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VHS is, and I should know, having now listened to it through three times on the bounce, a wonderfully ambient, bouncy, fun, even thoughtful at times collection of instrumental tracks that Dr. Chrispy began writing way back in 2003.

It was as he was traveling for work as an aerospace engineer and if you listen carefully to the tracks, never allowing any of them to merely drift above and over and away from you, you can most definitely hear the majesty of our universe embedded within each of them.

Indeed, and furthermore, each track was written in a different location, titled with the name of a city, airport code, or local attraction, and captures the vibe of each place and moment in time.

Basically put, VHS is an auditory travel diary, inviting you along to hear and experience the evolution from Dr. Chris Boshuizen, Space Scientist, to Dr. Chrispy, the Artist.

Oh, and showcasing perfectly Dr. Chrispy’s painstaking attention to detail, there will also be released a limited first edition CD featuring a double page spread photograph shot inside the cockpit of a vintage Boeing 747 aircraft.

The disc photography lines up with the cover, and hidden behind the disc is a shout out to one of Dr. Chrispy’s greatest film influences, ‘Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home’!

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In April 2018, the band generated buzz when they released their debut single and music video for the album’s title track, ‘They Are We.’ The single knocks out a Hard Rock, radio-friendly sound that also exposes the introspective themes of understanding and empathy that permeates their new album.

Coming over as a cross between old school STP and a passionately raw Soundgarden, Stimuli have, and without a shadow of a doubt, come together to bring forth one of the best albums of 2018.

Not only do Stimuli masterfully rock the traditional power trio format, the band also incorporates synth atmospherics and eclectic instrumentation that is not often associated with contemporary Hard Rock.

I mean, aside from Tai Hake being a master of the bass, he also plays Theremin, which is one of the most intricate and hardest instruments to perform. If you are not aware, the Theremin is an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact by the thereminist (performer) and here, well, let’s just say that Hake is a master at it.

With a common thread throughout the album inclusive of moments of Native American flute, sitar, acoustic guitar and ambient synthesizers, lyrically, Stimuli’s themes possess a rare depth – insightful and meaningful, ruminating on personal experiences and reflections about peace, empathy, destiny, and self-actualization.

“Our music contains a strong emotional intensity with personal, social, and philosophical messages about the human experience,” explains guitarist/vocalist Jimmy Tomahawk. “Although there is an undeniably serious disposition in the band’s message, as individuals, we don’t take ourselves very seriously at all – satire, slapstick humor and wisecracks are the norm when we are together.”

“It’s a bit of a collective Jekyll & Hyde scenario, really. We try to remind ourselves that the initial spark of passion and the joy of playing music that caused us to pick up our instruments in the first place is why we do this!”

Recorded at Russian River Studios in Talmage, CA, all eleven songs were written by Jimmy Tomahawk and Cole Andrew, the album was produced by Jimmy Tomahawk, and it was engineered and mixed by Andrew Miller and Jimmy Tomahawk.

‘They Are We’ – Official Music Video

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US Review: George St. Clair “Ballads of Captivity and Freedom”

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US Review: Michael Tracy “Still Got Soul”

Title – ‘Still Got Soul’
Artist – Michael Tracy
In case you weren’t aware, it was early 2011 when Michael Tracy began his journey as a singer/songwriter, stepping on stage at a local open mic in Charlotte, NC, to nervously perform some songs he had just written.

He had spent his early 20’s in the Navy, stationed on both coasts and traveling to countries throughout the Mediterranean during his time in the military.

The open mic performance awakened something in Tracy and he continued honing his chops that first year, jumping on stages all over Charlotte and jamming with local musicians. Indeed, he went into the studio and recorded his first album, Enough Small Talk, which he released in November 2011.

Over the next two years, Michael put a band together and impressed audiences with his high-energy and soulful performances. Michael then returned to the studio and produced his next album Gonna Smile, which was signed by the indie label Spectra Records and released in February 2015.

After a falling out with his label, Tracy traveled to LA and recorded three songs with Los Angeles producers Bob Marlette (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Alice Cooper) and Sahaj Ticotin (Ra) that would find themselves on his early-2016 release Love And Worries; a short collection of previously unreleased material.

Michael and Sahaj then got together in late 2016 (co-writing an original Holiday tune that Michael had been working on called “Poinsettia Red”) and at the turn of 2017, and having been inspired to start his own independent record label, Tracy’s next full-length album Still Got Soul was born.

1. “Laughter”
2. “My Lisa”
3. “Still Got Soul”
4. “Call Me Wild”
5. “No More Waiting”
6. “Sweet Smile”
7. “Savannah Nights”
8. “Shake It”
9. “Hopeful”
10. “Raven”
11. “Poinsettia Red” – Bonus Track

The album features 11 tracks, inclusive of the aforementioned “Poinsettia Red” and will be released this upcoming November 17th, 2017 via Tracy’s very own label, the TW Music Group.

Listening to it today and wow, it’s like all roads traveled by Tracy, good, bad and ugly, led him to the storytelling section of his life just perfectly. Like a well worn troubadour, his work is of the highest, finest, rawest quality, not one lyric too much, not one sentiment not having been felt by us all at some stage.

His unique sound is rooted in gospel, rhythm & blues, rock, soul, and country, and that all comes through on Still Got Soul. From rockers such as “Laughter”, “Call Me Wild”, and the brilliantly perky “Shake It”, through the Southern nature of “Savannah Nights” and the heartfelt soul of “Still Got Soul”, on into the captivated yearns of “Hopeful”, the album is simply chock full of gems.

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