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Dr Chrispy has dropped a music video for TRANSITORY EVENING (AFRO TRAVEL), the standout track from his recent TRANSITORY EP, featuring Haji Mike. The video is an eye-popping and surreal journey through the mind and into outer space, taking the sample-heavy and synth-driven dance track to a whole other level.

Dr Chrispy – Transitory Evening (Afro Travel) feat. Haji Mike:

Directed by Dr Chrispy.

Written by Dr Chrispy and Haji Mike.

Camera by Gavin Murray (https://gavinvmurray.com), Bolweslaw “Bolo” Gryczynski, Dima Ani and Dimi Morozov (Blind Dog Studio).

Editing and post-production by Gus O’Brien Cavanough.

Transitory “iris” concept, artwork and animation by Drew Mcgaraghan. Space animation by Dr Chrispy and Gus O’Brien Cavanough.

Shot on location in Cyprus and California. Thank you to Sia Municipality, Cyprus, for their support filming this video.

With special thanks to Rajesh Vs (https://youtube.com/c/LazyElectrons), Darryl Thoms, Drew Mcgaraghan, Vanessa Zhang and Shaun Meehan.

Shot on location in a secret lab in San Francisco and at Sia lake in Cyprus, the video connects the two places through the song’s theme of astral projection and out-of-body experiences, or, as the long time Cypriot reggae master and dub poet Haji Mike likes to call it, “Afro Travel”. In the video we see Dr Chrispy receive a strange signal on the screens of a wall of vintage oscilloscopes (the real life Dr Chrispy is bona fide Aerospace Engineer, having co-founded his own space company, Planet Labs). Before long, the signal is revealed to be coming from Haji Mike, who is manipulating the celestial airwaves with his dub poetry. Realizing he can communicate back to Haji Mike with a beat, Dr Chrispy is suddenly pulled through a wormhole shaped like a giant iris, travelling to the edges of the galaxy and back before he is ultimately trapped in the “other world”, while Haji Mike cooly rocks out on the mic to the sublime beat of the song. 

The ambitious music video was conceived of, and created by, Dr Chrispy and Haji Mike themselves, with editing assistance by Sydney, Australia-based Gus O’Brien Cavanough. The video features a blend of on-site camera work shot by a small crew in each location and photorealistic animations depicting the protagonist’s trippy journey deep into space.

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This music video marks Dr Chrispy’s second time portraying his love of things space in video form. In 2019 he released a painstakingly detailed recreation of NASA’s Voyager spacecraft’s exploration of our solar system, set to his soothing and ambient electro space jazz track, Voyager at the Heliopause, which notably included lyrics encoded in Morse Code. Assisting the production of both videos was Dr Chrispy’s longtime collaborator, Bay Area-based graphic designer Drew Mcgaraghan, who conceived the “iris” and animated it, and who also designed the cover art for the Transitory EP and many of Dr Chrispy’s prior releases.


Released in 2020, the TRANSITORY EP is a collection of short stories, each one a first person narrative from a different speaker. With the stories woven over old school beats and instrumentation, every track features sampled monologues or dialogue with a mixture of live, sampled, and electronic instruments to create a nostalgic feeling that is simultaneously comforting yet unfamiliar. The three different tracks, each with distinct themes, cycle from morning, to afternoon, to evening, mirroring our own self-reflections as we move through our day. We are different people late at night than we are early in the morning; who we really are is TRANSITORY.

DR CHRISPY (aka Dr. Chris Boshuizen) is a music producer, songwriter, and award-winning aerospace engineer dedicated to sharing his love of both music and space exploration. During the day Chris works at Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm DCVC where he supports the next generation of space and deep tech entrepreneurs, while at night he runs a small home studio in San Francisco where he is recording new music.

Haji Mike started DJ’ing music in 1979 and as a musician is known for his hybrid of Jamaican dancehall and Cypriot melodies which he calls “Vraggamuffin,” and he is also a dub poet and DJ, playing weekly on various radio stations around the world.

Dr Chrispy Logo

Watch the music video for Transitory Evening on your favourite platform: https://drchrispy.com/transitory-video

Listen to the Transitory EP


Follow Haji Mike:

Website: https://hajimike.com/

For more information about DR CHRISPY please visit: 

http://drchrispy.com/ or https://drchrispy.bandcamp.com

To learn more about the “secret lab” featured in the music video visit https://youtube.com/c/LazyElectrons



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CIRCUS MIND Gets Funky and Showcase Their Rock and Jazz Grooves on the New Album JOY MACHINE – Single and Music Video for the Title Track Drops Friday 5/7!

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For Immediate Release – New York, NY – CIRCUS MIND is a New York-based rock outfit and the brainchild of ringleader Mark Rechler. The band is entering their twentieth year and are soon to release their third album JOY MACHINE, a fresh explosion of sounds and flavors of the ’70s rock era with a modern twist. Like a three-ring circus, the band can slide seamlessly between rock, funk, and swampy N’awlins grooves, all while referencing some of the best bands of that era with infectious hooks that get stuck in your ear hole. JOY MACHINE releases May 21, 2021, and also features Nels Cline, Marc Ribot, Ivan Neville, Walter Wolfman Washington, Scott Metzger, and more.

The first JOY MACHINE single “Are You Ready?” features guest guitar phenom Brandon “Taz” Niederauer and had an official music video release. Both the song and video are a funky rock throwback that has roots in P-Funk, Sly Stone, and other ’70s rock and soul vibes, all flavors that CIRCUS MIND wears on its sleeve as a badge of honor, from the writing to the production. The title track “Joy Machine” features Scott Metzger (JRAD) and releases as a single on May 7 with a special music video premiere. CIRCUS MIND will then gather together in New Orleans with some amazing NoLa musicians including Big Sam to celebrate the JOY MACHINE album release on May 21 with a raucous party and live performance!

Now You’re Ready!!!! Here is the Official Music Video for the first single from the upcoming Circus Mind album “Joy Machine”

Directed by George Panagakos of 525 Media

Lyrics by Mark Rechler

Music by Mark Rechler and Chris Crosby

Produced and Engineered by Chris Fasulo

The production of JOY MACHINE began in August of 2019, but it was the Covid-19 pandemic that really set the stage for the record. While some bands took to the internet airwaves to stream performances, Rechler locked down in the studio. “Suddenly we had a ton of time on our hands and we knew we wanted to come out of this with a full album,” says Mark. “I was a man possessed and started writing like a madman!” The band started working remotely but quickly masked up and got down to business. “In a weird way, the pandemic also opened doors for us to find such amazing guests who were not out on tour and were looking to keep busy.”

The previous CIRCUS MIND release Silver Flower was voted Best Indie Album of 2006 by Newsday and put a modern take on influences such as Traffic, Steely Dan, Little Feat, and Mott the Hoople while mixing in NoLa vibe influences like Dr. John, The Meters, and The Neville Brothers. The last CIRCUS MIND single “Jazzfest Time” was released one year ago as an ode to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and featured Ivan Neville andBig Sam. CIRCUS MIND is quite versatile and has opened for national acts (Toots & The Maytals, The Neville Brothers, The Radiators) and had many notable guests sit in on their recordings and live performances (Soulive, Rebirth Brass Band, Cyril Neville).

CIRCUS MIND’s members are diverse in their influences as well as their playing. Lead vocalist, songwriter, keyboardist, and bandleader Mark Rechler plays in multiple bands (such as Falling Water), and has played, toured, and recorded with members of The Meters, The Neville Brothers, The Radiators, Soulive, The Brandon “Taz” Niederauer Band, Rebirth Brass Band, Ivan Neville, and more. Spending five years in New Orleans studying music and architecture helped influence his style and direction, and he always keeps his focus on the hook to keep his listeners wanting more and humming his tunes all day.

Bassist Chris Crosby has a serious case of spider-fingers and can solo as beautifully as any guitarist. A funkster from a family of highly respected musicians, Chris has also studied with Oteil Burbridge of The Allman Brothers Band and Dead & Company. Currently, he has also been busy playing in his brother’s Jason Crosby Band and with New York rock quartet Feverseed.

Guitarist David Berg is rooted in jazz, reggae, and bluegrass. He has toured with Dark Star Orchestra and has played multiple shows with Garth Hudson (The Band). Dave’s fluid rock style keeps CIRCUS MIND in a constant snake-like flow.

Drummer Dan Roth has been banging on things since he was a tyke, and he can’t seem to stop. He’s addicted to crosswords, motor coordination, and avocados.

With over 30 album credits to his name, percussionist Steve Finkelstein has worked with pop icons from Ray Charles and Mariah Carey as well as jam band giants including members of the Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band, and Tower of Power. Steve is also an original member and current member of the Funk Filharmonik.

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Portugese Review: ANNICIA BANKS “UP FRONT” – Available Now!

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Up Front has warm Caribbean rhythms in an interesting fusion between reggae and funk.”

-Via Nocturna

Congratulations to Annicia Banks and Raw Vue Music for the featured listing of the new “Up Front EP” on iTunes, and for making it to #7 on TOP ALBUMS!

“With a convincingly powerful and very supple and full-bodied voice, the protagonist presents her mixture of reggae with some soul elements. Always happy music, with this irresistible Caribbean flair and the classic swaying reggae rhythm, so wonderfully lascivious and danceable. This is music for the soul and the outer extremities. The addition of soul to “Love Has Found Its Way” also gives the song a pop-oriented orientation and fully justifies the release as a single.”


“Her new UP FRONT EP is also her first! It’s a shocking revelation when considering the power, quality and aesthetics of her voice. Annicia Banks showcases a treasure trove of talent with the release of this long-anticipated solo effort on the Raw Vue Music label. A vital release that certainly addresses issues of under-representation of women Reggae vocalists.

The first single, a cover of the Dennis Brown song “Love Has Found Its Way” featuring original saxophonist Dean Fraser, is such a steaming version that you want to keep it on the deck for several rewinds. Annicia paying respect to the original version, soars vocally in her own way, gliding over some great harmonies on the latter part of the song. The version would have made Dennis proud and it’s certainly the best one I have ever heard of this classic Reggae song.

Annica Banks is not only stunningly impressive as a vocalist, she also shines with some great songwriting, particularly on the powerfully rootsy song ‘Hush.’ She actually sings from the soul over a considerable vocal range and does it naturally, no gimmicks, no auto-tune. We look forward to a full-blown LP out later this year.”


Translated from Dutch: “Not only does she keep the reggae fire burning, she also tries to give the genre a contemporary twist. We get a good example of this with opening track ‘Jamaica Forever,’ where King Kohai sneaks into the song rapping. In successor ‘It’s You’ Banks sounds more like a soul artist, albeit on a reggae beat. The mix of soul and reggae comes to the fore even more clearly in successor ‘Love Has Found It’s Way.’ Traditional reggae is the groove on which ‘Hush’ floats. A little later she pulls out all the stops vocally in closing track ‘Restore My Soul.’

Annicia Banks has all the trumps to give reggae a new glow. She has the right feeling to write her own songs, views the genre with an ‘open mind’ and above all she is blessed with a wonderful voice. One to discover!”


“This breezy, beautiful, uplifting new 7-track EP opens with the sumptuous bounce and flow of ‘Jamaica Forever’ (feat. King Kobai) and backs that up seamlessly with the gentle hipsway of ‘It’s You’ and then the joyous, Reggae-lite, Caribbean hipsway of the first single, a cover of the Dennis Brown hit ‘Love Has Found Its Way’ (featuring original saxophonist Dean Fraser) is brought forth.

Next up is the one-two, foot-tappin’ beats of ‘Hush’ and that’s backed by the summer breeze of ‘It’s Too Late,’ with the EP rounding out on the beautifully crafted ‘Free, Free, Free’ (feat. Bob Andy), closing on the alluringly melodious ‘Restore My Soul.’

-Exclusive Magazine

“Singing her songs of freedom, Kingstonian queen of dancehall stands up to be counted. Annicia Banks spent a lot of time on-stage to guarantee the success of the results of her visit to the studio whence the islander emerged with six originals and one cover which are bound to firmly establish this artiste on the scene.”

-Let It Rock, DMME.net

“Annicia Banks, who has made a name for herself in the reggae music world, is about to release her professional solo debut. The EP is called Up Front, and the songs gathered on the recording are both personal and heartfelt, showcasing carefully curated covers of classic tunes and new songs from artists she used to tour the world with. The debut single is Banks’ version of “Love Has Found Its Way,” a cover song of the Dennis Emmanuel Brown classic.”

-John Soltes, Hollywood Soapbox

“Annicia showcases her amazing voice with a nice mixture of soul and reggae with such other tracks as Jamaica ForeverHushRestore My Soul and so much more.  This album also features an amazing performance, great songwriting talent and a superb recording.  This is an album you need to add to your reggae library.”

-Oasis Entertainment Blog

“Delightful in it’s difference, this is a smoking set that announces the arrival of a talent that’s been hiding in plain sight for way too long. Simply smoking.”

-Midwest Record Entertainment Blog

The UP FRONT EP will release in stores and online March 5, 2021. The first single, a cover of the Dennis Brown hit “LOVE HAS FOUND ITS WAY” featuring original saxophonist DEAN FRASER, is available now!

For Immediate Release – New York, NY – ANNICIA BANKS is a reggae singer-songwriter from Kingston, Jamaica. She has toured the Caribbean, United States, Asia, Africa, and Europe, using the dulcet tones of her voice to provide background support for internationally acclaimed reggae artists Judy Mowatt (of I-Threes fame), Bunny Wailer (original member of The Wailers), Sister Carol, and the legendary “Crown Prince of Reggae” Dennis Emmanuel Brown. ANNICIA BANKS will finally seize the spotlight with the release of her debut solo UP FRONT EP in stores and online March 5, 2021. The EP will introduce her own original songs, including a collaboration with the late and legendary Bob Andy, and as the first single a cover of the Dennis Brown hit “Love Has Found Its Way” featuring original saxophonist Dean Fraser is available now.

With influences including Bob Marley, Bob Andy, Judy Mowatt, Aretha Franklin, and The Clark Sisters, ANNICIA BANKS has provided background harmonies at countless recording sessions. She can be heard supporting a who’s who list of reggae greats on a variety of classic tracks, including her cover versions of “Thank You Lord” by Curtis Mayfield and “This Love” by The Joy-Tones, which has become a staple at Jamaican parties to this day. Her all-female Light Of Love trio with Sharon Tucker and Joy Tulloch has performed all across Jamaica, thrilling audiences with the sound of their euphonious voices at numerous concerts and shows. She was also one of the lead singers for the 12 Tribes of Israel band.

ANNICIA BANKS showcases a treasure trove of talent with the release of her long-anticipated solo effort UP FRONT EP on the Raw Vue Music label. Raw Vue is an independent label based in New York that supports emerging and established artists via recorded music, publishing, artist management, strategic brand development, and beyond. They were quick to recognize the Raw talent of ANNICIA BANKS and are proud to put out this debut release!

Currently residing in Massachusetts, ANNICIA BANKS is also a mother, singer-songwriter, and world-class chef with a passion for driving long distances. Her favorite saying is “one day at a time,” and she exemplifies the sincere meaning of “patience surpasses learning.” The second of seven children born to Kenneth Banks and Vera Barrett in Kingston, Jamaica, at the age of eight she participated in school plays and talent shows while attending Holy Trinity Secondary School, which piqued her interest in singing. During her teenage years she participated in talent shows all across the island, where she was continually recognized by several top people in the music industry.

The UP FRONT EP will release in stores and online March 5, 2021. The first single, a cover of the Dennis Brown hit “Love Has Found Its Way” featuring original saxophonist Dean Fraser, is available now.

For more information about ANNICIA BANKS and UP FRONT EP please visit:


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World Premiere of the Official Music Video for YITA (DEEP WATER) by FELY TCHACO – May 1, 2021 – 11am PST

Click here to watch May 1 at 11am PST!

As Fely explains, “The song YITA was written after my 2016 humanitarian trip to Greece in support of volunteers 
helping the Syrian refugees camp in Greece. As well as crisis surrounding the migrants in the Mediterranean seas, 
YITA recalls a childhood memory where my grandmother used to tell us that some of our forefathers 
had gone into deep water never to return. 

They did not know what had happened to them. Thinking about the transatlantic slave trade,  the world crisis in human trafficking and police brutality, this is a way for me to pay tribute for those who have lost their lives during the different voyages. 

YITA not only mourns the lives of the ones we lost, but also celebrates immigrants all over the world.”

YITA is performed in Gouro and was filmed by highly-respected filmmaker, Romeo Carey on location at Beverly Hills College, Malibu Beach with special effects by Romeo Carey and was directed by Fely Tchaco.

YITA includes footage of refugees from Open Arms Organization based in Madrid Spain.

A percentage of proceeds from YITA download sales goes to Open Arms charity: https://www.openarms.es/en 2021 

Congratulations to Fely Tchaco for the ‘New and Notable’ featured listing of her new album “YITA (Deep Water)” on Bandcamp!

Fely Tchaco is the total package. With a powerful persona and a positive aura, she is a dynamic performer and dancer as well as specializing in rhythms of the West African forest region – such as Gbegbe, Gaou Alloukou and Zaouli, et al.

This quite mesmerizing new album opens on the rhythmic drum mastery of both ‘Ato Lagoh’ and ‘Cawe Yoko’ and follows them seamlessly with the lusciously Latin-flavored ‘Blamer Les Autres’ and the electronica-inspired beats of ‘Djebi Dje,’ and then we get one of my own personal favorites here, the sweepingly ambient ‘Do Afe.’

Next up are more foot-tappin’ beats within ‘Zaouli’ which is backed by the highly spirited ‘Zante,’ which are in turn followed by the quietly moving title track ‘Yita,’ the percussion-imbued ‘It’s Never Too Late,’ with the album rounding out on the light and breezy, Summer’s day, top down drive of ‘Tile Tete,’ closing on the joyous tones of ‘Kubeli.’

-Russell Trunk’s Exclusive Magazine

Yita (Deep Water) is the superb fifth album from elegant Ivorian artist Fely Tchaco. She is a fascinating, multifaceted artist. She composes and writes her own material, conceived the album artwork and created her fashion design, style and accessories. Fely Tchaco’s music is multidimensional. She put together a captivating mix of Ivorian roots, such as traditional rhythms of the West African forest region, such as gbegbe, gahu, alluku, and the zauli. Additionally, she added a wonderful set of styles such as Afrobeat, Afropop, rock, and electronic music. Fely Tchaco sings in many different languages, including English and French as well as in the languages she grew up speaking, such as Guro, Bete, and Dyula.”

-Angel Romero, WorldMusicCentral.org

Congratulations to Fely Tchaco also for the featured listing of her new album “YITA (Deep Water)” on the iTunes Worldwide pre-order page!

Discover the Singular Voice of Ivorian Singer-Songwriter FELY TCHACO on Her New Album YITA (DEEP WATER)

For Immediate Release – San Francisco, CA – FELY TCHACO might be one of the Bay Area’s best-kept musical secrets, but not for much longer. Her highly anticipated new album YITA (DEEP WATER), originally scheduled for release last spring but postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, is now set for release on March 8, 2021, to coincide with International Women’s Day.

YITA (DEEP WATER) marks the fifth full-length album from FELY TCHACO on which she explores themes of migration, human trafficking, and calls for social justice and the end of police brutality against civilians. The title track “Yita” was inspired by her 2016 humanitarian trip to bear witness to Syrian refugee camps in Greece, and the album is dedicated to African and Middle Eastern migrants who lost their lives crossing the Mediterranean Sea. YITA (DEEP WATER) was conceived as a tribute to migrants seeking better lives all over the word, but the album is not just a solemn remembrance; it is also a positive, inclusive celebration of cultural diversity and black joy, where FELY TCHACO offers an uplifting vision of immigrant triumph and African excellence.

An immigrant who faced tremendous challenges herself, FELY TCHACO was born and raised in the West African nation of Cote d’Ivoire, where she released two albums to critical acclaim in the 1990s. She now resides in San Francisco, where she continues to refine her sound and vision. Since 2004, FELY TCHACO has released two more albums and an EP, racking up more accolades on this side of the Atlantic including an Independent Music Award for “Best Song” in the World Beat category, and a “Just Plain Folks Music Award.”

YITA (DEEP WATER) is an album firmly rooted in tradition, but cosmopolitan in composition and outlook. FELY TCHACO’s unflinching lyrics are inspired by current events, and always grounded in her own life experiences. FELY TCHACO sings in many different languages: English and French as well as in the languages she grew up speaking, such as Gouro, Bete, and Dioula. A dancer as well as a musician, FELY TCHACO specializes in the traditional rhythms of the West African forest region, such as gbegbe, gahou, alloukou, and the zaouli – a mask dance from her own Gouro people that has been inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2017. The track “Zaouli” is a celebration of this very special mask dance.

FELY TCHACO’s commitment to Ivorian music, dance, and traditions led her to found the Pan African Arts Academy in San Francisco, with a mission to teach arts and crafts originating in Africa and the African diaspora based on a spirit of cultural diversity, dynamic growth, and sustainability. FELY TCHACO has deliberately chosen to release YITA (DEEP WATER) on International Women’s Day 2021, whose theme this year is #ChooseAChallenge.

“I am so grateful to be able to represent my culture as a Gouro woman, because there are not many of us. It is mostly men that are known in the crafts, arts and dance. I hope that I can add to that by celebrating not only the Gouro women but to celebrate the entire women all over the world who have contributed so much in art and music.”  -FELY TCHACO

Discover singular voice of FELY TCHACO this spring with YITA (DEEP WATER), available on all major platforms March 8, 2021.

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