US Review: CJ WASHINGTON Releases His New Pop and R&B Infused LOVE SONGS & LOW PASS FILTERS EP

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“I was quite moved with Cj Washington’s voice and his style of performance. In addition to a superb recording and creative songwriting skills, this is an album I recommend you take a listen to.”

-Oasis Entertainment

“In truth, this Love Songs & Low Pass Filters EP is full of catchy tracks that we all can feel connected to, as in their own ways convey the ups and downs of life and relationships (although here through the eyes of CJ, of course). With the righteous beats of Him (about missed opportunities and seeing someone you love with somebody else), the reaching Raindrops, coming to a close on the calmingly tight, bounce flow of Waitin’ On Love.”

-Exclusive Magazine

Cj Washington’s debut outing was the ‘Soulacoutisc’ EP, followed by a second EP, ‘Spend The Night’ – both helping build a fan base which is sure to increase via his third release, a 5 track EP ‘LOVE SONGS & LOW PASS FILTERS.’ Amongst the highlights is the crisp, finger-clicking opener ‘Upside Down.’ ‘Raindrops’ and ‘Him’ are slower jams and overall the sound might remind you of Joe.”

-Bill Buckley,

“Sacramento soulster serves up a sunlit suite of sweet tunes that seep under one’s skin and stay there. “Love Songs & Low Pass Filters” five numbers find the Californian weave warm sophisticated polyphony out of his vocals, rendering some lines straight, some curled into melismata and some wrapped in effects, and binding everything with constantly shifting rhythms. All the cuts, taken in together, go to show it’s about time Cj Washington come out from the shadow of people he worked with, like P. Diddy, and began to shine on his own.”

-Let It Rock,

For Immediate Release – Sacramento, CA – Set to release his new LOVE SONGS & LOW PASS FILTERS EP on November 12, 2021, CJ WASHINGTON is a Sacramento-based pop, R&B, and soul singer-songwriter and guitarist. Inspired by John Mayer, Chris Brown, Stevie Wonder, and R&B singer Joe, Cj Washington began playing guitar as a young kid and has gone on to work with talented and influential artists including P. Diddy. Cj has previously released two EPs, Soulacoustic and Spend the Night, and has also landed credits with Berner & B-Real on their Los Meros album, as well as with Capolow on the track “Lately.”

LOVE SONGS & LOW PASS FILTERS EP brings together elements of guitar and hip-hop drums in an up-tempo collection of pop and R&B songs performed entirely by Cj Washington. Co-written with his producing partner Vidal Garcia and friend Devin Wright, the EP was recorded at the WAV Lounge throughout 2020 and into 2021. LOVE SONGS & LOW PASS FILTERS EP is full of catchy tracks that get the head nodding while conveying the ups and downs of life and relationships as Cj sees them, such as on the track “Upside Down” about the love-hate relationship between an addict and their addiction, or on the track “Him” about missed opportunities and seeing someone you love with somebody else.

Cj Washington is a talented producer who has worked with several notable artists. In 2020, he contributed production and instrumentation for the track “Live Your Life” from the Berner & B-Real album Los Meros, and also for two songs from the Berner and Cozmo album Respect the Connect, “Mind Racin’” and “What It Came To.” In 2020 Cj Washington also provided production and instrumentation to the Capolow track “Lately” from the album Kid Next Door.

Cj Washington’s music career began at a young age in 2007. His father was incredibly influential in this phase of Cj’s journey, uploading talent show and cover performances to YouTube and helping him to develop his talent as the views came pouring in. They began talking to different labels and in 2009 heard about auditions for a new show called MTV’s P. Diddy’s Starmaker. Cj (then known as Christopherjohn) starred as a contestant on the show that reached millions of viewers worldwide. Filmed in a mansion in Los Angeles, the whole experience was profound for Cj, who learned personally from P. Diddy and gained real world music business experience. Ten years later Cj Washington was also featured on NBC’s The Voice Season 17.

Prior to filming for The Voice in 2019, Cj Washington released his debut Soulacoustic EP. Recorded mostly at home studios, with four of the tracks self-produced by Cj and another three tracks produced by Vidal Garcia, this remarkable debut introduced Cj to the music scene as a fully formed artist with a sound all his own. Soon after his appearance on The Voice in 2020, Cj Washington released his second EP titled Spend the Night. Recorded at the WAV Lounge in Vallejo, CA, where Cj was able to put more time and effort into the production, the Spend the Night EP was a more polished effort that was written and produced with Vidal Garcia and featured A-Wax on the track “Playin’ With Fire.”

Cj Washington currently performs live 3-5 nights a week around the greater Sacramento area. Check out his website for more information and keep an eye out for more material coming soon!

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