CIRCUS MIND Busts Out a Hot and Funky Voting Rights Anthem with their New Single “VOTE”!

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For Immediate Release – New York, NY – CIRCUS MIND is a New York-based rock outfit and the brainchild of singer/songwriter and keyboardist Mark Rechler. Fresh off the heels of their recently released Bioluminate EP and their full-length album Joy Machine (2021), CIRCUS MIND busts out a hot and funky voting rights anthem with their new single “VOTE”! Set for release October 7, 2022, the track is equal parts Sly Stone, P-Funk, Staple Singers, and Schoolhouse Rock. Featured guests include Mat Godfrey and Matty Fox (members of The Brandon “Taz” Niederauer Band that Rechler played in for three years), along with Nth Power dynamo Nikki Cassarino and his wife Erin Cassarino adding to the powerful vocals found on the song.

Rechler will use the track to raise money for the voting rights organization HeadCount through a fundraiser that will last for ten days upon the “VOTE” single’s October 7 release. His previous fundraiser raised $10K for The New Orlean Musicians Clinic and he has supported other charities close to his heart. 

“I had no intention of writing a song about voting,” said Rechler, “but the muses had different plans. The song literally got written in about two hours, lyrics and music. I stopped a few times to ask myself, ‘Am I writing a voting song right now?’ but I figured I would just let it come out, since the music was so good, and I could always rewrite the lyrics. But it seemed just the right amount of fun, funky, cool, and relevant, that I knew it was gonna work.”

CIRCUS MIND is a camouflaged cephalopod that can change colors, moods, and styles in an instant, swimming from jazzy groove rock to funky reggae roots with ease. The band is about to celebrate its 20th year and recently unveiled their fourth release Bioluminateon June 17, 2022. Bioluminate continues to capture the CIRCUS MIND spirit as they weave through past, present, and funky future.

The first Bioluminate single “Baby Come Back Down” (featuring NoLa guitarist Marc Paradis of Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes) has a funky driving Caribbean back beat mixed with rock and soul vibes and delicious synthesizer work. Opening track and second official single “West End Road” feels like you’re in the gospel tent at Jazzfest while mixin’ in some swampy rock reminiscent of Little Feat, Taj Mahal and The Radiators. Special guest Nels Cline of Wilco shines on the standout track “Miss Fortune” a slower paced beauty, while special guests Matty Fox and Matt Godfrey from the Brandon “Taz” Niederauer Band bring the album full circle on the final track “Vampire Blues.” Longtime bassist Chris Crosby, whopassed during the recording of the album, appears on four of the tracks.

Their previous release Joy Machinefeatured Big Sam, Marc Ribot, Ivan Neville, Walter Wolfman Washington, Scott Metzger, and more. An eclectic collection of ’70s rock and funk with modern takes on N’awlins swamp rock mixed with Beatles pop, the first Joy Machine single “Are You Ready?” featured guest guitar phenom Brandon “Taz” Niederauer, and its music video was well received by critics and fans alike.

Earlier their release “Silver Flower” was voted one of the Best Indie Albums of 2006 by Newsday and put a modern take on influences such as Traffic, Steely Dan, Little Feat, and Mott the Hoople while mixing in NoLa vibe influences like Dr. John, The Meters and The Neville Brothers. The CIRCUS MIND single “Jazzfest Time” was released as an ode to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. CIRCUS MIND has opened for national acts (Toots & The Maytals, The Neville Brothers, The Radiators) and had many notable guests sit in on their recordings and live performances (Soulive, Rebirth Brass Band, Cyril Neville).

CIRCUS MIND’s members are diverse in their influences and playing styles. Lead vocalist, songwriter and keyboardist Mark Rechler performs with multiple projects and has played, toured, and recorded with members of The Meters, The Neville Brothers, The Radiators, Soulive, The Brandon “Taz” Niederauer Band, Rebirth Brass Band, Ivan Neville, and more. Spending five years in New Orleans studying music, art, & architecture helped influence his style and direction, and he always keeps his listeners salivating and wanting more.

Guitarist Jaime Scott has toured the world as a guitarist and engineer, with renowned ensemble John Lurie and the Lounge Lizards. In doing so he followed the lineage of the legendary and influential Lounge Lizard’s guitarists who came before him. “Baby Come Back Down” also features late and long-time CIRCUS MIND bassist Chris Crosby, who had studied with Oteil Burbridge of The Allman Brothers Band and Dead & Co.

The band’s rhythm section features drummer Dan Roth, a driving force of funky world influences and percussionist Steve Finkelstein, who has worked recorded and performed with pop icons from Ray Charles as well as jam band giants including members of the Dead, Allman’s, and Neville’s, and Tower of Power. Steve is also a founding member of the Funk Filharmonik.

New Member Saxophonist Michael Amendola holds a BA in Arranging from The Berklee College of Music. Credits include touring, film scores, jingles, and Broadway shows. Michael was a member of The Tony Trischka Band for 7 years, producing 2 recordings on Rounder Records and as a leader, released the jazz recording “Big Sunflower” on CDC Records. Also joining the party is Leandro Da Silva, a multi-faceted bassist from São Paulo, Brazil who brings elements of Samba and Funk that can be heard in his diverse playing style.

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Click Here to Listen to BIOLUMINATE!

Translated: “With Bioluminate , Circus Mind presents five stylistically and rhythmically differentiated tracks, each with its own luminescent ability. West End Road brings all the gospel/jazz/funk/blues dynamics , but it’s with Darwin’s Sister that the band shows how to make southern rock intense and with personality. The remaining three tracks end up confirming how Circus Mind can change from a jazz groove rock for a funk with roots in reggae, or even for a blues, without any kind of problem. To help this delirious demonstration of devilish rhythms bewitched by atmospheres of synthesizers, wind instruments and other paraphernalia, the quartet led by Mark Rechler appears accompanied by nine guests.”

-Via Nocturna

Translated: “With well-constructed songs as a basis and a cartload of carefully placed musical details, this has again become a fine record. Festive for those who are busy with other things and damn well made for the concentrated listener.”


Translated: “Circus Mind mastermind/singer/keyboardist Mark Rechler has invited a number of guests including Matty Fox, Matt Godfrey, Marc Paradis (KING FROG) and Nels Cline (WILCO). Their lively rock is swamp rock, funk, soul, jazz and reggae at the same time, and has gospel and Caribbean grooves.”

-Michael Haifl, Saiten Kult

““Bioluminate” sports an addictive flow emanating from a band in perfect harmony. The textures and moments may differ, but these guys all seems to be coming from the same place. In doing so, the set serves up brilliant song after brilliant song, starting with the casually resonating funk swagger of “West End Road”, and ending with the soulish “Vampire Blues”.”

-The Rocktologist

“Nocturnal raptures wrap the listener’s ears right from the beginning, once the brass-splashed, boogie-stricken stroll down “West End Road” unhurriedly brings guilty pleasures to neon-lit streets before Mark Rechler’s ivories let his rasp and female choir to the fore only to have the piano shine afresh and find David Berg’s stinging guitar chase the sleaze away.

The energy oozing out of “Bioluminate” is close to nuclear but the songs’ hilarious explosiveness will also turn out to be quite thought-provoking – befitting the wise-men perception of the band’s members. The result of such an approach, of course, is simultaneously alluring, hard-hitting and, well, dangerous.

The twenty-five minutes on offer are truly spine-tingling…with bliss married to wicked grin, “Bioluminate” should become a perfect antidote to our sadness-drenched times.”

Click Here to Listen to the single “West End Road”!

Translated: “Circus Mind’s “Biolumintate” is a wonderful CD, containing 5 great songs, which I enjoyed from start to finish and I wholeheartedly recommend this disc to any rock lover!”

-New Underground Music, Carry Munter

“This quite wondrously uplifting, vibrantly joyous new album opens on the fluidly gorgeous, Jagger-imbed vibe of the second official single from the album West End Road, which brings with it an emotive experience akin to a swamp rock, jazzy gospel hoedown ala Little Feat and Taj Mahal and that is followed by the early-Stones-imbibed blues-rock of Darwin’s Sister.

Up next is the uproarious first BIOLUMINATE single Baby Come Back Down (featuring NoLa guitarist Marc Paradis of Johnny Sketch and The Dirty Notes) and which comes complete with a funky driving Caribbean backbeat mixed with rock and soul vibes and delicious synthesizer work and that is in turn backed by the mid-tempo balladry of Miss Fortune (with special guest Nels Cline of Wilco), the album coming to an all too soon close on the Hammond-embedded, smooth blues grooves within Vampire Blues (which also features special guests Matty Fox and Matt Godfrey from the Brandon “Taz” Niederauer Band).”

-Exclusive Magazine

“This album start to finish [features] amazing musicianship and a great mixture of blues, latin and jazz as well as a stellar performances, great songwriting talent and a superb job of recording.  It is great to hear their music again.”

-Oasis Entertainment Blog

To purchase or stream BIOLUMINATE please visit:

To purchase or stream the singles “Baby Come Back Down” or “West End Road” please visit: or

For more information including tour dates or booking inquiries please visit:

Click here to listen to the previous Circus Mind album Joy Machine!

CIRCUS MIND “JOY MACHINE” Featured AGAIN on iTunes One Year After Its Release!

“Several tunes stand out, but you don’t need to go past the first, the retro-funk single “Are You Ready?,” to latch onto the groove that permeates the entire record. You’re good to go from there. The funk is still in place, with a pronounced predilection toward the New Orleans variety very much front and center. Mark Rechler—who is more often than not called the “ringleader” than bandleader (Circus Mind—get it?)— remains the prime motivating force, but he’s sharp and generous enough to delegate. A number of A-list guests bring their own game to the proceedings. All are pros, and together they build an excitement and original vision into each track that’s not always present in the jamband world.”

-Jeff Tamarkin, RELIX

Click here to read the interview with Mark Rechler!

Joy Machine resonates with lead vocalist, songwriter, keyboardist and bandleader Rechler’s adoration of ‘70s classic rock and New Orleans funky grooves. With a who’s who of musicians off the road, Rechler was able to add special guests on all of the album’s hook-filled 10 tracks. That includes Brandon “Taz” Niederauer on opening number, “Are You Ready?” and its roots in P-Funk, Sly Stone and other ’70s rock and soul, Scott Metzger (JRAD) on the title track as well as Nels Cline, Marc Ribot and Walter Wolfman Washington.”

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