Check out the MENTOR MY MIX PODCAST with IDC President and Founder STEFFEN FRANZ – Hosted by Greg Gordon from Pyramind

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Steffen Franz: From CBGB’s to Jane’s Addiction to Mix Master Mike and Beyond

How much have you made from your music this year? Are you running a profitable business? What are the 44 possible revenue streams that can be derived from your music?

In order to transform from amateur to pro, you need to get paid for your work. This is a crucial change that takes place for everyone who “turns pro.”

Steffen Franz is our resident music business instructor, mentor and online course author of the Indie Artist Business Toolkit. In this week’s podcast, you’ll get to know him a whole lot better and he’ll get you thinking about the questions posed above.

These questions are easy to ignore because you want to focus on the creative process… namely your music! But if you truly want to earn a living then you have to pay attention to the changing trends in monetization.

Set aside some time to listen to this eye-opening podcast and maybe 2021 will be the year you advance to the next level musically AND financially.

Our goal is to increase the quality of your productions, the depth and breadth of your relationships, the frequency of your releases, and the money in your bank account. These things all work together to create a true professional.

Click the links below to hear the podcast and be sure to leave us a review on Apple HERE, we’d greatly appreciate your help getting this information into more hands.
Mentor My Mix with Steffen Franz

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