Canada Review: TECTONICBEATS Crafts Ornately Original Songs of Epic Scale with the Exclusive CD Release of His NIGHTINGALE EP

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Californian synthmaster resurrects retrofuturistic psychedelia and puts a contemporary spin on crepuscular tunes.

Vocals taking aural space by force on the EP’s title track, its punchy electronica doesn’t hurry to impress the listener or drive them under a glitter ball until the cut’s soulful chorus ruffles one psyche to expose the arrangement’s nuances, letting seductively supple, if insistent, bass to the fore once the words are gone. And though the triumphant pop of “Rosemary” seems slightly patinated, the piece’s deliberate bleakness is balanced with the retro sound’s warmth, while the ever-shifting melodic lines render “Exemplar” a mindboggling experience. So the shuffling of feet might be optional here, but deriving guilty pleasure from this hat-trick feels mandatory.”

-Let It Rock,

Click Here to Listen to “Nightingale” – Released July 2, 2021!

Click Here to Listen to “Rosemary” – Released July 16, 2021!

Click Here to Listen to “Exemplar” – Released July 30, 2021!

For Immediate Release – San Francisco, CA – TectonicBeats is an American composer, music producer, and artist. He recently released his first series of groundbreaking original singles throughout July 2021, which are now collectively titled the NIGHTINGALE EP and released exclusively on CD with additional bonus material August 27, 2021! This new EP from TectonicBeats is an exploration of sound born out of the spirit of music and the power of technology. Known by his followers as “the synthmaster,” and for his hybridization of genres and expressive polyphonic composition, TectonicBeats is an earthquake and it’s off the Richter scale.

Born as Will Carney, TectonicBeats was conceived while Will was attending the electronic music production school Pyramind in San Francisco. He began selling his instrumental beats online and working with artists around the world including Destorm, Babatunde, and Brooklnn. Inspired by the new era in music, TectonicBeats began collaborating with labels, producers, and singers across genres from K-pop to hip hop and EDM.

In 2017 while in Los Angeles, TectonicBeats wrote and produced an instrumental EP and solo album. Then just prior to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 he relocated his studio to Arizona and began collaborating with Australian singer Brooklnn. These sessions resulted in all three singles that now comprise the new NIGHTINGALE EP release, a project that sees TectonicBeats weave a delicate narrative seamlessly together with colossal themes to create a vast work of art.

The title track “NIGHTINGALE” released as a single on July 2, 2021, and is a vibrant, triumphant, and epic song that tells the story of a small hero you’d never expect and their story of survival. A story as old as time with a modern pop sound, the track takes the listener on a voyage to somewhere they’ve never been.

A hard-hitting pop song with a sensitive side, the next single “ROSEMARY” released July 16. Delightful melodies on top of a sensational beat make this song a powerful experience. With “Rosemary,” TectonicBeats explores new musical terrain boldly and playfully in ways that reimagine everything.

The last single in the series “EXEMPLAR” released July 30 and delivers an electric and psychedelic experience full of the sound of love and light. TectonicBeats has now assembled these tracks together with some additional material into the NIGHTINGALE EP, a limited edition CD set for release August 27, 2021.

TectonicBeats crafts songs of epic scale, ornately original and striking to the imagination. Get ready for a kaleidoscope of stimulation and a universe of creativity when TectonicBeats hits the scene in the summer of 2021!

“A modern version of synth pop by a do it all electronic cat that knows what really smells like teen spirit. A crafty confectionist, this is now pop for now people.”

-Midwest Record Entertainment Blog

“It’s on the money.”

-Record Producer Joel Diamond

“This is great stuff.”

-Al Gomes at BigNoise

“I really love the direction TectonicBeats is going.”

-DJ Max Vangeli

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