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All twelve songs on Love for Connoisseurs feature Canadian Angela Verbrugge’s original lyrics to either new or existing jazz compositions by modern-day composers. Her vision for this project was to create new vocal jazz repertoire by collaborating with composers that write innovative, yet catchy, melodies in the style of the classic jazz standards.

Angela listened to thousands of hours of music in jazz clubs and online in order to find and select these songs that would be a fit for both her storytelling style as a lyricist and vocalist. She engaged a quartet of the very top Canadian jazz musicians to accompany her and bring the songs to life. She composed three of her own tunes, and translated the title track from her first album into French. The six composers she teamed up with are some of the best bebop-oriented jazz musicians on the scene today: New Yorkers Ken Fowser, Nick Hempton, Ray Gallon, and Neal Miner, and Vancouverites Miles Black and Saul Berson. Angela’s dream is that these songs could become enduring and modern additions to jazz standards’ songbooks.

Angela is one of the busiest jazz vocalists in western Canada. Her first album was recorded in New York City with a top US piano trio and released in 2019. It thrust her into the spotlight when Verbrugge won the 2021 JazzTimes’ Readers’ Poll for Best Female Vocalist. The project had glowing coverage in JAZZIZ, JazzTimes, JazzWeekly, MusicWeb Int’l, JazzLives, Couleurs Jazz France as well as being prominently featured on national and international radio. Her sound finds its home somewhere  between bebop, traditional pop, and American songbook/Broadway/ cabaret. In addition to her standout songwriting, her background as an actress, life as a mother of three, and experiences surviving three near-death experiences helps to elevate her characterizations. 2021 saw the unstoppable singer tour to top jazz clubs from England to Turkey. In 2022, she is touring Canada and Germany. Inspired by Dave Frishberg, Johnny Mercer, and Cole Porter, she ambitiously writes original lyrics for songs that are excitingly different, yet sound like classic standards. She worked with popular Spotify vocalist/composer/arranger Caity Gyorgy as associate producer. The band features Juno-nominated Jodi Proznick, multi-instrumentalist pianist Miles Black, New Zealand-Canadian drummer Joel Fountain and saxophonist Dave Say. The project was mixed and mastered with Ryan Enockson of the Warehouse, Michael Bublé’s frequent go-to technician and studio.

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