“A” Review from Tarpan Records artist Christina Holmes

christina holmes shakefire

Really great review of a really stellar album! Check it out below:

I don’t there has been a more accurate title for an album then with Christina Homes’ “Peace Love & C.Holmes”. To simply say that this music is positive and filled with happy lyrics and fun beats would be like saying that the sun can get hot. Christina Holmes is one of the more upbeat artists that I’ve listened to in a while and that includes some kids music albums that’s about being happy and joyful. Her music is unique in it’s own right because it is not just happy songs that are filled with joy but they are played well and filled with good vocals. Considering that most of the time when an artist tries to give their songs so much joy and happiness, they turn into these songs that are sappy and just too upbeat to be able to listen to. READ THE FULL PIECE HERE

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