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Femail Review: Jennifer Saran “Wake Up”

13 Jul


“To say the very least, Jennifer Saran is a prolific artist. After releasing her debut holiday-themed album Merry Christmas, You Are Loved in 2015, followed shortly thereafter by Walk With Me in 2016, Saran is now finalizing her new 15-track album Wake Up. A mix of alt-pop and adult contemporary covers and originals produced by the legendary Narada Michael Walden at his Tarpan Studios in San Rafael, CA, Wake Up features guest appearances by multiple Grammy-winning guitar legend Carlos Santana and South African Grammy-winning male choral group Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Wake Up will release in stores & online worldwide on July 7th, 2017.

Jennifer Sara is a North American artist, songwriter, and vocalist based in Hong Kong. In 2016, Jennifer teamed up with Narada Michael Walden (they obviously love working together) and Ladysmith Black Mambazo to create her new album’s titular single ‘Wake Up.” Also, making a special guest appearance on the track is multiple Grammy-winning legend Carlos Santana. This stunning collaboration is a heartfelt appeal to recognize and address worldwide inequality and impoverishment, a cause incredibly important to each of these amazing artists involved. Jennifer travelled to South Africa to record with Ladysmith and to film scenes for the song’s music video, released with the single on November 11, 2016.

Wake Up features Jennifer’s versions of classic hits from artists such as Patty Page, Doris Day, Bill Withers, and George Michael, each of whom holds a special place in her heart. Jennifer’s original songs and conscious messages have resonated with fans and media alike, and her music has been released to many great reviews and widespread radio exposure around the world, including interviews on syndicated radio stations in the US and the UK. The ‘Wake Up” single was reviewed or mentioned in magazines and websites including Songwriting Magazine, Women Talking, and Clare Balding conducted a wonderful in-depth interview with Jennifer on BBC Radio 2’s Good Morning Sunday. The ‘Wake Up” music video aired on over 100 broadcast video outlets in the past several months across the US, including rotation on California Music Channel, PC Music Pool, and The Sound Chamber, reaching millions of viewers. On social media, the video has had almost 100,000 views across Facebook and YouTube.

Jennifer Saran, aka Jennifer Hill, was born in Washington DC to a Canadian mother and American father. Years later she stumbled upon a women’s choir with the American Women’s Association (AWA) in Hong Kong in 1992, which she joined as a Mezzo (second soprano/first alto). She and members of that choir broke away in 1997 and formed The Hong Kong Women’s Choir, where the group performed to raise money for local charities. Under the brand name -NOVA,’ and with an additional a cappella subgroup named -Grace Notes,’ the choir’s aim was to perform more contemporary music and raise money for the disadvantaged in Hong Kong.

THKWC has performed for multiple events over the last 20 years, including charity functions and public performances, and while many wonderful local and international women have joined and departed over the years, Jennifer is the sole remaining founding member. This year is the Choir’s 20th anniversary, to be celebrated at Hong Kong’s historically famous Western Market.

In 2007, Jennifer also established a memorial trust in the name of her late husband, Kuldeep Saran, at the time of his death. She is involved in many charitable efforts, including The Kuldeep Saran Memorial Trust, whose objective is to support the education and well-being of disadvantaged children in Hong Kong, through education programs, and a -bricks and mortar’ renovation to a local Hong Kong school that educates minority children.

KSMT Ventures, which manages donations from other organizations that fund charitable projects, one of which is AnEW, Arts and Education for Women, a Christian-Action program supporting refugee women and asylum seekers in Hong Kong.

Proceeds from her musical endeavors will go to the Kuldeep Saran Memorial Trust and the Hong Kong Women’s Choir, for the educational support of disadvantaged children. Proceeds from the single, ‘Wake Up” will go to the Desmond Tutu foundation in South Africa.

Jennifer is the mother of 3 children, Paul, Phillip, and Anjali. She continues to write new songs and travels the world, trying to uplift and engage, educate and empower, our future generations.”

WAKE UP was released July 7th, 2017.
Order or preview the album now on iTunes
More information about JENNIFER SARAN or WAKE UP can be found at:


RockTimes Review: Jennifer Saran “Wake Up” (translated)

10 Jul

Jennifer Saran Cover.2.1

“Recently, we brought the news , in which the new album “Wake Up” by the singer / songwriter Jennifer Saran was announced and now the disc is on the table.

Jennifer Saran aka Jennifer Hill , who was born in the USA, lives in Hong Kong and began her singing career there. In 1992, she joined a women’s choir and took the mezzosopran with her voice. Five years later, together with other members, she left this choir and founded The Hong Kong Women’s Choir , whose main goal is to make money for charity. Under the name Nova and supported by the A cappella group Gracenotes is a preferred charity for the disadvantaged.

In 2015, she made her debut with the Christmas album “Merry Christmas – You Are Loved”, and a year later, “Walk With Me”. Her career as a singer runs well, yes, more than well, because radio stations, video portals and social networks ensure enormous distribution. This is also a good thing, because a large part of their income goes to the needy of this world. Examples are the ‘Kuldeep’ Saran Memorial Trust ‘(a foundation established after the death of their husband Kuldeep Saran ), who takes care of the education and welfare of disadvantaged children in Hong Kong. Then there is still support for the Hong Kong Women’s Choir , Who is celebrating the 20th anniversary this year and Jennifer is the only remaining founding member. ‘Arts and Education for Women’ supports refugee women and asylum seekers in Hong Kong and the revenue of the single “Wake Up” goes to the ‘Desmond Tutu Foundation’ in South Africa.

The woman is doing well and did so now with this album also for herself, because beside own songs, there are also cover pieces of musicians, which are dear to your heart. This naturally results in a kind of hodgepodge, because there next to Bill Withers or George Michael z. For example, a Doris Day . Jennifer’s versions, or her vocal abilities, however, make this an easy one, because it sounds perfect. Yes, actually this voice is almost too perfect for me. There is no corner or edge place, but this is now critique at the highest level. However, if one likes singing and music from a rather rocky environment, one has to fight first with the beauty of the voice.

Also Santana’s guitar playing in the title track is rather subtly adapted to the well-arranged arrangements of the album. Like the South African Grammy winners Ladysmith Black Mambazo , Carlos is on board as a guest musician. The covers I know are very close to the original and especially the “Me And Mrs. Jones”, known by Billy Paul, underline the fact that Jennifer has also made a massive change to the song name. Because of the Mrs. became a Mr. and therefore also the lyrics had to be changed in the affected places.

Produced was the album by Narada Michael Walden , who not only drums on “Wake Up”, but also stands next to Jennifer at the Micro. Stylistically, the album moves in a melange of pop for adults, singer / songwriter, soul as well as R & B. Hard to grasp but actually on the common denominator, the great voice, there is nothing to shake.
In Rockhaushalt it will surely have “Wake Up” hard to get rotation. But if there is desire for adult contemporary music, what is fitting in the house.

Line-up Jennifer Saran:

Ladysmith Black Mambazo (vocals)
Carlos Santana (guitar)
Narada Michael Walden (drums, keys, brushes, synth, vocals)
Matt Heulitt (guitar)
Troy ‘Booda’ Lampkin (bass)
Tai Morris (guitar)
Kevin Wong (keys)
Cornell Carter (Backing vocals)
Sandy Griffith (backing vocals)
Liane Berube (violin)
Stephanie Bibbo (violin)
Natasha Makhijani (violin)
Heather Powell violin
Marcel Gemperli
Jory Fancuchen
Michelle Kwon
Jennifer Hunt (flute)
Gary Brown (bass)
Jamil Wallace (vocals)
Tammy Hall (keys,Piano)
Nate Soulsangar (backing vocals)
Ray Clement (saxophone)
Rich Amstrong (trumpet)
Frank Martin (synth)
James Henry (talking drums)
Jim Reitzel (guitar)
Jennifer Saran (vocals)
Gaayatri Kaundinya

Tracklist “Wake Up”:

  1. Wake Up ( Carlos Santana, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Narada Michael Walden )
  2. Jesus To A Child (Tribute to George Michael )
  3. Really ( Jamil Wallis )
  4. Me and Mr. Jones (Tribute to Billy Paul )
  5. You Are My Star (feat Ladysmith Black Mambazo )
  6. Too Young To Know
  7. Better Than Me – “To Anjali”
  8. Look At Me Fly (feat. Narada Michael Walden )
  9. Old Cape Cod (Tribute to Patti Page )
  10. Try To Forgive [But I Can not Forget]
  11. Lean On Me (feat. Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Tribute to Bill Withers )
  12. Grace Is the Champion
  13. I Will Always Be Your Home
  14. My Love and Devotion
  15. Aad Guray

Total playing time: 63:38, year of publication: 2017″

WAKE UP was released July 7th, 2017.
Order or preview the album now on iTunes
More information about JENNIFER SARAN or WAKE UP can be found at:

JP’s Music Blog Review: Jennifer Saran “Wake Up” [OUT TODAY!]

7 Jul


“American singer/songwriter Jennifer Saran is preparing to release her third studio album in three years. Her new release features guests like Carlos Santana and Ladysmith Black Mombazo and is titled “Wake Up.” Saran mixes together originals with covers songs, done her way. The new 15-song album begins with the wonderful harmonies of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, highlighted by the lead guitar of Carlos Santana on the island flavor of “Wake Up.” She pays tribute to the recently departed George Michael with a smooth, gentle cover of his song “Jesus To A Child” and also pays tribute to Billy Paul with a cover of “Me And Mr. Jones.” The energy picks back up with the African rhythm of “You Are My Star” as Saran duets with members of Ladysmith Black Mambazo. The tributes continue with her nostalgic cover of “Old Cape Cod” as a tribute to Patti Page and then an emotional delivery of “Lean On Me” as a tribute to Bill Withers. The album finishes with the beautiful ballad “My Love And Devotion” for Doris Day and the soulful prayer “Aad Guray.” To find out more about Jennifer Saran and her latest release “Wake Up,” please visit”

WAKE UP released, TODAY, Friday, July 7th.
Order or preview the album now on iTunes
More information about JENNIFER SARAN or WAKE UP can be found at:

Exclusive Magazine Review: Jennifer Saran “Wake Up”

20 Jun

Jennifer Saran Cover.2.1

“Narada Michael Walden’s music and Jennifer’s lyrics and vocals combine to create a soulful, heartfelt record that is, yet again, sure to captivate a worldwide audience.”

“For those not in the know, Jennifer Saran is a North American alt-pop/adult contemporary artist, songwriter and vocalist based in Hong Kong. Her first full-length album, Merry Christmas, You Are Loved (2015), was a worldwide smash and quickly put Saran on the map; let alone on the radar of some very big names within the business.

Indeed, that debut album was created with legendary producer Narada Michael Walden, and released through his very own uber successful label, Tarpan Records. Luckily for us all, that partnership continued onward with her sophomore album, Walk With Me (2016), and now into her quite stunning new album, Wake Up.

Narada Michael Walden’s music and Jennifer’s lyrics and vocals combine to create a soulful, heartfelt record that is, yet again, sure to captivate a worldwide audience. Featuring an expansive 15 tracks, Wake Up is a mix of alt-pop and adult contemporary covers and originals that allow Saran’s unique vocals styling to emanate perfectly.

1. ‘Wake Up’ (Feat. Carlos Santana, Ladysmith Black Mambazo)
2. ‘Jesus to a Child’ (Tribute to George Michael)
3. ‘Really’ (Feat. Jamil Wallis)
4. ‘Me and Mr. Jones’ (Tribute to Billy Paul)
5. ‘You Are My Star’ (Feat. Ladysmith Black Mambazo)
6. ‘Too Young to Know’
7. ‘Better Than Me’ (“To Anjali”)
8. ‘Look at Me Fly’ (Feat. Narada Michael Walden)
9. ‘Old Cape Cod’ (Tribute to Patti Page)
10. ‘Try to Forgive (But I Cannot Forget)’
11. ‘Lean on Me’ (Feat. Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Tribute to Bill Withers)
12. ‘Grace Is the Champion’
13. ‘I Will Always Be Your Home’
14. ‘My Love and Devotion’
15. ‘Aad Guray’

Musically, Wake Up is a beautifully soulful, heartfelt collection of songs that evoke Saran’s passion for beautiful melodies throughout. Indeed, Saran creates moving, thought-provoking music track after track here, and with each one drawing from her unique and powerful experiences of life, they all manage to take on her experiences musically to perfection.

Add to all that an album that also features guest appearances by multiple Grammy-winning artist Carlos Santana and South African Grammy-winning male choral group Ladysmith Black Mambazo, and Wake Up (in stores and online worldwide on July 7th, 2017) is an album you simply must have in your collection the day it is released.

Personally, it’s Saran’s covers of some classic, beloved hit songs that resonate the most for me here. Here tributes to George Michael (‘Jesus To A Child’, Bill Withers (‘Lean on Me’), and both Patti Page (‘Old Cape Cod’) and ‘Me and Mr. Jones’ for Billy Paul, add some serious musical distinction to this album.

For a woman who records so frequently now, sings like her shoulders bear none of life’s worries, and whose recordings are engaging, uplifting and empowering via her own evolution within the business, Saran (who also has a few other external-to-music businesses she is more than a little involved with) is as beautiful, as talented, and as highly a productive lady as I think I have ever had the pleasure to know (via her music, of course). And once you listen to this new album, and journey through her back catalog yourselves, I think you’ll wholeheartedly agree with me.”

Review by Russell A. Trunk at

Pre-Order or preview the album now on iTunes
More information about JENNIFER SARAN or WAKE UP can be found at:

Music Street Journal “Track by Track” Review: J-Bella “All For Nothin”

8 Jun


“The singing is what works the best here. The more that element is left alone to carry the music, the better it is. The music overall has both a modern pop element and a lot of old school soul and R&B built into it.

Shine (Remix): Piano leads out, but a modern rhythmic element quickly emerges. High pitched vocals join, bringing a bit of a soulful edge. This is a pop styled cut that is catchy and energized. While the music is over-produced, and the vocals get to be at points, the bulk of the singing is left clean enough to “shine.”

I Choose You: I like this song quite a bit. It has a lot of old school R&B charm to it. This one avoids the over-production that was heard on the first song. I love the way the two voices work together.

All for Nothin’: A mellower tune, this works reasonably well. It’s not as strong as the last piece, though. It’s more of a ballad. It just doesn’t have as much of the old school magic.

Game: With more of a modern pop element at its heart, this has some classy R&B sound infused, too. I dig the guitar solo on the cut. That guitar manages to hold a big chunk of the piece. The saxophone is a nice touch, as well.

Haters: The vocals are the selling point on this song. The backing arrangement is just sort of average modern mellower stuff. The singing, though, really stands tall.

Up Down: I love the vocal performance on this cut, too. The piece is energized and more rocking It works better than the last couple songs.

Shine: I like this version of the opener better than that one. It doesn’t suffer from the over-production. That let’s this really breathe. It’s based on one of the best vocal performances here. Given the competition, that says a lot.

Shine (Bonus Mix): The closer is another mix of the song. I’d say that this one lands in the middle of the other two in terms of effectiveness.”

Review by Gary Hill at

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Music Street Journal “Track by Track” Review: Omeri “Day Dream’n”

5 Jun


Day Dream’n: There is a jazzy kind of pop vibe to this cut. The groove is solid, and the hooks work well.

I Guess I’ll Be Waiting: On the surface this is a tasty, bouncy little pop rock tune. It would be a lot more effective if the vocals stayed on key throughout.

If I Could Read Your Mind: Now, this is better. The groove and energy are great. The vocals are more consistently on target. There is a lot of jazz in this. I love the guitar solo.

Don’t Look for Me: A bit mellower number, this has some of that jazz texture, too. It’s a more effective tune, as well.

Genuine Love: Another jazzy tune, this is pretty cool. This is one of the more effective pieces, but the whole set is beginning to feel a little monolithic by this point.

One Night: This song actually represents some variety with a slow soulful groove. The problem is that the vocals lose track into “off key” territory a bit here, too. It’s a shame because this might have been the highlight of the set.

Day Dream’n (Extended): Here we get an extended re-do of the opener.

One Night (Reprise): This is literally what is say it is, a reprise of the previous tune. I like this a lot.”

Review by Gary Hill at

Watch the Day Dream’n Music Video:
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Music Street Journal “Track by Track” Review: Amanda Abizaid “Walking In Twos”

1 Jun


Walking in Twos – Feat. Stephen Stills: This is a fairly mellow number. It’s based on a 70s soft rock vibe with some country in the mix. The chorus features more voices and has a nice hook to it. There is a bit of a world music drop back with children’s vocals.

Lion’s Den: A bit more of a soulful vibe permeates this cut. It has a little more modern texture in some ways, too. It’s a good tune. It’s not as strong as the opener, though.

Set It Up: More of a modern electronic sound drives this. It’s more of an R&B kind of thing. It borders on hip hop. It has some cool moods, but I’m not crazy about this one.

Release Me: Now, this is one of the best cuts here. It has a modern electronic vibe. That’s merged with a sultry jazz element and some world music. The effect makes this contemporary, but also extremely classic.

One Love: Bouncy folk elements make up the basis of this. It has some definite world music built into it, too. It’s a fun cut, and one of the strongest ones here.

Promises of Love: A mellower cut, this is very effective. In fact, it might be my favorite here. It has more of folk rock sound to it, but with some other things going on, too. It leans toward the proggy end of the spectrum. It does get some hints of world music, too.

Walking in Twos (Electronica Remix): As the title and parenthetical say, this is a remix of the opening number. I have to say that this gets a bit of a soulful groove in this format, and I prefer this version. It just seems to work better. ”

Review By Gary Hill

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