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Get a taste of the cinematic audiovisual experience provided by THE FOLSOM PROJECT and the debut album THE WOLF & THE SKULL.

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New Video from RANDY VALENTINE – Happiness Station (Organic Video)

Countryman in London Randy Valentine drops an organic vibes video for modern day classic “Happiness Station” from his 2017 project New Narrative and soon to be released Riddim Album. It comes in a timely manner as the whole world could all use some upliftment.

Produced by Royal Order Music / King I-Vier Music X Loud City Music

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Rats & Ravens by From Hell

Great review for IDC band FROM HELL’s new Rats & Ravens album out May 22nd. Check it out!

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Today I received a digital file from my friend Billy at Glass Onyon PR for a band called From Hell.  This is the first time I received any music from hell….lol.   The album is called Rats & Ravens to be released on May 22, 2020, on the Scourge Records label.  This amazing metal rock band from Oakland, California features Aleister Sinn on vocals and guitar, Wes Anderson on drums, Stephen Paul Goodwin on bass and Steve Smyth on lead guitar.  This ten-track album showcases this band’s great guitar work, driving drum beats, thumping bass lines and powerful vocals on such tracks as Lilium, The Witch, Don’t Cry For Help, Forest Of The Screaming Trees, Body Parts and so much more.  I was quite moved by the performance on this album as well as the songwriting, recording, and production of this album.  After hearing this release…

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AVAILABLE NOW – ABC RECORDS Releases 5 YEARS OF MODERN FUNK, an Impressive Collection of Artists Channeling 80’s Boogie to Create Soulful, Club Friendly, Genre Fluid Music


AUSTIN BOOGIE CREW RECORDS (ABC) is an independent music label specializing in modern funk, a slightly underground genre that shares its DNA with a lot of big artists like Anderson .Paak, Bruno Mars, and Tuxedo. Founded in Texas in 2014, ABC RECORDS is on a mission to showcase the breadth of new music inspired by 1980’s boogie, the synth-heavy sound that has remained influential since its inception, and has reemerged in a big way over the last decade.

The artists highlighted on the ABC roster are known for their ability to intertwine classic funk sounds with a myriad of other genres, including R&B, electronic, hip-hop, and even indie. A new compilation CD showcasing the diverse talents of the ABC RECORDS crew, 5 YEARS OF MODERN FUNK, releases on March 27, 2020. The CD is an impressive collection of amazing artists that bridge generations, from modern funk heavy hitters like XL Middleton, to legends of the first boogie wave such as B & The Family (whose front man Brian Morgan played guitar on “Rappers Delight” back in ‘79).

Since their official launch, ABC RECORDS has branched out across states and countries to create a diverse catalog of artists from Sweden, Canada, New Orleans, California, New Jersey, and of course Texas. They have released 15 projects from 14 different artists from around the world, and have moved 7,500 Vinyl records in the process.

The 5 YEARS OF MODERN FUNK compilation will appeal to fans of modern funk and electronic beats alike, and in addition to XL Middleton and B & The Family features tracks from an array of artists with their own distinct vibe including Diamond Ortiz, Solar Shield, Rojai, Trailer Limon, Starship Connection, Lowmac, Computa Games, Moniquea, Jonny Tobin, and Spence. Previously these tracks were all released separately; this is the first chance to get a great sampling of the ABC RECORDS catalog in physical form with this limited CD run.

San Francisco native Diamond Ortiz made his first appearance on ABC RECORDS with Goodies, a smooth but dance floor friendly EP. Solar Shield creates exuberant compositions that elegantly walk a tightrope between modern funk and electronic beats, and kicked off the ABC Records discography with a bang in 2014 with his Reesis 45. Rojai (pronounced “Row-Juh”), a San Francisco born crooner, released his first soul-infused solo LP Strut Down with ABC RECORDS, and there will be a music video for his track “So Special” featuring G Vargas. Trailer Limon has been leaving his imprint on the modern funk scene since 2010 as one half of The Pendletons with classic singles like “Waiting On You” and “Let Me Turn You On.” Starship Connection members B.Bravo and Teeko have been putting the Bay on the map for years with their unmistakable brand of hip-hop infused funk.

The first international release on ABC RECORDS came courtesy of Swedish producer Lowmac, who draws heavily upon the G-Funk sound in his production. Coming by way of New Orleans and San Francisco respectively, Computa Games members Quickie Mart and Kung Fu Chris make unique, heavy hitting dance cuts. Queen of Modern Funk and prolific California singer Moniquea made waves on ABC RECORDS with “Closer,” an infectious electro love jam produced by Spence. Vancouver artist Jonny Tobin is an accomplished keyboardist, songwriter, and session player known for his jazzy lo-fi sound. And last but not least, ABC RECORDS founder Spence is a native of Austin, TX, whose debut funk EP Love Adventure is a vision of beach boogie through an exotic lens; a warm combination of modern funk, hip-hop, and jungle sounds.

Along with their efforts as a label, AUSTIN BOOGIE CREW has operated as a DJ collective for nearly a decade. This crew is comprised of DJs Chicken George, Chorizo Funk, Spence, Danbone, and Cyrus D. In 2011, ABC RECORDS founder Danny Spence launched The Boogie in Austin, TX, a monthly dance party focused on Boogie and Modern Funk. Nine years later The Boogie is still going strong, expanding to Los Angeles in 2017, and also bringing in guests like Cut Chemist and DJ Rhettmatic to rock the tables. They have also hosted an array of acts in Austin including XL Middleton, Moniquea (CA) Brian Ellis (CA) and Psychic Mirrors (FL). ABC recently performed at Austin City Limits 2019 and has provided opening support for acts like Tuxedo, Dâm-Funk, and George Clinton.

Get familiar with the ABC sound!

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Metal Band FROM HELL Releases RATS & RAVENS – A New Horror Story in the FROM HELL Anthology

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A New Horror Story in the FROM HELL Anthology

Metal horror band FROM HELL returns in 2020 with a new album called RATS & RAVENS. Staying true to the vision that each release is a concept album, Aleister Sinn (the live persona of George Anderson, creator/writer of FROM HELL), releases an album both dark and sinister.

Mid 13th Century…somewhere in eastern Europe
“A father disturbs an evil in the east. A witch comes to steal his son and the children of the village to make them her own. She sacrifices them and reanimates the dead with the blessings from the god of vermin. With rats, she brings them back to life and calls them Lilium.” 


RATS & RAVENS will be available worldwide on May 22 in stores and online!

RATS & RAVENS features Aleister Sinn on vocals and guitar, Wes Anderson on drums, Stephen Paul Goodwin on bass and Steve Smyth on lead guitar. As the band rehearsed the songs with Sinn, the richness of what Wes, Steve, and Stephen brought to the material from their varied backgrounds of musical experience added a depth to each song that was later realized in the final recordings.


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FROM HELL recorded the album with Greg Wilkinson (High on Fire, Necrot, Autopsy) at Earhammer Studio in Oakland, CA. Sinn says, “When we returned from tour in Russia 2017, we recorded two new songs with Greg and we really liked working with Greg and what we heard. He records bands in a more natural way than many metal engineers and producers and doesn’t rely on sound replacement, but captures great tones to start with and the final mixes of our album came out very natural sounding, heavy and produced, but not over-produced. I personally am pleased.”

Mastering was handled by Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Annhilator, Cynic) at MaorAppelbaum Mastering in Los Angeles.

George Anderson (aka Aleister Sinn) has played guitar and vocals for the SF Bay area bands Down Factor and Grandma, a tribute to King Diamond. Wes Anderson has played drums for Les Claypool, Idiot Flesh, Blind Illusion, Young Lions (Noah of Neurosis), SOSA, and Kehoe Nation. Steve Smyth has played guitar for Testament, Nevermore, Dragonlord, Forbidden, Vicious Rumors and One Machine. Stephen Paul Goodwin on bass has played for Vicious Rumors, Diablo Dukes, Journey Unauthorized and has played or recorded with Brad Gillis, Mick Mestec, Eric Peterson, Will Carroll, Phil Bennett, Sticks Hooper, Eric Barnett and Salar Nader.

RATS & RAVENS is the follow up to the first FROM HELL album Ascent From Hell, which is as heavy as it is epic. The album tells a horror story about a corpse that wakes up in Hell only to find he must go back to earth, recover his soul that still lives inside another body and drag it back to Hell. Ascent From Hell featured metal icons Paul Bostaph, Steve Smyth, and Damien Sisson.


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Get a taste of the cinematic audiovisual experience provided by THE FOLSOM PROJECT and the new debut album THE WOLF & THE SKULL, releasing online February 21 everywhere music is streamed and sold, followed by an official CD release on March 13, 2020.

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STIMULI Newsletter – Spring 2020

STIMULI Newsletter
Spring 2020
…hello strange new world.
STIMULI have been looking forward to returning to the Sunset Strip in Hollywoodland.
Although the promoter tells us that The Viper Room will re-open on April 1st and that our headlining show on April 24th is definitely happening, we are aware of what is taking place in the world around us. The San Diego show scheduled the night after this has already been canceled. Our Midwestern debut – Indianapolis, Cincinnati & Louisville shows in May have now been canceled as well. Our Portland, Seattle & Vancouver shows in June remain uncertain at the moment. There are tours, big plans and announcements in our camp for this year but like the rest of the world, that is all on pause now.
Contrary to what rock and roll bands typically ask of everyone, we encourage you all to stay away from one another for now. While doing so, stream our music on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music and share our videos with your friends.
We appreciate you all. Be kind to each other and stay safe.
STIMULI ‘Ripple’ Official Music Video
STIMULI ‘They Are We’ Official Music Video
STIMULI – ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’
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