HAJI MIKE Drops New Single “The Wild” on Blind Dog Records


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“The Wild” is the latest groovy spoken word single from Haji Mike, the veteran poet and DJ based in Cyprus – whose latest projects include collaborations with Chaka Chouka and Dr Chrispy.

Imagine a world without toxic goods and thoughts, where people live in the wild, happy and free. This utopia is what the song is about, a desire to get away from the madness of urban/city/online life and go back to a rootsier tranquil way of living. 

Musically its a collaboration with a number of gifted artists online. Soufiane Gaga based in the Canary islands produced the beat, laying the foundation for the groove. Gaga and Haji Mike collaborated before on the ‘Roots & Branches’ Project (2010). Electric Piano and keyboard atmospherics created by Boleslaw “Bolo” Gryczynski, at Blind Dog Media Studios. Bernard O’Neill (Syriana, Dub Colosssus) added a nice groovalicious bass line. 

The song was produced by Haji Mike and Soufiane Gaga at G-Prod & Blind Dog Media Studios. It’s the 1st song of a new spoken word EP by Haji Mike called ‘Goodies from my Yiayia’s freezan…’ coming out later in 2021.

‘The Wild’ is available on all major digital download platforms June 30.

Click here to watch Haji Mike’s video collaboration with Dr Chrispy “TRANSITORY EVENING”!

Click here to read the story behind the video written by HAJI MIKE on his OUTERNATIONAL MUSIC BLOG!

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 9.37.35 AM

Dr Chrispy has dropped a music video for TRANSITORY EVENING (AFRO TRAVEL), the standout track from his recent TRANSITORY EP, featuring Haji Mike. The video is an eye-popping and surreal journey through the mind and into outer space, taking the sample-heavy and synth-driven dance track to a whole other level.

Dr Chrispy – Transitory Evening (Afro Travel) feat. Haji Mike:

Directed by Dr Chrispy.

Written by Dr Chrispy and Haji Mike.

Camera by Gavin Murray (https://gavinvmurray.com), Bolweslaw “Bolo” Gryczynski, Dima Ani and Dimi Morozov (Blind Dog Studio).

Editing and post-production by Gus O’Brien Cavanough.

Transitory “iris” concept, artwork and animation by Drew Mcgaraghan. Space animation by Dr Chrispy and Gus O’Brien Cavanough.

Shot on location in Cyprus and California. Thank you to Sia Municipality, Cyprus, for their support filming this video.

With special thanks to Rajesh Vs (https://youtube.com/c/LazyElectrons), Darryl Thoms, Drew Mcgaraghan, Vanessa Zhang and Shaun Meehan.

Shot on location in a secret lab in San Francisco and at Sia lake in Cyprus, the video connects the two places through the song’s theme of astral projection and out-of-body experiences, or, as the long time Cypriot reggae master and dub poet Haji Mike likes to call it, “Afro Travel”. In the video we see Dr Chrispy receive a strange signal on the screens of a wall of vintage oscilloscopes (the real life Dr Chrispy is bona fide Aerospace Engineer, having co-founded his own space company, Planet Labs). Before long, the signal is revealed to be coming from Haji Mike, who is manipulating the celestial airwaves with his dub poetry. Realizing he can communicate back to Haji Mike with a beat, Dr Chrispy is suddenly pulled through a wormhole shaped like a giant iris, travelling to the edges of the galaxy and back before he is ultimately trapped in the “other world”, while Haji Mike cooly rocks out on the mic to the sublime beat of the song. 

The ambitious music video was conceived of, and created by, Dr Chrispy and Haji Mike themselves, with editing assistance by Sydney, Australia-based Gus O’Brien Cavanough. The video features a blend of on-site camera work shot by a small crew in each location and photorealistic animations depicting the protagonist’s trippy journey deep into space.

Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 9.34.53 AM

Watch the music video for Transitory Evening on your favourite platform: https://drchrispy.com/transitory-video


Listen to the Transitory EP



Follow Haji Mike:

Website: https://hajimike.com/



To learn more about the “secret lab” featured in the music video visit https://youtube.com/c/LazyElectrons



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