New Single Release Out Today! – MIGHTY QUINN “RUNAROUND SUE”

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Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin: “Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin” (2018) CD Review

I’ve been trying to maintain my sanity lately by greatly limiting the amount of news I read, and refraining as much as possible from engaging in debates with the fascist morons that support that racist turd Donald Trump. It’s difficult, as you know. I am furious. I am depressed. I am worried. What helps is listening to music, and sometimes what I need more than anything is the energy and attitude of a punk record. When I put on the self-titled debut CD release from Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin, all I wanted was that energy, that drive, to let out some steam, and it worked perfectly. But I got more than that. This is a really good album, featuring some great material. The band is made up of Quinn Walker on vocals, Geoff Saba on guitar and vocals, Andrew Muhoberac on bass and vocals, and Joel Davidson on drums and vocals. Though this is the debut release from this band, it is not Quinn Walker’s first release. That came eight years ago, with the My Road EP. And several other releases followed. Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin are based in – can you guess? – Oakland, California.

The album opens with “The Nu Punks,” the title first making me wonder if it would be about Greek punks discussing the alphabet. It has something of a good pop flavor right at the start (with that catchy “do-do do-do-do” bit), then kicks in with an energetic force, and is exactly the kind of fun I’m looking for. And we are off to a good start. That’s followed by “Meet The Ronin,” which has a bit of a spoken word introduction: “Hey, everybody, this is Mighty Quinn and the Oakland Ronin. We’re going to show you how we get down.” And halfway through, Quinn introduces the band. It’s not a bad song, but not as interesting or exciting as what follows. “Kilt Kimono” has lyrics about troubled teen years, and a great driving beat. “And when you’re screaming and rolling on the floor/That’s punk rock for sure.” A different version of this song was made available digitally last year, and then it was titled “Kilt & Kimono.” This new version is shorter, without that extended ending.
“Headfirst” is one of my favorite tracks, coming on fast and strong. This is exactly what I’m looking for, a song to make me throw myself around the room, smiling the whole time. “Hey, you, you’re the one I want to come home at the end of the night/So come over now/Hey, you, you’re the one I’m talking to/You know I’m going to treat you right.” And these lines always make me happy: “I hope your daddy don’t mind/That I’m the best you can find.” How are those for some honest lyrics? This tune is a lot of fun. It’s followed by “BFF.” Okay, as much as I absolutely detest abbreviations like BFF, I dig this song, particularly the spoken word part: “Research suggests that individuals with less social connection have disrupted sleep patterns, altered immune systems and a thirty percent higher risk of dying in the next seven years.”
I feel that the heavy driving force of “Squash It” could push me right through a brick wall, and yeah, that’s a good thing. “And it can’t be, can’t always be about the money.” That’s followed by “Rebel,” an awesome tune with a great groove. I can’t help but enjoy lines like these: “Well, you can’t trust pigs and politicians/Government officials gonna tell you what to do/Tell them go to hell and fucking good for you/Because I’m a rebel/Yeah, I’m a fucking rebel.”  A different, shorter version of this song was previously released online. Then “Town” has a fairly serious tone and a steady beat. A different and much shorter version of this one also was previously available online.
“Love Vs. Bankers” is one of my favorites. It is a timely song about love being more important than money in a world that is run by the disgustingly rich (with some lines directed at the rich). Sure, we all need money to survive, but let’s not allow the quest for money to be our driving force.  “Well, the thing about love is you can’t control it/Love’s just too big to try to hold it.” It also has a delicious groove and tremendous energy. As with several of the other tracks, an earlier version of this song was released last year. That’s followed by “Anxiety,” another track that feels timely, and one that is in the same realm as “Love Vs. Bankers,” with lines like “Everybody’s greedy, got to get it to win/I want it, you want it, we all want it all/Just a bunch of greedy gods waiting to fall/And you think you’re everything.” This one comes at us with speed and energy and attitude, and then is suddenly gone. Ah, those short, powerful punk songs, in and out, say what you need to say and then be done, no need to wrap it up in pretty ribbons and nonsense. “L’Oakland” has a heavy sound, and was previously released as “Jolly Roger.” The disc then ends with a fun rock tune titled “Mickey Got Married.” This one makes me laugh, with lines like “Mickey got married too quick/Now he’s got a little kid who’s a dick/Now what you gonna do about that?” Of course, part of it is that it feels like it could be an alternate reality of mine, had I gone down a different path and continued to go by Mickey rather than switching to Michael in my early teens.
CD Track List
  1. The Nu Punks
  2. Meet The Ronin
  3. Kilt Kimono
  4. Headfirst
  5. BFF
  6. Squash It
  7. Rebel
  8. Town
  9. Love Vs. Bankers
  10. Anxiety
  11. L’Oakland
  12. Mickey Got Married
Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin is scheduled to be released on November 2, 2018, and will be available on both CD and vinyl.


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STIMULI Newsletter Feb-March 2019



Greetings from STIMULI HQ!

Exciting news is coming in spring & summer and can’t wait to share it with you!

Before that happens, we want to let you know about a trio of upcoming Bay Area shows as we close out winter 2019.

On Friday March 8th, STIMULI will return to one of our favorite venues – The Uptown Nightclub (site of the 1st STIMULI show!) in Oakland, CA. This very special night will feature some of the best local heavy rock bands – The Devil in California & Stalin – all bands with deep Oakland roots at a great rock and roll club!
Get your tickets before they’re gone at:

Those in the San Jose area this Saturday February 23rd, STIMULI will be at the X-Bar in Cupertino, CA. Presented by Pinup Productions, this show features B.T. Saints & Drawing Heaven. Both of these great South Bay-based bands will bring heavy sludge and grind to this all ages rock show! Tickets to this show are available at:

Those in the North Bay this Friday February 22nd, STIMULI will join the one and only Bryan Kehoe w/ his Kehoe International band along with heavy riff rockers Ranchero at 19 Broadway Nightclub in Fairfax, CA.
Tickets are available at:

Bring a friend to an upcoming show. We look forward to seeing you there 🙂

To stay up to speed with the band,
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Thank you for supporting STIMULI and original rock bands everywhere.
We appreciate you,

– Jimmy, Cole & Tai




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Napa Valley Duo

An American in Paris

Review by Gary Hill


Perhaps this set is classical music. The duo in question is Jeffrey McFarland-Johnson who plays stringed instruments (I’ve often labeled it as cello, but I might be wrong in places) and Terry Winn on piano. They create a mix of sounds here that is unique and quite compelling. While this isn’t really my kind of music, I found that parts of it really drew me in.

This review is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2019  Volume 1 at


Track by Track Review
The piano and cello both work together well to create a pretty and rather sad musical texture on this piece. This instrumental is fairly short and a good way to start the set in style.
An American in Paris
While the opener was short, the same can’t be said for this. It’s almost 15 and a half minutes long. It’s quite a musical ride with some rather crazed instrumental sounds at play at points. It conveys a lot of modes and textures along the ride. Both the cello and the piano find plenty of opportunities to shine. They certainly capture a lot of different sections of the soundtrack to the film.
It Never Entered My Mind
This is such a pretty piece. It has a certain sad air to it. There is a real majestic quality, too.
JMJ Suite: Prelude Perfume
Piano starts this one with an almost magical kind of vibe. The strings lend a new air as they join. The cut continues to evolve as it drives forward. This is quite classical and a bit odd at times. It is also oddly compelling.
A Soft Message to You
This has a lot of beauty and is another effective number. I particularly like the piano melodies on the cut, but everything works well.
Star Trek Anthem / I Love Lucy
Combining “Star Trek” and “I Love Lucy” might seem odd. The fact is, they were connected. Lucille Ball believed so strongly in “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry that she signed him to her Desilu Studios for the series. So, combining these two pieces of music makes sense in a rather unique way. I love the twist that this arrangement brings to the “Star Trek” sounds. It’s just a short bit of the music, though. Then they take it into an upbeat and fun romp of the “I Love Lucy” theme.
Meritage Estate
Coming in slower and rather melancholy, particularly in contrast to the previous number, this works out after the introduction to some more crazed sounds as punctuation to the mellower, more melodic segments.
Preparing For the Day
The classical tones on this are fun and energetic. There is a playful air to this piece.
Vesper For Janelle
Slow moving, sedate and rather melancholy in tone, this is also quite a pretty number.
I love the piano textures that start this. The strings add so much as they join. This has more energy and a lighter tone than the previous number did. There is a real moving vibe to it. It feels almost like “traveling music.”
See Me Feel Me / I Will Fight and Never Slack
The strings start this, playing the familiar Who passages in a slow and measured way. The second half of this brings an almost Celtic angle to things. It’s not until that movement kicks in (and nearly two minutes in) that the piano joins. They work things to a fast paced and playful jam from there. Then, just after the three minute mark, they bring it back to the Who melodies, this time with the piano added to the mix. That movement takes the cut to its end.
I love the classical elements on display here. This is a pretty and rather reflective piece. It is packed with emotion.
Another that’s on the sedate and classical end of the musical spectrum, this is a pretty track.
The Lady Caliph
This is also quite a pretty piece of music. It’s a satisfying way to end the set.


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“Stimuli is an American heavy rock band from the Bay Area of California. They formed in 2013 when Tai Hake (bass and theremin) and Jimmy Tomahawk (guitars and vocals) left the band Yeibichai. The addition of Australian drummer Cole Andrew completed the power trio format.

The tunes mostly carry a mid-tempo groove but there is enough sophistication and rhythmic changes to ensure a pretty captivating listen. It isn’t prog but it isn’t your typical radio friendly fare either. Some of the tunes have a ‘90s Alice in Chains vibe and there is a definite alternative angle to some of these tracks. Very good lead vocals is another strong plus for the band. Tomahawk has a sensitivity to his voice but can also ramp up the intensity when the need arises. Another cool trait is the use of theremin, adding mood and atmosphere to the band’s heavier riffing. The first track “+X-“ is emphasized by a massive rhythm section and the band displays tight musicianship throughout with heavy riffing and a moody guitar solo. The use of theremin is very noticeable. Some tricky drum work pushes the title track in a heavy but proggier direction and “The New Dream” has a decidedly Alice and Chains bent with lower range vocals and powerful rhythms with some pretty cool tempo changes as well. With “Sandstorm” the band throws a bit of a curveball adding sitar into the mix. The sound is more exotic because of it and is my favourite track thus far. The flute and acoustic guitar adds a sort of mysticism on “Prize Of Nothingness” that is really quite enchanting and shows a band not afraid to explore different sounds. There are really no bad tracks here which is pretty excellent in my book.

Stimuli have created a well thought out and rather sophisticated rock album with They Are We. The melodies don’t necessarily jump out at you and may require a bit of digging in on behalf of the listener. I think this one will have some staying power. A solid debut that I wholeheartedly recommend.”



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