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The Walkabout are proud to present a video presentation of a recent concert they performed! It is free to view but if you can afford to support the continuing efforts of the band please see the band donation link at

Thank you for being you, best wishes,

-The Walk-A-Bout

Showtime 5PM PST / 8PM EST

Aussie-American alternative rock quintet THE WALK-A-BOUT hail from the artistic East End of Long Island, New York. On June 5, 2020, THE WALK-A-BOUT released their first full-length LP 20/20 worldwide in stores and online. The reviews are in and it’s clear that 20/20 is one of the best albums of the year, with the release climbing to #8 on the ROOTS MUSIC RADIO ALTERNATIVE ROCK CHART with an unprecedented SEVEN SINGLES SIMULTANEOUSLY IN THE TOP 50!

Produced by Andrew Michael Bertrand and mastered by Roger Lian, 20/20 is an incredibly diverse record that explores many genres, expanding the scope of band’s classic sound. There is something on the album for everyone. Whether it’s alternative rock, world music, funk, or the influence of prog rock, THE WALK-A-BOUT’s music is visceral, emotional, fun and socially conscious. Oasis Entertainment Blog calls the album “a multi-genre romp through musical styles such as funk, rock, world, Latin, and much more,” while Exclusive Magazine raves that the album is “Destined to be a classic,” and Keys and Chords in Belgium recognizes that 20/20 is “A beautiful album to discover and cherish.”

To watch the official video premiere for “TALE OF THE VIBE RIDER” please visit:

For more information including tour dates or booking inquiries please visit:

To purchase or stream the new full-length album 20/20 on digital services please visit:

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