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For two decades, the ‘Bayonics’ formation has been bringing a musical mix of Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B, funk and ‘Latin music’ during their many performances in the Bay of San Francisco where the roots of most musicians that are part of this group are. . The central figure is Jairo Vargas, the blind singer of “Bayonics” who has turned his sometimes difficult life experiences into positive songs for the band’s first fully-fledged album entitled “Resilience”.

The first single from this twelve-track album is the song “Exile” that can be heard on the video, which is about the forced search for a new home after you were evicted from your previous home. The desperate search for a better life is viewed here from two different perspectives and in this song it is made clear that “Bayonics” also wants to convey a message in their music.

The influences of other formations from San Francisco Bay such as “Santana” and “Sly & The Family Stone” are clearly present in the music that “Baytonics” brings to “Resilience”. We hear that in songs such as “El Bajo”, “Soldier Dance”, the rhythmic “Olvidaste” and the highly danceable reggae song “Around The Way” in which the inspiring spirit of Bob Marley haunts.

Issues such as immigration, poverty and urbanization that cause entire neighborhoods to undergo an unprecedented transformation are not excluded in the “Bayonics” issues. But also more personal themes such as love and heartache are discussed in the songs on “Resilience” which in English means “resilience” and points to the flexibility that people need to survive in this hectic world.

In songs like “Runaway”, “We Gon Show” Em “,” Batalla En Babylon “and the acoustic” Not The One “,” Bayonics “wants to make the listener aware that this necessary resilience can be found everywhere as long as you are positive and optimistic keeps thinking. In this way the world will gradually become better and more livable for everyone. “Resilience” is therefore an album filled with songs that contain a message of love and forbearance and that is, in our opinion, a very noble objective of these “Bayonics”.


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