Today (July 19) @ 5pm! SF PARKS ALLIANCE EVENT: Becoming a Park Advocate with IDC Founder STEFFEN FRANZ

Join IDC Founder and Parks Alliance Community Partner Network Member Steffen Franz (Friends of Lafayette Park) as he shares his story of how he went from park lover to park lover AND advocate (and how you can too)!

The San Francisco Parks Alliance mission is to champion, transform and activate parks and public spaces throughout the city. They are the only 501c3 citywide nonprofit organization dedicated to parks and public space in San Francisco. They believe everyone deserves access to safe and welcoming public spaces, regardless of where you live in the city. But, beyond that, they’re people who love our parks. They’ve seen first hand the difference that community-focused public spaces can make, and they’re passionate about bringing in all of the best resources together to support these projects across the city.

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