Don’t miss these must-stop tour destinations!

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“Here, we’ve highlighted five college cities to check out. Some are reminders of noteworthy must-stops, but there are also a few you’ve probably overlooked. At any of them, though, you’re bound to find an eager crowd ready to hear new sounds and plenty of cool locals to pair up with.”

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Here are tips on how to boost your ticket sales via Facebook


“By tweaking your Facebook habits and doing a little content planning, you can use your pages to drive attention to and attendance at your events. Here are six proven techniques to help you optimize your page and get your followers out to your next show.”

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This handy article discusses determining t-shirt sizes for merch! Check it out!


“For an act that regularly performs live, t-shirts are a MUST at the merch table. If you have the time and skill to screen print your own shirts, awesome. But if you’re like most musicians, you’re probably going to order shirts from a manufacturer. When you do, getting the right balance of sizes in both men’s and women’s t-shirts can be a head-scratcher, and a stressful one at that, since most bands’ budgets are tight.” But if you follow the link below, all your problems will be solved!

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“15 Ways Your Band Can Stand Out By Going The Extra Mile”


“They say “The Extra Mile Isn’t Crowded”, but why is that? And what’s the “extra mile” mean for you? What are some extras you’re willing to provide that other bands or musicians may take for granted? Here are some ways you and your band might be able to stand out at club gigs and private gigs.”

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Take at look at these creative merch ideas!

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“When you’re peddling merch at shows, the interest of casual browsers is likely to be piqued if they spot an unexpected item disrupting the normal flow of T-shirts and records. And if what you’re selling is cool enough, you could even land a sale from someone who knows little to nothing of your music—and whether they end up a loyal follower or not, at least they contributed to your gas-and-food fund. You could even garner press for your amazingly creative branded goods. 

We’re not suggesting you turn your table into a mini bazaar of trinkets and tchotchkes, but adding an item outside the standard tradition of shirts and music could give your shop the spunk it needs to stand out. Below is a list of potential pieces to ponder. Don’t forget, like with any merch-making endeavor, you should scour the internet or local shops for the best possible price before moving forward.”

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