Nice Track By Track Review For Jordan Hurwitz’s “Here I’ll Stand” EP

G.W. Hill from Music Street Journal looked at Tarpan Records artist Jordan Hurwitz’s most recent EP “Here I’ll Stand” track by track, and had some good things to say about the record.

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The Rocker Praises Jordan Hurwitz In New Review

Very few people will have their music reviewed along side Joe Satriani and The Who, but Jordan Hurwitz can now count herself among them. Stuart Hamilton from the UK’s The Rocker took a look at Jordan’s brand new EP, and managed to use both the phrases “over-achieving” and “world domination” in his review.

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Excellent 4 and 1/3 Stars Review For Jordan Hurwitz!

The third release from Tarpan Records artist Jordan Hurwitz, “Here I’ll Stand”, is officially a week away from availability and the stellar reviews continue to roll in.

Earning comparisons to both Shania Twain and Carole King, kept it concise but powerful in their praise for Jordan’s music. The last line says it all, “Standing her ground doesn’t mean Hurwitz won’t move the earth.”

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Brand New Video EPK For Tarpan Records Artist Jordan Hurwitz!

Jordan has been busy with many things in preparation for releasing her new EP “Here I’ll Stand”. Be a part of the journey by watching this video produced by the folks at Tarpan Records!

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Great Review of Jordan Hurwitz’s New EP, Here I’ll Stand, Being Released on June 23rd

In just a few days, on June 23rd, Jordan’s third and by far her favorite album, Here I’ll Stand (, will be released and we’ve already started receiving great reviews of the new album.

Jordan, who will be attending University of Miami’s Frost School of Music beginning in the Fall of 2015, is so apt at creating musical visions to back her every lyric that it’s hard not to imagine her standing proudly alongside the aforementioned Taylor Swift at an awards ceremony one day.” Anne Carlini

Jordan Hurwitz - Here I'll Stand

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Tarpan Records Artist Jordan Hurwitz Receives Warm Welcome From Frost School of Music

At the same time that she is getting ready to drop her third release “Here I’ll Stand”, Jordan Hurwitz is also getting ready to embark on another major life event: going away to college. Jordan will be attending the University of Miami Frost School of Music, one of the largest and most respected music schools in the country.

Frost took to their Facebook page to not only welcome Jordan, but also post her press release.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.01.17 AM

To read the full press release posting from, click here:

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Jordan Hurwitz Press Release On Music Industry News Network

Tarpan Records artist Jordan Hurwitz is beginning to gear up for her brand new EP “Here I’ll Stand”. The press release received some postings today, including Mi2N.

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