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Music Street Journal Track-by-Track Review: E-Life 7 “Miked Up”

17 Oct


“Let’s make this clear at the onset: this is not progressive rock. It is, however, fusion, and we usually land fusion under prog. A simple review for this album would be “the bass playing is amazing.” I play bass myself, so I really appreciate how good Michael Pennick is. He manages to really shine on every song. The thing is, that might be an accurate review, but it’s not a complete one. Everybody on this set plays really well, and these are complete musical arrangements that work very well. While this is mostly instrumental, two songs (well, technically three because there is a remix of one of the songs included here) do have singing.

Track by Track Review

Sunday Night: The horn section kicks this off in style. Then it drops down to some killer funky bass playing. This fusion number really rocks with the bass and guitar stealing a lot of the spotlight.

Chaos: Perhaps a bit less low-key, this is no less interesting. The bass is a big deal on this one, too, lending some killer funk to the sound.

Second Level: Speaking of funky bass shining, that’s what starts this cut off in solo fashion. It holds it for a while before the rest of the musicians join for another smoking hot fusion jam.

Smooth Ride: This seems to come in mid-jam. It has a more rock based element for a while before it shifts out to more of a mainstream fusion sound. This is a bit mellower than some of the rest. It’s no less magical, though. I love the bass work out on the closing section of the piece.

Inner Beauty: A melodic fusion jam, this has a great groove and some smoking hot bass work. There is some tasty piano work on this number, too.  There is funk is clearly alive on this thing.

That Girl: This cut has a bit more rock built into it. The funk is delivered in style from the bass. The horns sing their souls out. All of it adds up to some killer rocking fusion. There is some scorching guitar soloing delivered on this piece of music.

Tony Rome: I dig the slow, soulful groove on this piece. This thing delivers some awesome musical moments. There is some smoking, expressive guitar soloing. This has some pretty crazy moments later, too.

Sunrise: The groove on this is both classic and classy. It’s a killer fusion number with some great horn work.

Feelin You: I love the energy and the vibe of this piece. It has some great changes and really weaves some powerful musical tapestries. This cut has some great soul vocal performances.

Before the Storm: I really dig the slower fusion grind that makes up this number. The piano soloing really shines, too.

Miked Up: There are some vocals on this cut. This thing has a chorus that feels a bit like Parliament to me. The cut is energized, catchy and very meaty. The guitar soloing on this wanders toward heavy metal.

Beautiful Day: This number has a lot more of a rock element to it. It’s still definitely jazz rock, but it lands closer to the rock heading than anything else here does. The keyboard soloing on this one really sells it. There is some soaring, scorching hot guitar soloing, too.

Tony Rome (radio edit): Here we get the first of two radio edits on the disc. This does a great job of capturing the magic of the piece and not really losing anything in the process. Of course, it’s only about half a minute shorter than the full version.

Feelin You (radio edit): This is a couple minutes shorter than the full-length version of the song. The cut works well in this configuration.”


Miked Up was released on March 24, 2017 through Three 2 Go Music.

For more information about E-Life 7 please visit:  www.e-life7.net

For Booking information please email info@Three2GoMusic.com

For Press inquiries contact Billy James at Glass Onyon PR: (828) 350-8158 or glassonyonpr@gmail.com

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You Bay Area Music Lovers Won’t Want To Miss This Amazing Show Happening Tomorrow!!!

11 Aug

Ready for avant garde? Something neo fresh and tasty?

Starting this weekend at the San Jose Jazz Fest 2017, the Xman – Charles Xavier – is cooking up new sounds and explorations for Bay Area music fans who expect the unexpected! Together again, trumpeter Clifford Brown III, as CB3, and The Xman appear as The Neo Jazz Men at San Jose’s biggest jazz gathering of the year! The fest selected them for their compositions that represent the vanguard of jazz and electronica fusion. Four performances in two days, The Neo Jazz Men are performing at the free music stages, so neo jazz can be available to everyone! See the map and schedule below for Sat., Aug. 12 and Sun. Aug. 13 in downtown San Jose. For an indoor setting, mark your calendar for the Sunday, 4pm show at Cafe Frascati.

If the Northern Peninsula is better for you, join The Xman at Burlingame’s largest street festival of the summer – on Burlingame Avenue – on Saturday, Aug. 19 – 4pm.

Free Music for the Public

Sat., Aug 12

11am – 1pm: on S. First Street, adjacent to the Fairmont San Jose

4pm – 6pm: on Paseo de San Antonio, adjacent to the Fairmont San Jose

Sun. Aug. 13

11am – 1pm: on West San Fernando Street, adjacent to San Jose Museum of Art

4pm – 6pm: Caffe Frascati, 315 S. 1st Street

Music In Belgium Review: E-Life 7 “Miked Up”

12 Jul


“Once again for those who like funk or soul, this [album] will be a party, because the technical level of the team in place is undeniable.”

“Album originally released in 2013, this “Miked Up” has been re-branded today thanks to the label Three 2 Go Music , in order to let us benefit from the work of experienced musicians. In addition to the presence of bassist Michael Pennick , the album includes talented musicians from Buffalo to New York ( Rodney Spears, Charlie Crymes Jr, Ronald Walker, Tim Webb ) and the participation of other virtuosos ( Ken Whitman, Denisha Osbourne, Joey Diggs, Walter Kemp or Van Taylor ).

All this beautiful world to offer us an album or blues soul and funk do wonders, especially at the level of bass playing which is prodigious here.  But let’s not forget the other instruments with a guitar and drums that follow the soul and funky movement, without ever dethroning the place of chief of the instrument with four strings (or five) ! The saxophone and organs here reinforce the funky and soul side, bringing us once again to the fundamentals of the genre.

The compositions that are mostly written by the tandem Walker / Pennick , bring a groove of hell returning us in the past to the golden age of funk and soul music, a time when the saxophone juggled with bass And the guitar on tempos entants see dansants. But what to remember are obviously the bass scales, which are here monstrous with a fingering and a dantesque strike  !

Once again for those who like funk or soul, this will be a party, because the technical level of the team in place is undeniable. Bass … Bass … Bass”


Miked Up was released on March 24, 2017 through Three 2 Go Music.

For more information about E-Life 7 please visit:  www.e-life7.net

For Booking information please email info@Three2GoMusic.com

For Press inquiries contact Billy James at Glass Onyon PR: (828) 350-8158 or glassonyonpr@gmail.com

For Digital Marketing contact Jerome Forney at Independent Distribution Collective: jerome@independentdistro.com

Three2Go Music Artists Are Making Their Mark On Buffalo

15 Jun


“Independent recording labels have often made a significant impact on the music industry, music culture, and how consumers receive music. With a growing drive toward “indie” in the current entertainment culture, it is important to note that independent labels, producers, and distributors both past, and present, have paved new paths, leaving indelible marks on the industries they’ve worked within, and sometimes had to work around. These national, and international independent labels often get their start as regional projects, that find local support, and local talent to grow with.

Three2Go Music Productions based right here in Buffalo is an example of an independent label working with up and coming talent, and making changes in the climate of music production, and distribution. Focused on artist development, promotions, and productions within the R&B, Soul, Jazz, and Pop music genres, Three2Go represents local artists such as Omeri Monroe, J. Bella, and E-Life 7, who will be featured on June 14th at a concert at the Central Terminal as part of Three2Go’s Terminal Jazz Music Series, for 2017.

Although officially Three2Go Music Productions was founded in 1996, through a partnership between founding members Ronald Walker, Michael Pennick, and Annette Batia. The new label was part of the evolution of an independent label that began in the 1970s as EP Records, which represented local acts such as the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame members, The Exoutics. Over a decade later, Three2Go Music Productions carried on EP’s legacy, and the first act they signed to represent was the local R&B group, Paradyme.

Adjacent to the creation of Three2Go Music Productions, the organization Three2Go Music Alliance was also developed through a collaboration with Van Taylor Productions, part of Taylor Made Jazz, RW Music and Video, and Melissa Kate Productions.

The combined efforts of these artists, and organizations create unique opportunities for talent development, exposure, and the opportunity to support other community organizations. As evidence of these efforts, Three2Go Music is currently teaming up with Buffalo Central Terminal Preservation and Restoration with their Terminal Jazz Series of shows. These are low entry cost shows, featuring local talent, performing on the second Wednesdays of the summer months, beginning in May. Proceeds from these shows will benefit the Central Terminal Restoration, as well as the Buffalo Colored Musicians Club. Also, new to this year, Three2Go Music, and the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park joined up to create a musical series that is being called, Party On The Fantail, which will feature live music every Tuesday, beginning June 20th, from 6PM to 8PM on the deck of the USS Little Rock. There will be no charge for admission to the Party On The Fantail shows.

“We’re trying to attract new, young talent.” Walker detailed in our interview “When we get new music, we listen. It’s not like it goes into a black-hole; we listen. And unlike some other labels, we’ll give constructive feedback.”

One of their newest artists, Omeri Monroe, was actually introduced on the international stage prior to playing his first successful show in Buffalo just a few weeks ago at The Waiting Room on Delaware. A visit to Cannes, France, along with local artist Melissa Kate in 2015 officially kicked off his performance career, as he was booked for shows in the small French Mediterranean city best known for its annual International Film Festival.

“When you’re not recognized in your own home-town, you haven’t made it yet,” explains Walker, “so sometimes you have to go away, and then come back. We’re trying to present Omeri to the public in this region, but it’s a fine line you have to walk between performing, and making a living.”

Introduced through mutual connections almost five years ago, Omeri was offered an audition with Three2Go Music; an audition where he left a lasting impression on Walker, and his colleagues.

“You could tell he had that X-Factor. It’s raw talent, and there’s was still development to be done. We challenged him, and he did it. We decided right there he was worth the investment.”

When asked about what that X-Factor is, Walker replied, “You either have it, or you don’t. That is what we look for.”

Omeri proved he has just what Three2Go was looking for when he took the stage at The Waiting Room in May. He wowed his audience with his vibrant personality, and a selection of original music that demonstrated clearly why Three2Go Music decided to represent him, and help him develop as a performing artist. Alternating an acoustic, and electric guitar throughout the performance, Omeri’s upbeat blend of Pop, and R&B was more reminiscent of the eclectic R&B sounds of the 1970’s and 1980’s as opposed to more modern, electronically driven Popular music.

Walker stated their future goal as, “We’re hoping to be acknowledged, and recognized as a force in the Western New York area. We’ve worked behind the scenes for many years, and now we’re in the position where we want to be recognized.”

With this new introduction to the Buffalo market, their lineup of fresh talent, and hot music events such as the Terminal Jazz Music Series, and Party On The Fantail, Three2Go Music is ready to make their mark.”

Article By Paul Fanara www.buffalorising.com


For more information about Omeri’s album Day Dream’n, visit http://www.omerimusic.com/. To purchase the album, visit http://smarturl.it/omeri.


For more information about J-Bella’s album All For Nothin, visit http://www.j-bellamusic.com. To purchase the album, visit http://smarturl.it/jbella.


For more information and to purchase the E-Life 7’s album Miked Up, visit www.e-life7.net.


SoulandJazzandFunk Review: E-Life 7 “Miked Up”

22 Mar


‘Miked Up’ is the debut album from New York jazz outfit, E-LIFE 7. The driving force behind the band is the pairing of bassist Mike Pennick and guitarist Ron Walker. The duo worked together in an R&B combo, The Exoutics, but after exhausting that band’s possibilities, they decided to explore their love of jazz. To help them deliver they recruited keyboardists Rodney Spears and Charlie Crymes Jr. percussionist Tim Webb and drummer Ron Walker and they then set about recording their debut album, ‘Miked Up’ which is set for late March release on Three 2 Go Music.

The 14 tracker is a funky take on smooth jazz and Pennick is clearly the main man. It’s his throbbing bass lines that dominate the album… indeed he gets special billing on the credits. All the tunes save one are band originated. The only cover is a respectful take on Stevie Wonder’s ‘That Girl’ – always sounds good.

Helping E-Life 7 flesh out their sound are sax man Ken Whitman, two more keyboardists Walter Kemp III and Van Taylor and vocalists Joey Diggs and Dee Osborne.

And that name, E-Life 7? Well depending on who you believe, it’s either ‘Exoutics For Life’ or ‘Enjoy Life 7 Days A Week’.


Miked Up is scheduled to be released on March 24, 2017 through Three 2 Go Music.

For more information about E-Life 7 please visit:  www.e-life7.net

For Booking information please email info@Three2GoMusic.com

For Press inquiries contact Billy James at Glass Onyon PR: (828) 350-8158 or glassonyonpr@gmail.com

For Digital Marketing contact Jerome Forney at Independent Distribution Collective: jerome@independentdistro.com


Midwest Record Review: E-Life 7 “Miked Up”

7 Mar


A sumptuous buffet of modern jazz/soul/funk, the crew behind this march out their chops in full regalia delivering a warm, inviting party record that parades chops without bragging or humble bragging about them—they just let the good times roll. Great stuff for getting the party started and keeping it going.


Miked Up to Release Worldwide on March 24, 2017

For more information about E-Life 7 please visit:  www.e-life7.net

For Booking information please email info@Three2GoMusic.com

For Press inquiries contact Billy James at Glass Onyon PR: (828) 350-8158 or glassonyonpr@gmail.com

For Digital Marketing contact Jerome Forney at Independent Distribution Collective: jerome@independentdistro.com

Rootstime.be Belgium Review (translated): Charles Xavier “Happy Note Records Sampler 2016”

29 Sep


Well tired! It now seems that the period of ending up all misfits on my plate .. Now there is Charles Xavier (his name he has some Marvel Comic Strip, an area where I though nothing of rejected), aka The xman, a musical centipede from the San Francisco region, which in the course of time under a lot of pseudonyms and with a lot of bands (Satori, Xavier & the Messengers, the X-Man), the strangest tunes released.


The sampler, on his own label, gives an insight into some of these forms and is described by himself as “unconventional music for unconventional minds”. More precisely, I can not formulate it: and the maxim in men seems to be that unusual, far from being unusual enough. But … he makes beautiful music, so I only recently discovered.


His album “Hollywood and Heaven” this sampler contains three songs from “The Xman cometh” there are two, one of which applicable “Hollywood & Heaven” titled, from “The King Has Come” are the title track and the wonderful ” Stomp’n at Round Midnicht “, from” Perfect Mold “come” I Sat Outside There “and” You Know, You Know “and the Christmas album” Xmas Vibe “are” Christmas Day Is Almost Here “and” Silent Night “on the collection. In itself warrant for someone like me, who has two Christmas songs alone purchasing the collection, but there is more: in early 2017 is “Bosco” from the new full CD of Charles Xavier and as a warm-up before, read “The Dreamer” and “Into the Beyond and Back” between the songs from the past.


So hear: Past, present and future blend together, if you are a timeless spirit, like Xavier. These two experiments, now do I already look forward to the full CD, because let’s be clear: this guy is a genius. Period. Just as Zappa was Vandyke and Parks that is, not always visible, but invariably appallingly high level.


The list of musicians that are discussed on this compilation, is much, much too long to take him here but you can believe me on my word: if the musical achievements of all those people put together, then scream and a long list of artists from here to imbuktu who took advantage of this masterful misfits. Vinnie Colaiuta, Eric Harrington, Barry Reynolds … these are only a few that I mentioned, but those names do sound sure.


I have no idea of the cost of this sampler, but I think there is no better way imaginable to get to know the musician Charles Xavier, then retrieve it in house. That certainly pays well and is coming here already with your comfort …



(Dani Heyvaert)

Original Text:

Nou moe ! Het lijkt tegenwoordig wel de periode waarin alle buitenbeentjes op mijn bord terecht komen.. Nu is er weer Charles Xavier (zijn naam heeft hij van een of andere Marvel Comic Strip, een domein waar ik ook al niks van afwees), alias The XMan, een muzikale duizendpoot uit de San Francisco-regio, die in de loop der tijden onder nogal wat pseudoniemen en met nogal wat bands (Satori, Xavier & the Messengers, The X-Man), de vreemdste muziekjes uitgebracht heeft.

Deze sampler, op zijn eigen label, geeft een inkijk in een aantal van die verschijningsvormen en wordt door hemzelf omschreven als “unconventional music for unconventional minds”. Preciezer kan ik dat dus niet formuleren: en de stelregel bij de man lijkt te zijn dat ongewoon, lang niet ongewoon genoeg is. Maar…hij maakt prachtige muziek, die ik dus recent pas ontdekte.

Van zijn plaat “Hollywood and Heaven” bevat deze sampler drie nummers, van “The Xman cometh” zijn er twee, waarvan eentje toepasselijk “Hollywood & Heaven” getiteld is, uit “The King Has Come” zijn er de titelsong en het heerlijke “Stomp’n at Round Midnicht”, uit “Perfect Mold” komen “I Sat Outside There” en “You Know,You Know” en van de kerstplaat “Xmas Vibe” staan “Christmas Day Is Almost Here” en “Silent Night” op de verzameling. Op zich rechtvaardigen voor iemand als ik, die twee kerstsongs alleen al de aanschaf van deze verzameling, maar er is meer: begin 2017 komt “Bosco” uit, de nieuwe volwaardige CD van Charles Xavier en als opwarmertje daarvoor, staan “The Dreamer” en “Into The Beyond and Back” tussen de nummers uit het verleden.

Zo hoort dat: Verleden, heden en toekomst lopen in elkaar over, als je een tijdloze geest bent, zoals Xavier. Die twee voorproefjes, doen mij nu al uitkijken naar die full CD, want laat één ding duidelijk zijn: deze kerel is een genie. Punt uit. Net zoals Zappa dat was en Vandyke Parks dat is: niet altijd even toegankelijk, maar steevast op ontstellend hoog niveau.

De lijst van muzikanten, die op deze verzamelaar aan bod komen, is veel en veel te lang om hem hier over te nemen maar u mag mij op mijn woord geloven: als u de muzikale verwezenlijkingen van al die mensen naast elkaar zet, dan krijs en een waslijst aan artiesten van hier tot imbuktu, die hun voordeel deden met deze meesterlijke buitenbeentjes. Vinnie Colaiuta, Eric Harrington, Barry Reynolds…het zijn er slechts een paar, die ik vermeld, maar klinken doen die namen zeker.

Ik heb geen idee van de kostprijs van deze sampler, maar ik denk dat er geen betere manier denkbaar is om de muzikant Charles Xavier te leren kennen, dan deze in huis te halen. Dat loont zonder twijfel de moeite en u komt er alvast even mee uit uw comfortzone…

(Dani Heyvaert)


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