Flaunt Premiere | RIDI Unveils “TOP GUY” Official Music Video!

Click Here to Watch the RIDI “TOP GUY” Music Video!

Click Here to Order or Stream the RIDI “TOP GUY” single!

“17-year-old recording artist Ridi bared her soul when she wrote and recorded her debut single “Top Guy”—and today she’s putting it out there for the world to see with the official video, premiering exclusively on Flaunt.

The irony is that the anti-hate-themed pop anthem, highlighting the struggles teenagers face with on and offline bullying, is based on her own experience, in a way inviting judgement from others yet again. But she’s okay with that.

Ridi states, “I wrote ‘Top Guy’ at a really messed up point in my life where I had basically lost everything I’d ever known. What I’ve learned from the constant harassment and attacks is that, at the end of the day, the best response is to not give a shit about what others say or think—and if standing up for yourself makes people think that you’re the ‘bad guy,’ that’s okay. There’s no one who knows you more than yourself.”

The European singer of Indian descent displays wisdom beyond her years both in her music and life, not unlike some of her musical predecessors (Lorde, Billie Eilish, et al.). In fact, in an effort to promote awareness of her message and to help others who have been devastated by those with spiteful intentions, she stepped up and co-founded the non-profit “Stop the B” in October 2020.

Ridi’s upcoming EP, slated for a Fall 2021 release, continues her effort to curate a space of inclusivity. It’s her hope that her music, which tackles some of humanity’s most unifying themes though a fresh, Gen-Z perspective, will resonate with the listener and ultimately impart something meaningful to each one of them.”

-Shirley Ju, Flaunt Mag

Click Here to Order or Stream the RIDI “TOP GUY” single!

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