VIDEO: Cornell “C.C.” Carter – Where Do We Go From Here?

Check out this amazing video with a powerful message from IDC artist Cornell “C.C.” Carter for his new “Where Do We Go From Here?” single… now over 10,000 plays on YouTube!

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People are feeling this record! Great review for C.C.’s “In The Moment”

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Title – ‘In The Moment’
Artist – C.C.

For those not in the know, C.C. aka Cornell Carter has just released his third full-length album, In The Moment, this past January 15th 2016. A quite superb collection of 13 genre-diverse tracks spanning smooth R&B, hip-shaking funk, along with heart-piercing soul numbers, In The Moment is an album that you have to have in your collection of quality music.

Indeed, the work and effort that went into making this brand new album is quite amazing also. Two years in the making, is a mix of the past and present, solid classics and contemporary chart-toppers. The album, as a whole, demonstrates C.C.’s diversity as both a vocalist and a master of musical interpretation and performance.

C.C.’s beautiful, absolutely spot on perfect vocal delivery on all 13 tracks showcase, without fault, his impressive range. Sometimes smooth, sometimes funky, yet always engaging and infectious, the man knows his way around a mic, that’s for sure. From the moment that the first track, the 80’s R&B soul flashback ‘Beautiful’ ebbs and flows its way out you just know you’re listening to something special. The dulcet, storytelling piano keys of ‘The Show’ are next, which subsequently bleeds seamlessly into the harp strings intro to the Vandrossesque R&B ballad ‘Lady of My Dreams.’

The R&B funk-rap of ‘My Folks’ is one of the highlights of this brilliant album, and that is followed by both the fast-paced ‘Together’ and the mid-tempo sway of ‘Lala Means I Love You’ (featuring Narada Michael Walden). Next up are the forceful rhythms of ‘Sunshine’ (featuring Rich Aguon), which is backed by the best song on the album, for my money, the highly-addictive ‘When You Smile (Part Deux).’ It is just so funky, so catchy, so delightful. The love story of ‘Too Late’ (featuring Aaron Green) is then backed by the album’s first single (“This is something to swing your neck to”), the fun-titled ‘Bobblehead.’

The ballads ‘Show Me’ and ‘Where Do We Go?’ are then precursors to yet another incredible, powerhaus of a track, a polished over seven minutes long cover of The Commodore’s ‘Zoom (Stepper’s Mix).’ With C.C. performing all lead and background vocals, his soul-laced fingerprints are lovingly embracing each track that you listen to. And be grateful for that for his is a voice, a talent to be recognized.

C.C. (a name given to him by Grammy Award Winning Producer Narada Michael Walden), has opened up for artists such as The Whispers, The Temptations, Natalie Cole, Kool and The Gang and many other well established artists. However, ask him which ones stand out more than the others, and he will proudly tell you that one of high points of his career has been sharing the stage as an opening act for the late great James Brown and the legendary Ray Charles.

In closing, you should also know that this uber talented man co-wrote and produced this highly-anticipated new album with his friend and co-producer Kirk “KC” Crumpler, who has produced award-winning artists such as Lenny Williams, Michael Cooper, Confunkshun, Bobby Brown and Ralph Tresvant. Buy it today and then put it into the CD player, sit back, kick back, and shut your eyes. You will not regret it, you have my word.

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C.C. – In The Moment CD


A collection of 13 genre-diverse tracks spanning smooth R&B, hip-shaking funk and heart-piercing soul numbers. The album, as a whole, demonstrates C.C.’s diversity as both a vocalist and master of musical interpretation and performance. C.C has opened for music legends like The Temptations, Natalie Cole and Kool and The Gang and shared stages with megastar entertainers including James Brown and Ray Charles. He has established himself as a sought after session vocalist and has appeared on many projects that include Grammy award-winning producer Narada Michael Walden and the upcoming release of Santana IV Now.