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Big Blend Radio Interview Podcast – EMILY JOHNSON “OPEN YOUR HEART”

17 May

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Listen to the Big Blend Radio conversation with singer-songwriter Emily Johnson “The Lady of Heart” who discusses her debut EP ‘Open Your Heart’, along with her music career and life in Europe.



Emily Johnson is a Bulgarian-born Nigerian singer, songwriter, and composer. Having performed around the world for many years, she has released OPEN YOUR HEART, her debut EP, with the help of Tarpan Records in the United States. This EP was produced by Narada Michael Walden and features 4 original songs.


For more information about OPEN YOUR HEART or live EMILY JOHNSON performances please visit her website: www.emilyjohnsonofficial.com


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I-Octane Trods on a Memorable “Love & Life” Journey, “Weh Di Fire Gone” Official Video Premiere!

16 May
I-Octane Trod’s on his “Love & Life” Journey !

Released on March 30th, 2018, International recording artist I-Octane third full length album “Love & Life” has given the crooner validation for his hard work not only from successful album sales, but rather for the feedback of love and support from fans, music lovers and the entertainment industry.

Debuting at #3 on the Reggae Billboard Chart, and presently still topping the top 10 chart, “Love & Life” album has offered breakthrough tracks of all genres. “Reggae pop is underrated in the industry. Those mellow drums and accompanying vibes beg for replay value, which is exactly what you get from Love and Life by I-Octane. Love and Life‘s many motions in one” – IndieBandGuru

Gearing up for a West Coast tour alongside twice GRAMMY nominated J-Boog, I-Octane has returned back home to Jamaica after successful Florida and New York Meet & Greets, paired with album released parties doubled as birthday celebration for the international billboard star. “The Love from fans is all I need for validation. EVERYONE CAN RELATE TO LOVE AND LIFE JOURNEY, that’s real. And for all the fans I have met on the way that say they relate to at least one song. Then I did my job!” – I-Octane
It wasn’t just the omnipresent Caribbean diaspora that clamored for the recording artist, but new market and new fans were introduced to his music and have taken heed to his charismatic personality, superb showmanship, catchy lyrics with hauntin melodies.

After “Love & Life” delivered the romantic “Let Me Love You” video and the conscious “One Chance” feat Ginjah, fans have eagerly awaited for more visuals off the hit filled album. Premiering at at SingersRoom.com on May 16th, 2018, I-Octane “Weh Di Fire Gone” was filmed on location in Kingston, Jamaica directed by Bling Blang Work.

Produced under his own production company Conquer The Globe Productions, and distributed by California based IDC, “Love & Life” album features 17 tracks with the addition of 2 bonus tracks, and is now available worldwide at smarturl.it/I-OctaneLoveandLife


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Belgium Review: KARNEY “NO MERCY”

4 May




The bay of San Francisco, California is the daily habitat of the American singer and songwriter Anna Karney who has been recording records for 20 years and is performing under the name ‘Karney’. Four full-CDs and two EP’s later we arrive at another new release in the form of the twelve-track album “No Mercy”.

This album produced by Anna Karney herself is actually a collection of new songs and re-recorded versions of previously released songs. That choice came mainly because those older songs through the years through live performances had a completely different structure and dynamics that they wanted to incorporate in these new refreshed versions.

‘Karney’ is rocking like an early teen punk on the album title track and opening track “No Mercy”, just like the second song “Wild Green”. The contrast between the heavy guitar rock of some tracks like “I Got Mine”, “Speed Of A Bullet” or “I Got The Light” and the much quieter rock ballads like “Restless Wind”, “Not Lost”, “Beautiful Day” ( see video) and “Nine Lines (In The 21st Century)” is striking, but makes listening to this album very pleasant and varying.

Anna Karney herself has been influenced for her musical work by artists such as Chrissie Hynde, Sheryl Crow and Joni Mitchell and male fellow singer-songwriters such as John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Neil Young. In the studio recording of this album, Anna Karney could count on the instrumental support of some of the great names in the San Francisco music scene, such as guitarists Michael Doyle and James DePrato, bassists Kimon Manolius and Kevin White, drummer Jeff Herrera, trumpet player Bill Ortiz and saxophonist Paul Hanson.



For more information please visit Karney’s website at www.karney.org


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3 May



Emily Johnson: “Open Your Heart” (2018) CD Review

Emily Johnson is a singer and songwriter with a strong voice full of passion. On her debut EP, Open Your Heart, she delivers songs that feel like they’re about the healing and rejuvenating power of music and love, and these songs – particularly the first two tracks – are especially effective in these days of division and strife and troubles. On this EP she gives us positive, uplifting, empowering, and encouraging music, all tracks written by Emily Johnson and Narada Michael Walden. Narada Michael Walden, who has produced music for Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, George Michael and Stevie Wonder (among others), produced and arranged these tracks, and played most of the instruments.

The EP opens with “The Light,” a pop love song with some gorgeous gospel sounds, especially in the backing vocals. They have that kind of passion, you know? Cornell “CC” Carter and DeeDee Simon provide the backing vocals on this track. There is joy and love in Emily Johnson’s delivery. “The light shines above me when I’m with you/The light in you gives me everything I need/When you hold me close and tell me that you love me/The light in you gives me everything I need.” I hope everyone can experience that kind of feeling, because it’s the very thing that keeps me going in these dark days of the Trump regime.
That’s followed by the EP’s title track, “Open Your Heart,” which has a steady beat, marching us toward a positive future. At least, that’s how it feels, and we all need this now. “Please stop denying yourself/Please stop blaming everybody else/You know we can make it better/We all can get it together.” The song acknowledges that hatred abounds these days, but offers hope and a reminder that there is a way out, a way above, that it’s all about heart. “Open your heart/Let it go, let it go/Open your mind/And change the world, change the world/Start to believe and you will see/As long as you love, you will be free.” Her delivery is heartfelt, and so her words carry weight, and we believe her. There is an optimism here that I want to latch onto. Chris Heist Walden plays keys on this track, and Jim Reitzel is on guitar. The backing vocals are again done by Cornell “CC” Carter and DeeDee Simon.
“I’m Blessed” is more of a dance song, with an electronic beat. I’m not as into it as I am the first two tracks, but it still has a positive vibe. This one was written by Narada Michael Walden, Gary Williams and Emily Johnson. G Dub provides some vocals. The EP then concludes with “Baby Forever” an innocent pop love song, with a happy sound. “Be my baby/Come on, hold me tight/Be my baby/Love me tonight, love me tonight.”
CD Track List
  1. The Light
  2. Open Your Heart
  3. I’m Blessed
  4. Baby Forever
Open Your Heart is scheduled to be released on May 11, 2018 on Tarpan Records.


2 May

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George St. Clair is an American folk singer and songwriter from Austin, Texas who has been living in the United Kingdom for several years to practice his daily profession of archaeologist and anthropologist. In his songs, the life of the past and of today is sung in simple and understandable terms.
The scene in which all these stories take place can be effortlessly devised by the listener himself, whether it is somewhere in the high mountains of West Texas or in the soothing surroundings of the vast meadow landscapes or the dry desert areas of his homeland. On his latest album “Ballads Of Captivity And Freedom” he brings twelve folk and country songs in which his new world in London seems to be covered in a few songs.
Opening song “Tularosa” (see acoustic live version on the video) sets the tone for what we are all offered afterwards on this great CD. George St.Clair has received instrumental assistance from album producer and bassist Ben Bernstein, keyboardist Kirby Hammel, guitarist and pedal steel player Dan Lebowitz and drummer Mike Stevens, while backing vocals were provided by Maya Abramson and Mark Estall. Together they created a broad orchestrated record that sounds very smoothly.
Other songs on “Ballads Of Captivity And Freedom” that have charmed us are “The Places Where They Prayed”, “Autumn 1889”, the cheerful up-tempo and “handclapsed” “Corridors” and country rock tune “Lie To Them”. Furthermore, it is also enjoying the songs “Cimarrones”, “New Mexico”, “Pedro Paramo” and album-closing “Talkin Mesquite”, inspired by the native country of his mother Mexico.
His Texan musical examples Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark certainly have their influences in the music of this troubadour George St.Clair and that will remain very nice references until further notice. Whether he will be able to follow in the footsteps of these legendary artists with this record, the future should prove.
For more information or to order BALLADS OF CAPTIVITY AND FREEDOM please visit www.georgestclairmusic.com or http://smarturl.it/GeorgeStClairBCF


To order BALLADS OF CAPTIVITY AND FREEDOM from Bandcamp please visit georgestclair.bandcamp.com




Girl.com.au Post: KARNEY “NO MERCY”

1 May

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For more information please visit Karney’s website at www.karney.org


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30 Apr

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For more information about OPEN YOUR HEART or live EMILY JOHNSON performances please visit her website: www.emilyjohnsonofficial.com


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