Big Blend Radio Interview: ALICE AUSTIN Flies Expertly Across Genres to Create a Tantalizing Listen on Her New Album GOODNIGHT EUPHORIA!

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This episode of Big Blend Radio’s Champagne Sundays Anniversary Show airs live from Ilwaco, Washington, with mother-daughter hosts Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith who publish Big Blend Magazines, and travel full-time on the Love Your Parks Tour.

 Alice Austin – Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who will release her tantalizing new album Goodnight Euphoria on April 22, 2022.

Click Here to Listen to the new “No Such Thing” single!

“You might expect an album from Alice Austin, who is known around the country for fronting Black Sabbitch, to be loaded with dense metallic music and a persistent dark pall. But, on GOODNIGHT EUPHORIA, Alice the artist in her own right shines through on twelve carefully crafted tracks that work hard to elicit exhilaration at any time of day. Our picks – the title tack, “Jellyfish” and “Saving My Tears.””

For Immediate Release – Los Angeles, CA – ALICE AUSTIN is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who showcases a full spectrum of stylistic leanings on her new album GOODNIGHT EUPHORIA. Set for release April 22, 2022, GOODNIGHT EUPHORIA is “a wild ride” as described by producer David Drouin, from the retro-alternative opening track “No Such Thing,” to the surfy vibe in “The Neighborhood,” to the spaghetti western riffs in “The Ward.”

Rich with layered instrumentation, this second full-length album from ALICE AUSTIN was artfully mixed and mastered by Timothy Phillips at Mercy Sound Studios. Besides being a melodic guitar-based rock album, GOODNIGHT EUPHORIA features a diverse collection of performances from Seth Campbell (mellotron and piano), Emily Garcia (violin), and Jon Persson (trumpet). The lyrical content of this collection of songs aims to be easy listening on the surface, with a depth that reaches out to its audience if they are willing to dive deeply into some pretty heavy messages about the love and the laws of physics, haunted guitars, mental illness, suicide, and telepathic communication.

Born in Vermont and currently living in Los Angeles, ALICE AUSTIN has written and performed hundreds of songs throughout her musical life. In addition to her solo career, she fronts Black Sabbitch, the Ozzy-endorsed all female Black Sabbath. She was also a founding member and songwriter of Vermont’s all female pop punk band Zola Turn in the early 2000’s, and later Queen Tangerine and Boston’s The Lavas.

To create her second full-length solo album, ALICE AUSTIN reached back to her New England roots and combined forces with Boston producer and musician David Drouin, who also plays guitar, bass, and sings backing vocals on the release. The inspiration for GOODNIGHT EUPHORIA came about after Austin sang backing vocals on Drouin’s production of the Cold Engines single “One of Us Now,” and the collaboration was so natural that Austin asked him to record a single with her. “The Ward” was their first completed song that set off an unstoppable momentum leading to 11 other tracks all written, produced, and recorded remotely within the next few months. As Alice as on tour with Black Sabbitch, she was also composing, writing lyrics, and listening to mixes of GOODNIGHT EUPHORIA tracks.

Alice Austin’s music career has taken her from her native Vermont to her adoptive Los Angeles–and nearly every place in between. Material she recorded and co-wrote with previous groups such as Boston incarnation The Lavas (2006-2009) and Vermont’s earliest all-female 90s powerhouse Zola Turn (Brick Red Records, 2000-2002) draws on a vast corpus including retro garage icons such as Shocking Blue and Jefferson Airplane, a peppering of 90s indie rock artist PJ Harvey, and the twangy delights of vintage country queen Wanda Jackson.

Her solo work also embraces these influences as she moves from country to indie to rock and back again on her self-produced and self-engineered debut album To A Star in the Yard, followed by her Left One in the Rain EP produced by Patrick Avalon, her singles “Cowboy Summer” and “Dirt and Helicopters” (both produced by Robb Torres), and her two most recent self-produced singles “Cirrus” and “Lookout Mountain.”

Many fans know ALICE AUSTIN as the lead singer of Black Sabbitch – a band with exactly one musical influence but a complex creative agenda: to embody the authenticity of formative 1970s metal, making blatant it’s latent feminine swagger by crowning themselves “the all-female Black Sabbath.” According to The New Times, Black Sabbitch is “redefining the cover band.” While touring with Black Sabbitch brings Alice all over North America and Europe to express the most extroverted and raucous aspects of her personality, her solo career continues to satisfy an intimate artistic expression that has only deepened through the polarity of her experiences.

The ALICE AUSTIN single “No Such Thing” is available digitally on March 25, 2022, followed by the release of her new album GOODNIGHT EUPHORIA on April 22, 2022.

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