Hip Hop and Pop Artist SHERIDAN Set to Release His New ON MYSELF EP with a Virtual Event Release Show Broadcast

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For Immediate Release – San Francisco, CA – Independent artist and music producer SHERIDAN (aka Sheridan Carter Crane) has recorded and released over 20 songs in the last two years, setting the stage for his new EP release ON MYSELF that drops worldwide in stores and online June 18, 2021. The ON MYSELF EP also features BDT Don Pablo and Drae V on the powerful and commanding track “The Don” and Anthony Kannon on the heartfelt and introspective “Walk Away.” The first single “Where’s the Ref?” releases online May 28, and SHERIDAN will also broadcast an ON MYSELF VIRTUAL EVENT release show via YouTube on July 2. The virtual event will be a unique visual experience featuring music from the release along with some old favorites and special guests.

Born in Boulder, CO, but raised a few hundred miles north of New York City in Cortland, Upstate New York, SHERIDAN is 22 years old and has spent the last four years writing, recording, and compiling a vast assortment of hip hop and pop musical compositions. All the songs from the ON MYSELF EP were recorded within a year of being written back at his home studio in Cortland, allowing you to hear exactly where SHERIDAN’s mind has been lately and what he has been dealing with throughout this crazy time in the world. He now works from his own home studio in San Francisco where he has recorded hundreds of tracks and continues to develop new material.

Exposed to many styles of music growing up, SHERIDAN is an artist with many life experiences that continue to influence his music. When he first began writing and recording sometime during his junior year of high school in 2016, he never imagined he would be releasing his own original music and songs. His first true passion was basketball, and his heart was set on playing in college and eventually the NBA. “Making music my life wasn’t something I ever planned to do,” says SHERIDAN, “but music was something my life showed me I needed.”

After the tragic loss of his mom in 2019, he decided it was finally time to put out his self-titled Sheridan Carter Crane. With a surplus of tracks to pick from, he chose a select few, including his mom’s favorites that would add to the story he was trying to tell, and filled in the blanks with new ideas inspired by the emotions he felt from her passing. Released on December 23, 2019, Sheridan Carter Crane is available worldwide on all digital platforms and has received incredible response from blogs and reviewers including Upstate Aesthetic and Not Ya Manz.

Over the last few years SHERIDAN has had multiple close friends pass away and has endured an unfortunate amount of heartbreak. In 2020, less than a month after moving to San Francisco to attend the production school Pyramind, he also had all his music equipment stolen in the moving process. Despite these setbacks, he has since rebuilt his home studio and kept his focus on family, honoring his mother, and sharing his music with the world.

SHERIDAN also continues to work on multiple other projects and for the first time ever is releasing tracks with other producers. He is also co-host of a local music podcast run by Upstate Aesthetic. The release of the new ON MYSELF EP marks an exciting milestone for SHERIDAN. Expect much more from this sensational new artist in the months and years to come.

“Overall, I just want to be seen as unapologetically being me. So whether you love it or hate it, shove it or break it…I just hope it made you feel.”  -Sheridan

ON MYSELF EP is featured on the iTunes US Hip Hop page and is available now for pre-order!

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