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Let It Rock Review: Birdseed “Not Out of Time”


“Frisky rockers from Frisco tune into temporal vibe to turn all things terminal into the eternal.

What do you do when you’re in for a battle of the bands and you need a singer you don’t have? Find a kindred spirit and spread wings together! What do you do when you learn the singer has an incurable decease? Make the most of your time while those wings can hold you! That’s the atmosphere which makes this EP – available as a vinyl record and digital download as if to stress its transience for posterity – so special, and the atmosphere is as far removed from the gloom as possible.

A jolly jangle with a spring in its sunkissed step is a thread running through these five songs despite the variety of moods they demonstrate to allow the septet strut and shine, from the rousing riffs and release of the title track to “More Than I Needed The Truth” whose country inflections add sadness to the mix. The drift gets reflective in the cross-hairs of funky guitars and bubbling keyboards that carry Kerry Landreth’s voice into “Next Trip Around The Sun” where the group’s “Rumours” influences come to light, but at the same time there’s their sax-smoothed edge revealed for all to revel in, even though a piano ripple of “I Want You To Know” – a message from the vocalist to her young daughter – pours poignancy on the piece’s honeyed harmonies.

Yet, opening the doors for optimism, the choir voices of “We Can Do It” – co-written by the aforementioned 9-year-old – contradict the cocksure possibility outlined here, just because the ensemble have happened, right on time. Pick up the seeds and spread the news, then, until it’s too late.”

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Let It Rock Review: Jennifer Saran “Wake Up”

Jennifer Saran Cover.2.1

“It’s no coincidence there’s an imperative shift between 2016’s “Walk With Me” and “Wake Up”: while Jennifer Saran’s sophomore album felt like an inspired invitation to try many a route, its follow-up finds the singer take wing and take her listener way up high. That the mesmerizing “Look At Me Fly” – a duet with producer Narada Michael Walden – is this record’s centerpiece is rather telling, although such a placement can’t distract anyone from the artist’s fully-fledged ability to own not only the little gems she co-wrote but also pop classics inhabited here with, if to quote one of them, love and devotion.

To gender-bend Billy Paul’s “Me & Mrs. Jones” and swing to a strings backdrop or to reveal new emotional layer in Bill Withers’ “Lean On Me” may require a lot of self-confidence, and Saran is truly possessed with assertiveness now, easily outshining the sensual backing provided by LADYSMITH BLACK MAMBAZO on a few numbers – first of all, on the title track where Carlos Santana’s soulful licks kick in to elevate the opener’s vibrancy. With the same rapturous throb filling the translucent “Too Young To Know” whose arrangement ebbs and flows under its melody, and with a wide-eyed delight in “Really” which rides a funky groove, Jennifer doesn’t shy away from the moonlight serenade in “Old Cape Cod”; more so her delicately passionate treatment of “Jesus To A Child” can make Sade blush.

On the opposite side of a rhythmical spectrum, silvery spiritual yet dance-inducing, “Grace Is The Champion” has the potential to become a riff-spiced mantra for an experienced party-goer, one that will deem Saran’s reading of “Aad Guray” too entrancing. But when the orchestra and choir flock into “I Will Always Be Your Home” to warm its welcome, it’s impossible not walk there with the singer and then wake up each morning with a smile and faith in the future.”

WAKE UP was released July 7th, 2017.

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Let It Rock Review: Cornell CC Carter “Vindicated Soul”


“Back to the well of inspiration, San Fran soulster takes time-tested classics for a new spin…there’s a true vindication of largely forgotten gems.”

“Unpredictability may not be your typical R&B artist trait, but Cornell Carter doesn’t dwell on a carpe diem disposition of “In The Moment”and looks back to move forward. A covers collection, “Vindicated Soul” is a snapshot of the singer’s adventures in deep cuts perfectly capturing the spirit of mid-’70s Motor City music, yet there’s a contemporary shimmer on these timeless tracks.

Without muddling it in a melismatic manner, CC concentrates on emotional expression that’s stripped of sentimental tinsel and is sincere enough to seep into the listener’s psyche, and his take on “How Can I Get Next To You” could challenge CHAPTER 8’s original in enchanting stakes, whereas Willie Hutch’s “Brother’s Gonna Work It Out” and SLAVE’s “Watching You” open a street-smart perspective to Carter’s cinematic delivery of tribal funk. Name-checking his heroes in short intro, Cornell creates a concept of sorts and allows the songs’ flow to carefully carry their message, from the silky “All The Way Around” to “Look What You’ve Done For Me” in a way Messrs Gaye and Green would approve of: with a grain of grit rubbing against seductive vocals.

CC might be a tad too respectful to the source sometimes, yet he totally appropriates it, that’s why there’s a true vindication of the largely forgotten gems.”

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Let It Rock Review: J-Bella “All For Nothin”


From breakup to triumph, young Buffalo artist rises up to shine.

Jessica Bell may have been singing for the most of her life, off- and onstage, yet it took her a heartbreak to transform into the performer who can write a tune for everyone to relate to and join in. Dealing mostly in soul, J-Bella harbors more than that, and though the cuts on the artist’s mini-album debut demonstrate piano-driven R&B edge of various stripe – “Shine” appearing in three mixes, each given a distinctive mood – Celtic vibe of “Game” has the piece’s groove wrapped in a peculiar promise, pierced with a short sax solo and given a guitar etching.

There are luxurious ballads looming large in the sparse, if seductive, title track and “I Choose You” before its orchestral portent opens the whole delicate depth of the singer’s voice, entwined in a duet with Roger Gossom, while the spiritual choir behind “Haters” is a foldout of the number’s a cappella beginning. So however dry “Up Down” may sound, J-Bella’s almost-screams display nuclear feelings under the track’s surface: take this tension to a next level, which a full-fledged record will be, and we can witness a hitmaker’s advent now.”

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Let It Rock Review: Omeri “Day Dream’n”


“Upstate New Yorker serves up a soulful debut of a dewy-eyed sort yet stays on the right side of sentimentality.

One could assume they don’t make the likes of Barry White anymore, but Buffalo’s Omeri Monroe is a living proof that sheer emotionality still has a place in modern rhythm-and-blues. The singer’s first EP finds him in an upbeat mood, easily, with only an occasional mannerism, moving from an acoustic environment of the title track to the mellifluous “Genuine Love” and marrying old-school performance values to a present-day production sheen.

Surprisingly, the infectious “If I Could Read Your Mind” is a rock number showing there’s more to the artist than the ear meets in the funk of “I Guess I’ll Be Waiting” where Omeri’s sunny vocals unfold into a multitude of voices for a chorus. It wouldn’t be a surprise, though, to see “One Night” dressed up in orchestral garb one day, because this guy has all the makings of a major-league player. Sooner, rather than later, his day dream’n should become reality.”

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Let It Rock Review: Amanda Abizaid “Walking In Twos”


Projecting her idealism onto genuinely good deeds, “A Place In Time” singer comes up with a humanitarian statement and has Stephen Stills lend a hand.

In an ideal reality, artists wouldn’t have to worry about things which are outside their field of expertise, but in our world that is what makes their art great. Not content with being just a model and eager to be a role model, as well as a musician, Amanda Abizaid – whom many heard in a TV series “The 4400” – didn’t have such a cultural point in mind when she was writing “Walking In Twos” because it’s all about the kids, the Aeta children the American songstress is helping by donating profits from this EP to And yet, it’s about melody, too, as the mini-album’s title track has its social message wrapped in a finely textured soul, and while there’s an undeniable “We Are The World” influence on the piece’s memorable chorus – featuring the voices of the little folks Amanda’s taking care of, and spiced up with Stephen Stills’ twangy guitar – its spiritual uplift is highly infectious.

Internationally-wide, “One Love” rides a reggae skank, yet the activist’s Lebanese roots show there – as well as in a new look at a previously aired “Release Me” – to weave an enchanting arabesque into an unhurried disco. Going deeper, “Lion’s Den” is a folk-infused trip into a sensual psyche, with Abizaid’s flute and acoustic strum flowing through electronic charge, whereas her chant and rap in “Set It Up” create an additional groove to enhance the number’s trance-inducing undercurrent, a reflection of a tribal unity we can only strive for. “Promises Of Love” may be a display of a personal polyphony, but it’s from this individual experience that transcendence is born and ideal reality is glimpsed.”

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Let It Rock Review: FloRocker “Rich In The Heart”


Reason for rhyme: Californian rapper serves up urban revelations.

This artist is said to have been on the scene for many years now, but “Rich In The Heart” seems to present the first tangible testimony to Flo’s flow of beats; the vocalists he shares a CD space with are also debutants, record-wise, so there’s a freshness to most of the pieces here. Toning down usual boasts, the singer’s spinning a Snow White mantra in “Mirror Mirror” to inform it with sly innocence, and the salvo of “Freaky In A Benz” is as arresting as a pimped ride may get, yet if one can have a beef with the album, it would be the cuts’ flawed sequencing because the first three tracks roll on basically the same groove. Still, the old-school disco infusing the grime is more than welcome, while the rhythm-and-blues tropes – not only contemporary R&B – on “Late Night” and “Get It On” provide the needed variety to the hip-hop drift.

When the rhythms go boom like on “Down Fa Me” with Flo articulating words in a fine manner to stress social discourse of the number, the “wow” factor is brought home, although the hardest-hitting, heartfelt song here is “Rest In Peace” which is an enchanting, acoustic guitar-spiced eulogy to the artist’s mother. Yet if the wordless vocals behind “Get To Steppin” turn it into a Morriconesque kind of deal, the “hey-hey”-abetted lines on “You Got That Work” return it all to the streets. That’s a very emotional work, and as a first offering it deserves to be heard.

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