely new visions of the title track from her previous EP that was originally produced by Narada Michael Walden (Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston). The new LOVESICK. THE REMIXES EP is available on all music streaming platforms December 7, 2018, and features six new EDM/Electronic remixes from an array of talented DJs and producers including KYOGRE, EL DIABLO, BIONIK, DJPJ, EDEN, GORDY BULLEN, and STVRBOI.


With her powerful melodies, soulful pop, and story-telling ballads, JORDAN HURWITZ is an American singer/songwriter quickly making her way onto today’s music scene. Creating music that holds a likeness to the soul of Lady Gaga, the power of Demi Lovato, and the heart of Billy Joel, together with the effortlessness of Adele, JORDAN HURWITZ’s songs are made to be heard, to be repeated, and to be loved.


“This is my first time letting anyone else take the driver’s seat with one of my songs,” says Jordan. “I have always worked with the mindset of making my vision of my songs come to life. Hearing interpretations of “LOVESICK.” through the minds of these great producers has given me a whole new love for the song.”


The original LOVESICK. EP gave rise to the highly acclaimed songs “I Love Your Abs” and “Riverbank,” both of which have music videos available on all video streaming platforms. The music on the LOVESICK. EP spans many genres and styles, with each track having a unique sound that connects with a wider audience. “Obliterate My Heart” is an incredible duet with Soul superstar Cornell “C.C.” Carter, and the songs “Power” and “Hurricane” are huge and powerful ballads. The EP closes with the title track “LOVESICK.,” a contemporary pop/dance crossover that belongs alongside any of the huge hits on the radio today, and is the basis for the new LOVESICK. THE REMIXES EP.


The LOVESICK. EP was Jordan’s second work with Narada Michael Walden released through his Tarpan Records, with her earlier Here I’ll Stand EP featuring six original songs written by Jordan and also produced and arranged by Walden. “Working with Narada is an incomparable and invaluable experience,” says Jordan. “His talent and artistry take my music to a whole new dimension and continue to be nothing less than amazing.”


JORDAN HURWITZ has gained international exposure and stellar reviews throughout the United States and Europe. Exclusive Magazine says, “[she is] so apt at creating musical visions to back her every lyric that it’s hard not to imagine her standing proudly alongside the aforementioned Taylor Swift at an awards ceremony one day.” The LOVESICK. and Here I’ll Stand EPs were preceded by Jordan’s debut album Infinity, released in 2013 at age 16, and The New Me, released in 2014.


Born and raised in Redwood City, CA, Jordan spends most of her year in Miami attending the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, where she is in the highly-regarded Bruce Hornsby Creative American Music Program. Currently in her final year, Jordan will be soon be graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Musicianship, Artistry Development, and Entrepreneurship, and with minors in Music Business and Entertainment Industries, Creative American Music, and Advertising.


JORDAN HURWITZ performs to a wide array of audiences both locally and across the country, and is excited to be preparing for her second U.S. tour scheduled for Summer 2019. The LOVESICK. THE REMIXES EP will be available on all music streaming platforms December 7, 2018. Jordan will continue to showcase her talents in assorted venues across the US in the surrounding months to support the new release.


JORDAN HURWITZ is constantly expanding her repertoire with new and innovative music. Be sure to stay tuned for all this promising young artist has to offer!



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