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Spice Up Your Instagram Stories With These Tips!

14 Sep

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“Instagram Stories are the most important development in social media right now…The short format expiring content makes it fun to create, share, and engage with people who share their moments…In this article I want to go a little deeper to help you achieve more success through it.”

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Maximize Your Instagram Potential!

13 Sep


“There are all sort of websites and apps out there that will help you get to the next level of Instagramming. We went through and picked our 7 favorites for 2017.”

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Here are tips on getting started with Instagram Live

13 Jul


“Here are six tips to get you started using Instagram Live to its fullest.” Click Here For The Full Article!

Hey artists, need some Instagram tips? Well here you go!

7 Mar

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“We all know what Instagram is, and what it’s about. But did you know that it’s an important social networking tool that you’re probably not getting the most out of? Here are ten Instagram tips for musicians.” Explore more here!

Check out these common Instagram mistakes!

15 Feb

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“But while IG can be used for good, some artists and bands make many mistakes when it comes to the social media photo-sharing service. The good news is that those errors are not crippling, and they’re way easy to fix. Here are seven common Instagram gaffes that are remedied with a couple of minor changes to habits or routine.

Here are the 7 rules of Snapchat/Instagram for musicians. Check it out!

13 Feb

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“With social media platforms constantly changing and upgrading, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date, particularly if you’re new to the platform in the first place. While such can often seem to be the case when it comes to Instagram and Snapchat in particular, we here look at seven rules to help artists navigate the the story functions of both apps.”

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