Pete Kronowitt featured on CleveScene for Justice Concert and Benefit at Agora

“Organized by Stand Together Against Trump, Singing for Justice Meetup Group and local and national musicians, the Standing Together for Justice Concert and Benefit, aims to provide a “night of peaceful protests songs calling for a stand against racism, sexism, and xenophobia.”

San Francisco-based artist Pete Kronowitt will perform as will local artists such Brendan O’Malley, Swap Meet and Matt Harmon. ”

Tickets are $20.

Standing Together for Justice Concert and Benefit: A Night of Peaceful Protest Music and the Album Release of Pete Kronowitt’s A Lone Voice

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Monday, July 18, 2016

8:00pm until 1:00am


The Agora Theatre & Ballroom 

5000 Euclid Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44103


Tickets $20


On Monday, July 18, the Standing Together for Justice Concert and Benefit, a night of peaceful protests songs calling for a stand against racism, sexism, and xenophobia, will be held during the Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland, OH at the Agora Theatre and Ballroom.


Standing Together for Justice Concert and Benefit  is organized by Stand Together Against Trump, Singing for Justice Meetup Group, and local and national musicians.  San Francisco-based artist Pete Kronowitt, who is releasing his critically acclaimed new album A Lone Voice, will be joined by bassist John David Coppola. Standing Together will also feature performances by popular Cleveland bands including Brendan O’Malley with Small Batch, Swap Meet, Matt Harmon, and Allison Beyer from Chicago. Concert proceeds will support Cleveland-based charities St. Paul’s Church and the Thea Bowman Center.


Against the backdrop the RNC’s scheduled events, Standing Together’s musicians will be playing for the thousands of protesters who will be drawn to Cleveland. Standing Together performances will mirror the voices of the groups who will be protesting, singing to highlight what Americans have in common, while rejecting those issues manufactured to divide us. Standing Together will give voice to those who demand common sense solutions from our political leaders.



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Pete Kronowitt: San Francisco-based singer/songwriter releasing his fourth full-length album, A Lone Voice, during the Republican National Convention.

Brendan O’Malley (of Honeybucket and the Gage Brothers) has a new Cleveland-based band, Small Batch.

Swap Meet: Northeast Ohio band with original acoustic music from the heart and for your soul.  

Matt Harmon: Cleveland based songwriter matches clever lyrics with crisp acoustic guitar playing.

Allison Beyer: Chicago-based singer-songwriter has poetic, spiritual music with soulful folk, country, and blues/jazz influences.

Singing for Justice Meetup Group: thisColumbus-based choir will bring a spirit of hope for those who fight for social justice.



St. Paul’s provides services for people who are living on the edge with meals, outreach, limited medical services and emergency assistance.

The Thea Bowman Center is a community-based organization that fed 7000 people in need last year, and provides adult education, like GED prep, and a safe place for youth, among other services.

Stand Together Against Trump (STAT) is a grassroots group organized to promote a positive, inclusive vision of our country to counter Donald Trump’s exclusive and hateful vision during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.


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