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Belgium Review: Lindsay Bellows “Wake To Dream”

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The miracles are not out of the world. Any healthy-minded individual who dared to claim less than a few days ago that your reviewer would venture to the same R & B picture up to five times in the near future was considered ready for collocation. However, the miracle has happened. More than that, there is no “Wake to dream” of Lindsay Bellows, a young wench with dark, curling locks, who can access the CD-device on duty. Before your thoughts run wild, we call (royal plural) mitigating circumstances: the discussed work is a piece of cake.


Five numbers that undoubtedly can count on a lot of support in hip-and-trendy lounge bars. At least this is what your reviewer suspects. In the foregoing, exact science must make the thumbs up against the intuitive assumption. Subsequently, apart from a lack of expertise in R & B, there is no affinity with lounge bars of the hip-and-trendy caliber. Some research into the style of Miss Bellows, however, teaches us that she would prefer to categorize her musical adventure as folk pop with R & B vocals. If the child only has a name. This notwithstanding – the self-willed stubbornness of your servant takes the upper hand – the picture evokes associations with ‘Irreplaceable’ from Beyoncé rather than – I call it – ‘How Long Will I Love You’ by The Waterboys.


Interesting fact for the musicians among us: the graceful Bellows is a proficient user of the loop station. Layer-after-layer, with her own voice, she builds backing tracks, about which she sings the final leads. No rule without exception, for ‘Wake to dream’ Lindsay surrounded himself and assisted by a group of skilled musicians. The result is full and very professional sounding songs.


Honest … although underwriting is rather R & B-unworldly (understatement), the debut of Lindsay Bellows charmed. The fact that the disc is going to be turned gray is pulled by the hair, but it can count as an approach to the genre.


Jan Coonen (3 ½)

‘Lindsay Bellows can be described as the perfect blend between Beyoncé and KT Tunstall, looping her Beyoncé-like voice into soulful pop songs’ Review: MICHAEL TRACY “STILL GOT SOUL”

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Michael Tracy does not ring a bell. Or it had to be in the Navy for its years of military commitment in Mediterranean waters. Once married and two adorable children, he left the spacious sea and collapsed on his true love: the guitar. As a singer / songwriter he fooed the clubs in Charlotte and it was not long before his first album appeared in 2011, with both band and success. ‘Still Got Soul’ is his fourth hit and is rocking his American: straight forward in the wake of Bruce Springsteen or John Mellencamp. Goe busy, because they played this year in the support act of Bon Jovi, Jefferson Starship and the Marshall Tucker Band.
The songs sprout from the spirit and hand of Michael Tracy himself and fellow Sahaj Ticotin (rock band Ra). Opener ‘Laugher’ immediately swings the pans from the roof, with handsome guitar work. (Again, the better guitarists are in the States!). The songs radiate joyfulness, which we can certainly use in the foggy depressive Belgian music scene. Jumping, headbanging, dancing and hopping with a smile on your face. You do not hear that often. Michael Tracy undoubtedly developed his own style through original use of samples, reverb and short classical guitar solos. Bonus track ‘Poinsettia Red’ is a pure old shool rock’n roll song and would soon end up in the charts. To top it all off: Michael Tracy rocks nicer and better than his idols. Highly recommended!
Marino Serdons (4 ½)
The new MICHAEL TRACY album ‘STILL GOT SOUL’ can be classified as one of the best in 2017. He managed to develop his own creative sound in the American rock wilderness. Europe is calling for live concerts!

Keys and Chords Review: Indubious “From Zero” (translated)

From Zero Cover_Low Rez
“Indubious is already on their fourth album. The brothers, ‘Skipwicked’ Spencer and ‘Evton B’ Evan Burton have furthered their musical composition skills and solidified their own reggae path. One might ask, how can two brothers with cystic fibrosis still deliver such high-quality sound? But, Indubious proves that one can also accomplish beautiful things regardless of a difficult background.
If you listen to ‘See Sharp,’ you will only hear the pure sounds. You will not hear irritated lungs, on the contrary,  you will hear pure music and vocals. Yes, this album can be labeled as reggae, but it’s more than just a Jamaican rhythm. It is beautiful in how it applies several modern layers to a classic reggae rhythm.
Indubious gets help from singers Sizzla Kalonji on ‘Golden Ones’ and Vaughn Benjamin in an immersive ‘Do not Lose Sleep’. Or Zahira’s contribution to the ingenious ‘Root Down’. These American gentlemen have played West Coast Reggae and various other festivals. With some good listening you will be able to immerse yourself in the music psychedelically and spiritually. With Indubious’ reggae-layers, one can see ‘From Zero’ as a starting point in a renewed genre.”

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Keys and Chords Review: J-Bella “All For Nothin”


This is the debut of the American singer-songwriter Jessica Bell. She grew up in Buffalo, New York and listened to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. She was also influenced by Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson. Jessica already acted as support of SWV, churches and clubs. After an unsuccessful relationship she decided to do what they can best, and that express themselves through music. Soon she began writing her own songs. She says: It’s been like that for me since I was a child. My parents did not have very much money Because there were six of us, and my dad was the one working while my mom stayed home and raised us. So, the house was always crazy and chaotic, but we loved each other. One Christmas my mom brought me a pink radio with the microphone When I was about seven years old, and after everyone would go to sleep I would record myself singing. “She mixes pop with R & B on the up-tempo opener ‘Shine’ time in a remix, and further is the title track as a ballad. ‘Game’ is up-tempo R & B and “Up Down” sounds funky. To exit the original version of ‘Shine’ and a bonus mixversie. Blue-eyed R & B so.

All For Nothin Released In Stores and Online March 24, 2017

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Keys and Chords Review: E-Life 7 “Miked Up”


Guitarist Ron Walker and bassist Mike Pennick have long been friends, and writing for years ballads and R & B grooves. They are both members of The Exoutics. Now she felt it was time to bring the jazzy side up, and put Mike’s talent in the spotlight. That led to the formation E-Life 7, further comprising keyboard player Rodney Spears & Charlie Crymes Jr., drummer and percussionist Tim Webb. They received additional assistance of guest musicians such as saxophonist, singers and keyboard players. The project began released in the summer of 2012 and now their debut. Opener ‘Sunday Night’ brings cheerful, instrumental jazz funk, followed by the funky ‘Chaos’. ‘Smooth Ride’ is softer, and further is the remake of Stevie Wonder’s “That Girl.” ‘Sunrise’ is pretty smooth jazz with sax, and ‘Before The Storm’ too. The title track is again jazz funk, but ‘Beautiful Day’ goes softer against it. Still further, the second “radio edits” of Tony Rome “and” Feelin You “. Not bad, with some nice tracks.
This debut from the band E-Life 7 Focuses on the bass guitar or Michael Pennick with some beautiful tracks.

Miked Up was released on March 24, 2017 through Three 2 Go Music.

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Keys and Chords Review: Amanda Abizaid “Walking In Twos”

“Amanda Abizaid was born in Beirut but moved with her parents to the United States when she was ten. Amanda has multiple talents. Not only is she a singer / songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and actress, she is also a model and walked for fashion shows worldwide, inter alia, Nina Ricci and Zandra Rhodes. They listened to music by Elton John, The Beatles, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young but was also immersed in the Middle Eastern music. With the help of the legendary Stephen Stills on the title track, Amanda brings this 7-track EP to support the non-profit project .. This organization is committed to Filipino children to provide the best possible school education. The EP will only be released on a limited edition physical version, to enable the public to conveniently purchase via digital download (iTunes). The title track, which you indeed get an electronic remix, was inspired by a visit that Amanda gave in 2016 to the Aeta Filipino children Haduan Village. She herself describes her music as “neo-soul meets world” and that’s down to brass tacks. Amanda has not a bad voice and the feeling it evokes, gives her music both a sense of neo-soul and world music. Moreover, she also knows how to translate its positive social attitude and musical. Her influence of Eastern and Western music mixes they then perfectly ‘Set It Up “and” Release Me “.
Amanda has the heart in the right place, she proves with this issue. Hopefully supplies downloading this mini-album a lot of financial support for its project. That it allows underprivileged children will have a better future, is reason enough to “Walking On Twos’ massive download.
With the Proceeds of this ep, filled with a cross-over or neo-soul and world music, Amanda wants to support the non-profit project, In a financial way.”

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