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AntiMusic Review: Birdseed “Not Out Of Time”

23 Aug


“It is said that ingesting birdseed makes those of the avian sort so happy that they can’t help but sing. For those of us without wings and beaks, the band Birdseed and their bright pop melodies on Not Out of Time will do the same. The band’s lead singer Kerry Landreth has a voice that’s easy to get comfortable with and songs like the perky “We Can Do It” make singing along effortless. It doesn’t hurt either that Landreth’s voice carries a familiarity, often reminding of the more upbeat side of singers like Natalie Merchant and Edie Brickell. The band avoids getting overly showy behind Landreth, but her brother Peter stands out here and there with cool sax fills. Learn more here.”


Order NOT OUT OF TIME on iTunes:


BIRDSEED will be touring in the Fall of 2017 in support of their NOT OUT OF TIME 10” Vinyl EP, which is available worldwide online and in stores August 4, 2017.

For more information about BIRDSEED and the NOT OUT OF TIME EP, or upcoming tour dates, please visit the band’s website and social media pages via www.birdseedband.com

For more information about Bird School of Music please visit http://bird-sf.com/

To order the NOT OUT OF TIME EP, please visit the Bird Records Bandcamp page at https://birdrecordingfoundation.bandcamp.com/

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Amanda Abizaid Sings in Support of Schoolchildren a World Away, With Some Help From Stephen Stills

23 Aug


“Musicians have an especially powerful way to use their skills to raise awareness of causes. Singer/songwriter Amanda Abizaid has released an EP in support of HelpPhilippineSchools.org, a non-profit organization that helps children get the best education possible through the betterment of existing schools, working “from the inside out.” Walking In Twos, featuring the legendary Stephen Stills, is a 7-track EP including two diverse mixes of the titular song, which was inspired by Amanda’s experiences with the Aeta Filipino children.

I spoke with Amanda, and she described how the project was two years in the works. But the history goes back even further.

Robert T Wagner is a former US Marine and director of HelpPhilippineSchools.org Foundation (HPSF). His great uncle, father and uncles engaged in a casual charitable “tradition” that benefited schools in the Philippines beginning in 1901. Robert then formalized the efforts into HPSF in 2006. Amanda met Robert when she was around 7 years old, when he began dating her sister in Beirut. He has stayed in touch with the family over the years, following Amanda’s music career.

Amanda eventually visited the Philippines and came away with a strong conviction to meet, teach and inspire the kids, especially the girls. She wanted to inspire them through songwriting and help them think for themselves. “They know the American songs. They are more into copying, but I wanted to open their minds via songwriting.” She visited a few schools and discovered that basic needs like water and electricity are still barely being met. Amanda is hoping through her music the needs will get exposure, and she aims to get the water pump fixed, provide school supplies and increase the opportunities for kids to enter school.

Their overall mission of the organization (for which she is Cultural Ambassador) is to supply rural government elementary schools throughout the Philippines, beginning on Mindanao, with modern educational equipment, food and clothing.

I asked how Stephen Stills entered the equation.

“I have known him through his daughter Jennifer, and I am so happy that he wanted to play on the song. It is incredibly inspiring to have him on board. The EP evolved around that song.”

Growing up in Lebanon with four older sisters opened Amanda’s ears to many American artists, so Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young was in solid rotation. Stills has become a mentor to Amanda, and she is “very blessed to learn music and songwriting with him.”

Amanda describes her music as “neo-soul meets world.” Indeed, the tracks on the EP work well across reggae, trip-hop and electronica.

As we celebrate the 48th anniversary of Woodstock this week (where Stills and his mates had their second gig) and contemplate the political landscape, it is gratifying that the spirit of community is still present in the music scene.”



To purchase Amanda Abizaid’s Walking In Twos EP visit: http://smarturl.it/walkingintwos

For more information about Amanda or this release, please visit:http://www.AmandaAbizaid.com

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Drummerszone Previews Cindy Blackman Santana’s Highly Anticipated New Single

22 Aug


“Cindy Blackman Santana is about to release a new single called Fun, Party, Splash, and it is produced by the Multi-Grammy winning drummer Narada Michael Walden. The release is on August 25, 2017 and it features Cindy’s husband since 2010, Carlos Santana as well. The press statement says she has been “…recording tracks in the studio with the legendary producer Narada Michael Walden,” and “…they have been working on new material ever since,” which suggests a whole new album is in the process of making.

Just a few more days to go before the release of Fun, Party, Splash, and we can’t wait to hear the vibe these two original drummers have created. Many will know Cindy was Lenny Kravitz’ drummer for quite a few years and has recorded and toured a lot of artists and special projects as well. One of the most recent ones, besides playing with Santana now, is her collaboration with Jack Bruce, Vernon Reid, and John Medeski in the Tony Williams Lifetime Tribute Band called Spectrum Road.

Narada Michael Walden was, among others, drummer with two of the most renewing musical artists and bands of the past decades, namely: John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Watch here how Steve Smith names Narada Michael Walden as one of his major influences when listening to the Mahavishnu Orchestra after replacing Billy Cobham in the band.

If you follow us on twitter (@Drummerszone), you get the notification when Fun, Party, Splash is out!”


For more information, please visit Cindy’s website at: www.cindyblackmansantana.com

IDC is so honored to work with international reggae artist I-Octane!

22 Aug


Jamaica, U.S.A (MPR Consulting) – International recording artist I-Octane has announced his recent signing with Miami based management company, Beautiful People MGT, and a deal with San Francisco based Independent Distribution Collective (IDC). The latter set in preparation for his highly anticipated 2018 album.

Fans of I-Octane have been clamoring for a full length anthology since his 2014 hit filled “My Journey” which topped #4 on the Billboard Reggae Chart. Since then, the reggae star has delivered numerous worldwide top charting singles, while continuing extensive touring from his hit filled repertoire.

“After being in music professionally for over 12 years now, I have grown and I have learned a lot along the way. I did 2 albums and they were both very similar. It was social commentary, more one drop oriented. This album has a lot of different things on it, it is a more versatile I-Octane. It’s more grown. I expect a lot of mileage from this album. I’m going to go to places where I’ve never been before through this album. Different sides of Octane, different vocal range, different sound, this is a totally different I-Octane, but the essence is me.. a grown me..” – I-Octane

Fresh from inking with his new management, the first order of the day for BPM was securing distribution with a reputable company, who would dedicate themselves to the project at hand. “As a fan of reggae music, I-Octane has steadily remained on my playlist, so joining his close-knit team was a honor. Our vision is similar, and our aim the same, so to find a company who would match our goal became a priority. To take the brand that is I-Octane to the four corners of the world”  – W.Morgan, CEO/Founder, Beautiful People MGT.

Speaking on joining the IDC family, I-Octane expressed “IDC is a great accomplishment. Big up my management team. This is big for me as an independent artist. To know that we have IDC on this project, not only for the global distribution but supporting us in all the marketing, promoting and also pushing us. They see the same for I-Octane as I do. They understand the concept, the sound, the growth. It all makes sense since this album is universal, everyone will relate to one song or another. I give thanks to IDC , my team and the power of the almighty“.

Steffen Franz, President/Founder of Independent Distribution Collective echoed a similar sentiment by stating, “IDC is honored to be working with I-Octane, an internationally successful Jamaican artist who has worked for his whole career, to forward the positive and conscious messages that are so important in music in this time. This new project will be wide reaching and it will be embraced by fans and audiences worldwide, and we are excited to be on board for the distribution of this brand-new album.

In business for over 12 years, Independent Distribution Collective (IDC) is a music marketing and distribution company based in San Francisco, California that offers physical and digital distribution, marketing and promotion, artist development services, and music licensing.

An unmatched combination of innate talent, lyrical prowess and versatility, I-Octane resonates with conscious lyrics, sentiments of universal faith, romance, social justice and compassion. The smooth Rastafarian singer who has amassed an impressive slew of hits songs in a few short years, has skillfully positioned himself as an ambassador of reggae music, while maintaining a strong appeal in the streets, where many of his songs have become anthems.

Even with his incredible success to date, I-Octane has just scratched the surface of all he is meant to achieve, however his name is securely cemented a musical legacy comparable to many icons.

For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/ioctanelive/

Phone number (516) 690-6051

Phone number (347) 292-8005

Check out the great new NEVER SEVER EP by PAGGI, the latest release from Moo Moo Records!

18 Aug

Recorded and performed entirely by PAGGI, the new NEVER SEVER EP features four great original tracks from this multi-talented artist. Dan Paggi currently resides in Oregon after making a name for himself with the Northern California bands La Dolce Vita and Biv and the Mnemonics. The Never Sever EP represents the next phase in Paggi’s artistic evolution.


Never Sever Album Cover


The drums were tracked at Brent Allen Studios in Sisters, Oregon in February of 2015. The guitars, keys, and voice were recorded at Paggi’s home in Bend, Oregon over the next two and a half years.

Mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx in South San Francisco, CA.

Album artwork created by Cora Paggi and designed by John Calmeyer.

Please join Nowelo on August 26th at the Kona Wine Market! [NEW SINGLE OUT TODAY!]

18 Aug

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 10.15.33 AM.png

Kona Wine Market Presents: Raise The Bar with Chef Noah Hester, a food and beverage pairing event, featuring music from Grammy Award-nominated and winning artists ANN HOKU LYN and John Keawe. World renowned artist Robert Thomas will be creating an art piece in real time throughout the event. NOWELO will be headlining the entertainment with a full nine-piece band. Included in the band is Hip Hop pioneer Reggie Griffin, who has written, produced, and toured with music legends such as The Sugar Hill Gang, Chaka Khan, and The Isley Brothers, to name a few. Griffin is currently working with NOWELO and resides on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Please visit the Event Page on Facebook for more information:


To order the “PASSING DAYS” single on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/passingdays

To order the “PASSING DAYS” single on Bandcamp: https://nowelo.bandcamp.com/album/passing-days-feat-ann-hoku-lyn

For more information about NOWELO, please visit their social media pages or Mind Matters Music Website at http://www.mindmattersmusic.net

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Keys and Chords Review: Indubious “From Zero” (translated)

17 Aug
From Zero Cover_Low Rez
“Indubious is already on their fourth album. The brothers, ‘Skipwicked’ Spencer and ‘Evton B’ Evan Burton have furthered their musical composition skills and solidified their own reggae path. One might ask, how can two brothers with cystic fibrosis still deliver such high-quality sound? But, Indubious proves that one can also accomplish beautiful things regardless of a difficult background.
If you listen to ‘See Sharp,’ you will only hear the pure sounds. You will not hear irritated lungs, on the contrary,  you will hear pure music and vocals. Yes, this album can be labeled as reggae, but it’s more than just a Jamaican rhythm. It is beautiful in how it applies several modern layers to a classic reggae rhythm.
Indubious gets help from singers Sizzla Kalonji on ‘Golden Ones’ and Vaughn Benjamin in an immersive ‘Do not Lose Sleep’. Or Zahira’s contribution to the ingenious ‘Root Down’. These American gentlemen have played West Coast Reggae and various other festivals. With some good listening you will be able to immerse yourself in the music psychedelically and spiritually. With Indubious’ reggae-layers, one can see ‘From Zero’ as a starting point in a renewed genre.”

To purchase or previous “From Zero,” please visit: http://smarturl.it/fromzero

For more information about FROM ZERO or upcoming tour dates, please visit the INDUBIOUS website and social media pages via http://www.indubiousmusic.com/

For Booking inquiries please email booking@indubiousmusic.com

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