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“Stimuli is an American heavy rock band from the Bay Area of California. They formed in 2013 when Tai Hake (bass and theremin) and Jimmy Tomahawk (guitars and vocals) left the band Yeibichai. The addition of Australian drummer Cole Andrew completed the power trio format.

The tunes mostly carry a mid-tempo groove but there is enough sophistication and rhythmic changes to ensure a pretty captivating listen. It isn’t prog but it isn’t your typical radio friendly fare either. Some of the tunes have a ‘90s Alice in Chains vibe and there is a definite alternative angle to some of these tracks. Very good lead vocals is another strong plus for the band. Tomahawk has a sensitivity to his voice but can also ramp up the intensity when the need arises. Another cool trait is the use of theremin, adding mood and atmosphere to the band’s heavier riffing. The first track “+X-“ is emphasized by a massive rhythm section and the band displays tight musicianship throughout with heavy riffing and a moody guitar solo. The use of theremin is very noticeable. Some tricky drum work pushes the title track in a heavy but proggier direction and “The New Dream” has a decidedly Alice and Chains bent with lower range vocals and powerful rhythms with some pretty cool tempo changes as well. With “Sandstorm” the band throws a bit of a curveball adding sitar into the mix. The sound is more exotic because of it and is my favourite track thus far. The flute and acoustic guitar adds a sort of mysticism on “Prize Of Nothingness” that is really quite enchanting and shows a band not afraid to explore different sounds. There are really no bad tracks here which is pretty excellent in my book.

Stimuli have created a well thought out and rather sophisticated rock album with They Are We. The melodies don’t necessarily jump out at you and may require a bit of digging in on behalf of the listener. I think this one will have some staying power. A solid debut that I wholeheartedly recommend.”



For more information or to order THEY ARE WE, please visit STIMULI’s website and social media pages via: or


To order THEY ARE WE on digital services please visit:





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