MUSIC BIZ TALKS with hosts IDC Founder and Pyramind Music Business Instructor STEFFEN FRANZ and Pyramind Founder GREG GORDON!

“This week Pyramind is introducing a brand new series called Music Biz Talks with Steffen & Greg. In this series we’ll take frequently asked business questions and break them down in simple terms. We’re starting with the cornerstone of the recorded music business, copyright & publishing.

This topic tends to confuse many of our students and it’s integral to becoming a professional artist or producer. In the following video, we sit down with music business instructor and mentor Steffen Franz to break it down in simple terms.

In the video, you’ll learn about the basics of copyrighting in the realm of music. Watch to learn when copyright is created, why you would want to register your copyright with the library of congress, and the rights your copyright entails.”

To go deeper on this subject find music business instructor and mentor Steffen Franz on the global Pyramind mentorship network below!

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