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Looking at the cover of Acting Natural’s self-titled debut EP, it’s easy to guess this trio was influenced by The Beatles. And of course the band’s name makes me think of the Buck Owens song “Act Naturally,” which was famously covered by The Beatles in 1965, with Ringo Starr on lead vocals. And, sure, The Beatles are among this young group’s influences. But they’re not trying to copy that band, and their sound takes inspiration from other places and other decades than the 1960s. They possess a good sense of fun, and they seem to have given a good deal of attention to getting the vocals just right. The band is made up of Eric Carnevale on vocals, guitar, piano, organ and percussion; James David Maney on bass and vocals; and Jesse Leonard on drums and vocals. Originally from Tampa, Florida, they are now based in New York.

The CD’s opening track, “The One,” has a distinct 1960s pop rock sound, both in the music and in the vocal delivery, especially in the way they harmonize. But it is not an attempt to imitate a particular sound, but rather it shows a mix of influences. For example, the cool bass line has a more contemporary feel. And partway through, the song takes on a different groove for an interesting bridge. The lyrics are fairly straightforward: “I don’t wanna play games/I don’t wanna be the fool/I just wanna be the one for you.” And who doesn’t want to hear that? That’s followed by “Nicole,” which has a mellower pop sound. This one has more of a 1980s thing happening, particularly in the chorus.

For me, this EP starts to really get going with “Pairadice,” a fun and catchy tune, its title obviously a play on the word “paradise” – that love is both a glorious thing and a gamble. They play on that idea throughout, with lines like “You can’t win every time” and “Sometimes I think I must have lost my mind.” But it’s the sound of this one that really makes it a memorable track, with elements of disco and a catchy vocal line in the chorus. It’s ultimately a positive-sounding tune. As good as it is, it’s the following track, “Bloom,” that is my personal favorite. This one has a sweeter folk-pop vibe that is absolutely wonderful. And check out the opening lines: “Oh, the snow, the birds and the bees/And the gin and the weed and the love.” I love how they start to establish a sort of cheesy vibe with that first line, “the birds and the bees,” then immediately work against that with the second line, which is a continuation of the thought, but in a more realistic direction. “The years tick by/The toys and the bikes and the games/And the spies, they just don’t shine like they used to/Holidays just aren’t the same.” This is a really good song.

“Early Morning,” to my ears, has the most obvious nod to The Beatles in its sound. “Left my heart open like a door that I kept cracked/Just for you.” The EP then concludes with a fun, solid rock song titled “Missed The Train.” “I missed the train/Wondered why I came/Addicted to the pain/In every memory that we made.” And I love that lead on guitar in the second half of the song.

CD Track List

  1. The One
  2. Nicole
  3. Pairadice
  4. Bloom
  5. Early Morning
  6. Missed The Train

Acting Natural was released on CD on October 27, 2017. It was released digitally on September 22nd.


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Acting Natural – Acting Natural (Independently released CD EP, Pop) Refreshingly upbeat and melodic pop music. These guys have a cool sound and neat image and if all the variables fall into place…they could be huge. The band is comprised of Eric Carnevale (lead vocals, guitar), James David Maney (bass, vocals), and Jesse Leonard (drums, vocals). This disc would already be impressive, but even more so considering it is the debut from these charming young gentlemen. Great melodies, infectious rhythms, fine-tuned arrangements…plus vocals to die for (particularly the harmonies). The guys in Acting Natural play classic pop in the truest sense of the word. Six standout cuts here…and they all sound like hits. Our favorites include “The One,” “Bloom,” and “Missed the Train.” Most of these tracks bear similarities to British invasion pop from the 1960s. Totally fun stuff.

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Title – ‘Acting Natural EP’
Artist – Acting Natural
I case you weren’t aware, Acting Natural, fueled by a mutual interest in bringing back the authenticity of raw Rock & Roll music, lead singer & guitarist Eric Carnevale, bass guitarist/vocalist James David Maney, and drummer/vocalist Jesse Leonard have aligned their unwavering dedication to creating quality music with a signature sound.Their inspirations range from legendary artists of the past and present, including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles, just to name a few. Acting Natural’s unique sound is focused on passion and solid musicianship.Acting Natural released their first single “Pairadice” and the response was incredible, reaching #1 on the Top 5 Most Added and reached #9 on the FMQB A/C Chart. This young trio, originally from Tampa, Florida, relocated to New York and have now brought out their wonderful self-titled Acting Natural EP.

1. ‘The One’
2. ‘Nicole’
3. ‘Pairadice’
4. ‘Bloom’
5. ‘Early Morning’
6. ‘Missed the Train’

Kicking off with some ’60s rock and pop throwback sounds on ‘The One’, they back that up with the more modern sounding ‘Nicole’. Then comes their first single, ‘Pairadice’ a fun, jaunty track, that’s packed by the harmonious ballad ‘Bloom’. The staggered gem ‘Early Morning’ is one of the best tracks on the EP, for my money, and then the album comes full circle with that distinctive ’60s sound combined with early ’90s indie guitars on ‘Missed the Train’.


US Review: Michael Tracy “Still Got Soul”

Still Got Soul by Michael Tracy


For my 553rd review, I am proud to announce the upcoming release of Still Got Soul, the fourth album by North Carolina rocker Michael Tracy to be released on November 27. 2017.  I was very impressed with Michael’s voice and his instrumental backup.  His sound on this album brings me back to the great style of such rockers as Bob Seeger, Tom Petty, and others as noted on such tracks as Laughter, the title track Still Got SoulSavannah NightsHopeful, Raven and much more.  This album was well written (all songs were written or co-written by Michael Tracy), performed, recorded and produced.  I am looking forward to hearing his older material and highly recommend this album this album for your music library.  This release will be available to purchase on November 27 on Amazon, iTunes and other places where CD’s and digital downloads are sold.



Michael Doherty’s Music Log Review: Rocker-T “The Return Of The Tru Ganjaman”

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“Though I do like reggae, I don’t listen to a whole lot of it, partly because it sometimes begins to feel repetitive to me. But Rocker-T (Toby Petter Herskind Sorensen), on his CD The Return Of The Tru Ganjaman, does some interesting and delightful things with the form. And he’s joined by several guest musicians, including Mykal Rose and Ras Indio. This album really grew on me. Yes, it deals with a lot of the same subjects, same themes as most reggae music – peace, marijuana, and so on – but so much of it feels new here, even as those particular subjects are tackled. The main thing is that this music makes me happy, and we can all use some of that these days.

“Yankee & Yardee” is reggae with a heavy dance beat. I have absolutely no idea what he’s singing here, at least for much of the song, but I’m enjoying the groove. And toward the end he calls out a few familiar names: “Sugar, Dennis and Gregory/Peter, Bunny, Bob Marley.” Folks that current musicians acknowledge a debt to. Gappy Ranks (Jacob Lee Williams) then joins Rocker-T on “Need Some,” which has more of a familiar feel and has a positive sound. Mykal Rose and Mr. Williamz join him for “Disgrace.” “Why is it that they can’t unite?/Why is that they can’t stand together?” Good questions, and presented over a catchy groove.

The song that really got me excited about this disc is “Herbalist.” It is so catchy, so joyful, and it features Mama-T on vocals. The first time I listened to this album, this is the song that grabbed me, the song that turned my day around with its positive, bright sounds. It’s a wonderful track, dedicated to the herbalists “who bring all the healing,” and knocking the ridiculous war on drugs. “Let go the herbalist, you let him be/Let go the herbalist, you set him free.” And of course you can dance to it. So there. It’s followed by another stand-out track, “Man Ah Warrior.” It has just a bit of a New Orleans Dixie jazz vibe that makes me love it. It’s an overall fresh sound, and by this point in the disc I was totally in.

Bass player and vocalist Skip Wicked (Spencer Burton) of Indubious joins Rocker-T on “Chillum,” an unusual and excellent song with something of a tribal rhythm and some impressive vocal delivery. I want to lose myself in the beat, close my eyes and dance until the walls disappear. It has that kind of power, you know? And it’s followed by yet another highlight, “Garden Of Goodness.” It’s funny that a song celebrating marijuana should begin with the sound of someone coughing. But there you have it. This song is a lot fun, and has a delightfully fresh and bright feel. “In the garden of goodness/There’s a weed for releasing my stress/Oh yes, it’s the best/In the garden of goodness/Marijuana caught my interest.” Jah Wave and Ras Indio join Rocker-T on this track. Then Prezident Brown joins Rocker-T on “Blazing Everyday,” obviously another song about smoking marijuana.

Just a couple of months before the release of this CD, Rocker-T put out a disc titled Tru Ganjaman: The Remixes, which contains twenty-three versions of “Tru Ganjaman.” If that CD didn’t provide enough of that song for you, this CD gives you “Tru Ganjaman Megamix,” which I suppose is the title track. Oddly, I don’t find this track nearly as compelling or enjoyable as everything that precedes it. This one ends with coughing. And the tracks that follow it are all remixes of earlier songs, including two versions of “Real Singer Smoker” (I prefer the Phibes Remix) and two versions of “One Million Matches.”

CD Track List

  1. Yankee & Yardee
  2. Need Some
  3. Disgrace
  4. Herbalist
  5. Man Ah Warrior
  6. Chillum
  7. Garden Of Goodness
  8. Blazing Everday
  9. Life Over Death
  10. Tru Ganjaman Megamix
  11. Ganja Slengin (Nickynutz Remix)
  12. Real Singer Smoker (Mt. Analogue Remix)
  13. One Million Matches (Yungg Trip Remix)
  14. Militant & Real (Ill Text Trap-A-Lot Mafia Remix)
  15. Real Singer Smoker (Phibes Remix)
  16. One Million Matches (Mylk Remix)

The Return Of The Tru Ganjaman was released on June 17, 2016. By the way, the digital release of this album contains three more tracks.”

For more on Rocker-T, check out his website:

MLWZ Review: Ray Vaughn “Wounded Bird”

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Ray Vaughn is a musician and working in San Francisco, “Wounded Bird” is  his second solo project.

From the first sounds you hear, that we have to deal with the conscious artist who from the very beginning as defined record, has a vision and consistently implements it. It is difficult to pigeonhole in one sentence his proposals, because the next catchy guitar playing appears on the album note of nostalgia, British rock and even punk rock. Generally speaking, it is very interesting. I was looking for a long time in my mind who or what ‘smells’ the production and finally found: it Iggy Pop and stylistic areas of his work. Yes, it’s probably accurate, but also very nice trail. I like music Vaughn, she actually sounds a bit ‘dirty’, but at the same time very positively.

My favorite on the album is definitely a ballad titled “Rain”. I would recommend.”

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JP’s Music Blog Review: Mark Duda “Month of Sundays”


From New York comes singer/songwriter/guitarist Mark Duda with his energetic debut album “Month Of Sundays.” It will released on April 14th and features the rhythm section of Tommy Price and Kenny Aaronson (Joan Jett & The Blackhearts) along with guitarist Jimi K. Bones (Blondie).

Duda’s new six-track album begins with the raw, punk-like energy of “Month Of Sundays” as he makes a great first impression with this up-tempo rocker. Punk guitar legend Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys) and drummer Bobby Rondinelli (Blue Oyster Cult) lend a hand on the seventies, nostalgic punk feel of “Murder On Delancey,” before diving into the sixties swing of “Standoff Love.” The album closes with the aggressive tones of “Connection” and the energetic, punk-rock delivery of “Subway Song.”

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Month Of Sundays was released on April 14, 2017 through True Rock.

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“In this short version of MARK DUDA (THE HANDFUL, MAD CITY ROCKERS), we do not have to deal with the usual placeholder lyrics on all possible genre stereotypes, but rather elaborate textual material with an emotional basis, while the music Hardrock through and is maintained – at an elevated level and with all sorts of semiprominence.

Drummer Thommy Price actually shows the name of Joan Jett in his portfolio, and the other names also tell some of the initiates something: For example, in “Murder On Delancey” HANDFUL colleague Bobby Rondinelli (drums) and Klampfer Cheetah Chrome from the DEADBOYS. ‘Standoff Love’, on the other hand, comes with Arno Hecht’s saxophone, which blows in the wind section of the ROLLING STONES. The piece also reminds a little of this.

The Seventies orientation is constantly changing through ” Month Of Sundays “, sometimes the pathos of QUEEN without overburdening arrangements, and every song – especially “Murder On Delancey” and the moving “Worse For Wearr” With no equal in art music.

Especially in the brevity there is also the spice, even if it is to be assumed that Duda would also shine at full album length. Oh … and humorous is the guy, too – so, as I said, not only on the feisty songs, but also their lyrics.

CONCLUSION: Classic Hardrock from a corner that no one could have on the screen – MARK DUDA would be better off with a larger label, because this is definitely the case for some “bigger players”.”

Month Of Sundays is scheduled to be released on April 14, 2017 through True Rock.

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Melodiva Review: Jordan Hurwitz “LOVESICK.”


“This CD makes you listen. She is the work of a remarkable young musician, a singer / songwriter from California. Because she has managed to be produced by none other than Narada Michael Walden, one of the most influential music producers of our time, who has cleverly honored prizes and has been awarded under his contract by superstars like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.
Jordan Hurwitz’s success story sounds a bit fabulous. At the age of six she received piano lessons, followed by guitar and drums, later singing. Training her voice proved to young Jordan in retrospect as an initial spark. She began to write songs herself and to record them. This reads loosely and easily, but anyone who has even taken an instrument in his hand knows, What it means to train three instruments plus voice. In addition to talent, there is an enormous amount of willpower, hard work and self-discipline to achieve this artistic level, which Hurwitz currently stands for.
Your voice is versatile and has a pleasantly warm timbre. Hurwitz can interpret ballads without losing their way into superfluous pathos, like in the song “Power”, or turn into a rock tube like in the rousing track “Lovesick”. She can use her vibrato as a stylistic device, so she can control and modulate her voice very well. The best thing is to like it in the deep position, because it sounds extra velvety. It covers a wide range of styles, and frankly the label “singer / songwriter” is the least to be found. This would also be a small critique on my part: the songs are very lush instruments (synth orchestras), there would have been less. But Narada Michael Walden has the right nose. I guess, from Jordan Hurwitz we will soon hear more.”
CD, 2016, 6 Tracks, Label: Tarpan Records
Sandra Müller-Berg

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Exclusive Magazine Review: Mark Duda “Month of Sundays”

mark duda

For those not in the know, not unlike myself, Mark Duda is an artist from New York City’s East Village who sings, plays guitar, and writes great original rock and punk songs. Over his storied career, he has worked with a who’s who of New York rock and roll royalty, and helped to carry the torch for bands and artists such as the New York Dolls, Dead Boys, and Johnny Thunders, into the 21st Century.

1. Month Of Sundays
2. Murder On Delancey
3. Standoff Love
4. Worse For Wear
5. Connection
6. Subway Song

His thunderous, raucous new six-track EP (out on April 14, 2017 via True Rock) kicks off with the Axel Rose-esque vocals (at times) of the title track, ‘Month Of Sundays’, and backs that up with both ‘Murder On Delancey’ and ‘Standoff Love.’ The guitar work from Cheetah Chrome (from The Dead Boys) along with the drums from Bobby Rondinelli (from The Handful) make ‘Murder On Delancey’ rock out even more, but in truth, the guitar work throughout all these tracks is top notch.

Personally, I love the old school E-Street feel to the saxophone opening of ‘Standoff Love’ also. Indeed, each and every one of the six cuts provides us with real rock music to listen to – not that prefabricated radio top 10 pop fluff we always seem to get.

The album, which is as much a tribute to the music and club scenes of ’70s and ’80s Lower Manhattan as it is a representation of some of the very current sounds and energy that can be found in the Big Apple, includes musician workmanship from Handful band mate Jimi K. Bones (who also co-wrote half the songs) on guitar, percussion and backing vocals; Thommy Price (from Joan Jett And The Blackhearts, Scandal) on drums; and Kenny Aaronson (from Stories) on bass.

Month Of Sundays continues ever onward with ‘Worse For Wear’, a track that slows the pace just enough to still make us aware its a rock song of sorts, then the cowbell-infused ’70s feel of the quite brilliant ‘Connection’, with the EP coming to an all-too-soon close with the folk rocker ‘Subway Song.’

Having written, or at least co-written all the songs on this brand new EP, Mark Duda is in top form on Month of Sundays. Performing songs that seamlessly blend traditional rock with elements of punk and doo wop, Duda’s vocals are raw, real, and edgy, but at no times does he over do it. He’s in control throughout and this EP is the most perfect example of a man still in love with his chosen profession.

Month Of Sundays is scheduled to be released on April 14, 2017 through True Rock.

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