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“VHS Remixed is a wondrous, highly emotive and ongoingly enticing work of musical art that builds on certain tracks from the original, whilst at the same time surpasses all expectations as to how a remix album can shine new lights on still-fresh music.”

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Title – ‘VHS Remixed’
Artist – Dr. Chrispy

For those not in the know, Dr. Chrispy (aka Dr. Chris Boshuizen) is an award-winning aeronautical engineer, music producer, and songwriter dedicated to sharing his love of both Music and Space Exploration.

Following the release of his 2019 singles ‘Drive’ and ‘Voyager at the Heliopause’ (with music video), Dr. Chrispy is now proud to announce an exciting new collaboration with a group of innovative producers entitled VHS Remixed.

The original VHS album was Dr. Chrispy’s first full-length release, which ranked #8 on the Synth wave Radio Best Albums of 2018 list, and was widely praised with us here at Exclusive Magazine calling it “a wonderfully ambient, bouncy, fun, even thoughtful at times collection of instrumental tracks.”

For the new VHS Remixed project (released on November 22nd, 2019 via Interplanetary records), the tracks of VHS have been reimagined by producers from all over the world including The Stunt Man, Psybolord, T-ROM, Kevin Ochoa, Manor Sound, Always Romantic, Synthapex, and B Wiley.

The resulting collaborations have created an album that elevates the original VHS to brand new heights that I would like to think that even Dr. Chrispy (a nickname that was given to him by his NASA co-workers) himself could never have imagined!

1. ‘Follow the Wild Geese’ (T-ROM Remix)
2. ‘Be There Soon’ (The Stunt Man’s 13 Bit Remix)
3. ‘Sleeping in Tokyo’ (Kevin Ochoa Remix)
4. ‘Be There Soon’ (Manor Sound Remix)
5. ‘Be There Soon’ (T-ROM Remix)
6. ’60 Miles Up’ (by Always Romantic)
7. ‘Muromigawa’ (Synthapex Remix)
8. ’60 Miles Up’ (Kevin Ochoa Remix)
9. ‘Vancouver’ (Manor Sound Remix)
10. ‘Be There Soon’ (B. Wiley Remix)
11. ‘Follow the Wild Geese’ (Instrumental)

As I’m sure you all know by now, the original VHS album was a delightfully thoughtful collection of ambient electro instrumental tracks that Dr. Chrispy began writing back in 2003.

Well, I am glad to report that VHS Remixed is a wondrous, highly emotive and ongoingly enticing work of musical art that builds on certain tracks from the original, whilst at the same time surpasses all expectations as to how a remix album can shine new lights on still-fresh music.

Much like the original album, it’s as if Dr. Chrispy himself was traveling to work high above us on a daily routine, for work his job as an aerospace engineer, of course, for if you listen carefully to the tracks, never allowing any of them to merely drift above and over and away from you, you can most definitely hear the majesty of our universe embedded within each of them.

The contributing artists definitely bring their own unique perspectives to the project. The Stunt Man (aka Greg Mindorff) is a music producer, DJ, fellow space enthusiast and Grammy-nominated Mastering Engineer from Vancouver, BC, Canada.

As well as contributing a remix, The Stunt Man also mastered VHS Remixed.

Psybolord is a Moscow-based producer who has gone from deathcore to electronic music. In his tracks, techno merges with Russian folk motifs and classical music organically gets along with synth wave and French electro.

Tyler Romanishin (aka T-ROM) was born and raised in New Jersey and moved to California after spending five years in the Marine Corps. T-ROM aims to push the boundaries of House and electronic music while still keeping it catchy and danceable.

Kevin Ochoa loves dance music and pushing the boundaries of sound, and can often be found teaching FL Studio Master Classes at Music Conventions.

Michael Reyna (aka Manor Sound) is a San Francisco-based alt-pop and future bass producer. He utilizes the contrast of ambient textures and hard-hitting trap drums to create sonic environments that are both soothing and exciting.

Always Romantic, from Sevastapol in the Russian Federation, released his eponymous debut synth wave album earlier this year, and contributed a full cover version of ’60 Miles Up’ to VHS Remixed.

Hadfes Oblivion is the man behind Synthapex. With a background in metal, Hadfes Oblivion has played in a number of bands and now, with Synthapex, is exploring the electronic and synth wave genres.

Furthermore, the group recently released their breathtakingly cinematic music video ‘Gone This Night,’ featuring a short cameo appearance by Dr. Chrispy!

B Wiley is a producer, musician, and DJ whose mission is to bridge the gaps between the soulful and darker sounds of electronic, hip-hop, funk, and psychedelic.

He pulls influences from all directions to create his ever-changing sound that is somewhere between the dark and the light, the electronic and organic.

Each track on the original album was written in a different location, titled with the name of a city, airport code, or local attraction, and captured the vibe of each place and moment in time.

What we have here is a new collective coming together to embrace some of those works, take them away, re-cultivate them into something more like themselves, and then repopulate them back into the universe for all to further enjoy.

Basically put, VHS Remixed, much like the original album, is an auditory travel diary, inviting you along to hear and experience the evolution from Dr. Chris Boshuizen, Space Scientist, to Dr. Chrispy, the Artist, to Creator Supreme at the helm of his own musical space station where all the sights and sounds have now been reimagined by wickedly talented producers from all over the world.

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TONIGHT – THE KARNEY BAND to perform at SF’s Bottom of the Hill on November 14



Cool show coming up TONIGHT for THE KARNEY BAND on Nov. 14th at the BOTTOM OF THE HILL in San Francisco, one of the last bastions of local live music clubs.

Doors are at 8pm. Also on the bill are Keepers of Humanity, who will be releasing their
debut album, ‘Freedom in the Chaos’, as well as, babypuncher, who is
releasing her new EP, ‘Veins’.

So bring your partners and relatives and friends and colleagues, Bottom Of
The Hill likes a packed house and it’s going to be mad fun!


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STRICTLY YARD MUSIC Proudly Presents Its First Riddim Album, the LOVE RASTA RIDDIM

POSTER - Love Rasta Riddim




Strictly Yard Music proudly presents its first Riddim album, the Love Rasta Riddim, built by revered producer, engineer, and musician Noel Alphonso (son of the Skatalites’ Roland Alphonso). The Love Rasta Riddim boasts a catchy piano hook, a driving kick drum, and a round, rolling bass line that is sure to have you skanking in the dance, grooving in the car, and bouncing at home!


The riddim features the vocal stylings of the Roots / Dancehall Legend Michael “Lickshot” Palmer, who sings about the power of love and generosity in his hit tune “Good Man.” Female artist, K Vibes aka Bryck Rose, blesses the riddim with a beautiful, yet unrelenting track titled “As He Made You.” In her song, K Vibes rains down brimstone, lightning, and thunder on the skin bleaching epidemic in Jamaica and beyond.


King MAS, a multi-talented youth carrying the torch of contemporary Reggae music, drops two tracks on the riddim. Both tracks feature his melodious singing style as well as an uncompromising message and call to action. “Age of Knowledge” confronts our current age of empire and oppression, articulating his view of how technology will usher in a new era of unity and harmony. “MASterpiece” is a seductive lovers tune that is certain to have the ladies rocking in the dance!


Brooklyn based artist Jah Pilot unleashes a blistering critique of the unjust treatment of Rastafarians in his popular title track, “Love Rasta.” This catchy tune is destined to be a Rastafari anthem everywhere.


Last but not least, Dub Poet Yabez invites the listener to look into the depths of his mind in his gripping track “Welcome To My Mind.” As Yabez explains, sometimes one’s expression on the outside does not truly capture how they are feeling and suffering on the inside. Dub Poetry is one of Reggae’s most fascinating and esoteric sub-genres, and Strictly Yard Music is proud to release this track.


Reggae fans worldwide, the Love Rasta Riddim is here to remind you how real reggae music sounds. Be sure to check it out! Available now on all digital platforms.


Cover - Love Rasta Riddim



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New Music Video – CORNELL “CC” CARTER – “GHOSTED” from his new album “ABSOULUTELY”

The New music video by Cornell CC Carter covering the unspoken but ever present aspect of being ‘ghosted’ from a close friend or lover!
Directed by Gina Carey Films, from the new album ABSOULUTELY.





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