“Twisted Soul” Continues To Get Acclaim, Track By Track

Jessi Teich’s album, out less than a month, receives a quick but positive review from G. W. Hill at Music Street Journal.

Check out the track by track take here: http://www.musicstreetjournal.com/index_cdreviews_display.cfm?id=104886

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You can also purchase the album on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/twisted-soul/id965439385

Jessi Teich Gets Further Play On KAOS

Jessi continues to be featured on radio station KAOS out of Olympia, Washington.

See Jessi’s feature below, or check out the full playlist here: https://spinitron.com/radio/playlist.php?station=kaos&plid=10025

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Jessi Teich “Clap hands”
from Twisted Soul ALBUM (Madame Freak 2015) N

Jessi Teich Grabs Another Review From Across The Atlantic

“Twisted Soul” continues to get excellent vibes from Europe, this time coming from The-Rocker.co.uk.

Here’s the full article:
Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 10.02.42 AM
Twisted Soul
Madame FreakThere’s always a new jazz / pop crossover artist on the horizon, and most of them really aren’t worth crossing the road for, so when a real talent comes along, it really is a treat. And so it is with Jessi Teich (pronounced Teach) who actually manages to pull off the mix of the modern and the old. Well played, Ms Teich.It’s actually quite strange to realise that bar two covers, one from Tom Waits and one from Justin Timberlake (yes, really), that these aren’t old songs rediscovered. Each stands alone, even though there is a personal storyline running through the album, one that she relates in the liner notes.

The Philadelphia native recorded this live in Paris, and it has that spontaneous feel that only rigourous rehearsal leads to. The band are great (the Thierry Maillard Trio and accordionist Laurent Derache) but its her memorable voice that is the star of the show on great songs such as ‘Carnival’, ‘Ruins’ and the Justin Timberlake cover, ‘Cry Me A River’. An outstanding release.

Also, you can preorder the album at http://jessiteich.bandcamp.com.

“Twisted Soul” Receives Review From Over Seas

The new album from Jessi Teich is no longer receiving praise from solely within the United States, with this latest review coming from keysandchords.com out of Belgium.

Here is the translated version:


A masterful blend of jazz, blues and soul as Jessi Teich describes itself like her new album ‘Twisted Soul’ and what can we do then to add because she has to equal 100%. For the recording of this album drew this in Philly-based singer-songwriter to Madame Freak Studi in Paris. After a few difficult moments in her life as the process of separation of her parents or the loss of her voice is this Jessi Teich in a new turning point in her career and life.
Love and broken hearts are but a few items which Jessi can write smoothly and that weerspigelt smoothly into this album. In her home country she is often compared to Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan and Fiona Apple. When she writes her songs is as if her emotions run wild, and therefore there is so much depth to her songs.
ON this’ Twisted Soul ‘also found two covers there like’ Cry Me A River “by Justin Timberlake but also” Clap Hands “Master Tom Waits. Her own repertoire is varied as the ‘poppy’ ‘Think You Do’ with some French influences such as the accordion of Laurent Derache. On the opening track ‘The Haunting’ Jessie Teich choose again for her jazzy songs.
The support of one of the top pianists like Thierry Maillard do her powerful voice extra climb emotive heights. Also title track ‘Twisted Soul’ is a song she tries to maintain the togetherness between jazz and pop, as well as the dreamy sung ‘Lucid Lover’, a song with hit potential.
A well-received introduction to this Jessi Teich and its ‘Twisted Soul’ and ‘Someday’ I will also sometimes live can hear. Retrieval of the power in her voice is also part of the process of liberation that she can experience with this album.
Freddy Vandervelpen (4)
Line up:
Jessi Teich: vocals
Thierry Maillard: piano
Yoann Schmidt: Drums
Matyas Szandai: double bass
Laurent Derache: accordion
Dai Miyazaki: guitar
John Morgan Kimock: percussion
Track listing:
The Haunting
Think You Do
Clap Hands (Tom Waits)
Twisted Soul
Diggin ‘A Ditch
Lucid Lover
Sunday Morning
Cry Me A River (Justin Timberlake, Timothy Mosley & Scott Storch)
The Simple Life
Madame Freak Records I Glass Onyon I 888295 209557 I Jessy Teich

Jessi Teich Receives Fantasic Review, Along With Play On Prominent Radio Station!

Not only did Jessi Teich receive an awesome review for her upcoming album “Twisted Soul” from PlayBackstl.com, one of her songs was also played on well-known radio station KAOS out of Olympia, Washington. Follow the links below to check them out!

Review: http://www.playbackstl.com/music-reviews/13783-jessi-teich–twisted-soul-madame-freak

Radio Spot:http://spinitron.com/radio/playlist.php?station=kaos&plid=9772&ptype=n

Jessi Teich Press Release Posted on Top Jazz Site “All About Jazz”

To check out Jessi’s placement, and read the full press release for her new album “Twisted Soul”, follow the link below.


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