IDCDigital Gets iTunes Front Page Feature for New Bill Ortiz Release “Highest Wish”!

The new Bill Ortiz album “Highest Wish” was featured the week of its release (September 4th, 2012) on the front page of iTunes, and has since moved to a featured listing on the R&B/Soul page.  Find it on iTunes, or at retail stores worldwide and get your copy today!

Link to Album:

IDC Presents Round 42!

IDC Presents Our Round 42 “Winter” Solicitation

6 new CD Releases featuring some great artists and bands spanning Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Electronica, Glitch Hop, Dubstep, and more…

For Immediate Release: November 22nd, 2011

Independent Distribution Collective presents our 42nd Solicitation just in time for placement for the Holiday season of 2011(our last of this year). We are excited about many of these new releases and are very proud to have a handful of great artists joining IDC. You will also notice that IDC has slimmed down our back catalog and are now only printing a few one-sheets instead of a whole forest’s-worth. Check out the overview of our new titles below, and feel free to visit our website anytime for more information on any of these artists or releases. IDC proudly welcomes these 6 new titles:

Luckyiam – I Love Haters CD

The album is produced entirely by Kruse who first worked with Luckyiam on his 2007 release of “Most Likely To Succeed”, during that process, Luckyiam realized that Kruse’s music conjured up the vibe of the earlier Living Legends’ sample heavy sound with an updated twist, and subsequently they decided to make an entire album together. The album also features guest spots from Slug of Atmosphere, Aceyalone of Freestyle Fellowship, Imani of Pharcyde, and Pep Love of Hieroglyphics. Luckyiam is one of the founding members of the world-renowned crew, Living Legends. He was instrumental in defining the sound and style of the crew and is highly regarded in circles as one of the most prolific MC’s of his time. He has graced stages across the United States and across globe from Australia to Amsterdam and Peru to Japan with his energetic and captivating live stage show.

Various Artists – MalLabel                      Platinum Unicorn Collection CD

The Platinum Unicorn Collection rolls tough right out of the gate, starting off with a new west coast classic, “PurpleGangsta,” remixed by the one and only don of dubstep, DZ. Next on the hit list is Minnesota’s “Meow.” Minnesota has had quite a year in the industry, and should be recognized by anyone following the game. LA veteran 6Blocc’s “Bad Boy,” reworked by San Francisco’s Blackheart, drives home anthem basslines that keep the release flowing. “This One Called Dub” by Skulltrane, MalLabel’s first single, follows next and then comes Bass master Downlink’s “Deep Space,” which carries the distinction of being one of two tunes the label has made videos for. Udachi’s banging remix of the incomparable Mochipet’s “For When The World Ends” weighs in and continues the directory of dominating production. The Widdler’s spaced-out and rocking tune “Flexstar” makes an appearance as well.

BPos – The Upside CD

BPos, short for Be Positive, is San Francisco’s newest underground Hip-Hop freshness. While creating a brand new sound that is entirely their own, Goodword, D-Wiz and DJ Johnny Venetti have grown their style from the roots of Hip-Hop music. Creative story lines, innovative beats, and brilliant mixing and scratching are a few of the key elements that helped catapult BPos’ debut album, The Upside, to #4 on the CMJ Hip-Hop chart in 2010. With so much popular hip-hop these days veering toward the more negative, mean mugging, and macho posturing end of the rap spectrum, it is refreshing to encounter an alternately positive crew like the San Francisco hip-hop trio BPos, whose name literally stands for “Be Positive” and whose attitude follows suit. Their mantra is, “To be positive is not to miss the facts and see the downside — not being blind to it, but to work toward a brighter side.”

J.Walker – Ambitions of a Writer CD

J.Walker is a lyricist and a counselor, an emcee and a teacher and an author and healer. J.Walker created Rhymecology® to use the power of hip-hop lyrics and culture to help people express, discover and create themselves. He has created three studio albums and his book “Rhymecology: The Art of Hip-Hop Lyrics” has been called “mandatory for any up and coming lyricist.” J.Walker gives workshops and performances across the country on the art of rhyming, as well as one-on-one coaching for artists. J.Walker’s music has been featured on 60 Minutes Australia, he has performed on the same stage with the likes of Canibus, Sage Francis & Lyrics Born and is the “Resident Poet” of The Loose Cannons Show on Fox Sports Radio where he creates “on the spot” rhymes and delivers them nationwide.

The Associates – Get Associated CD

“Get Associated” is the debut album from The Associates and strives to offer listeners a welcome challenge to their connotation of what rap music should be. Consisting of college graduates, Maxwell Corleone and Stkee, this album features beats, lyrics, and production engineered by the duo. With influences from the 60s sounds like Jimi Hendrix to 2000’s artists such as Outkast, funk and lyricism can be heard throughout. The upbeat serenade “She’s Fresh” has gained appeal through stage performances and offers a song about boy meets girl that doesn’t degrade women or content. For those looking for more of a pop sound there is “iGen” (internet generation) which talks about rocking out through social media. Whereas “Last Breath” is crafted for those into more of a backpacker and lyricist sound, with its lyrics about giving everything through their music.

Cosmic Mercy – Tears in the Rhythm CD

The members of Cosmic Mercy are all accomplished musicians who continue to play with a wide variety of talented and interesting people, including Zigaboo Modeliste [Original Meters] who said that shredding guitarist Ken Sealy [3 years in Zigaboo’s band] is “one of the Bay’s best kept secrets”. Drummer Michael Oliver has played with people as diverse as Miko [Prince’s guitarist] and Southbay guitar legend DB Walker and even did a stint with Eddie Murphy’s band. He makes percussion magic every time he sits down on the kit. Guitarist Vocalist Eric Cragin has been stewarding this group for almost 15 years and two CDs as producer and recording engineer. Figuring that he wanted someone very special to help him finish the mastering he once again enlisted the help of Larry the O [former Lucas Valley, Meyer Sound musician/engineer,drummer] to do the final mixes with him.

Next Solicitation – Round 43 – January 17th, 2011!!!

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!!!

IDC Presents Our Round 39 “Summer” Solicitation

Seven new CD Releases featuring some great artists and bands spanning Hip Hop, Rap, Electronica, Reggae, Rock, Alternative, and a super-freaky hip new Comedy Magazine…

Independent Distribution Collective presents our 39th Solicitation just in time for placement for the summer season of 2011. We are excited about many of these new releases and are very proud to have a handful of legendary artists and bands joining IDC. Check out the overview of these new titles below, and feel free to visit our website anytime for more information on any of these artists or releases. IDC proudly welcomes these eight new titles:

Lostribe “Sophie” CD

Hip-Hop/Electronic duo Lostribe, comprised of NorCal lyricist Agustus ThElefant and veteran producer JustLuv, are back on the scene August 23rd 2011 with their extraordinary new album Sophie.  After five years spent developing and fine-tuning their respective careers, the two have reunited to craft an organic and progressive sample-based Hip-Hop album, laced with low-end bass, aggressive synth, and glitch.  Sophie features a stable of exclusive guest appearances including Talib Kweli, Casual, N8 The Gr8 of The Cuf, and many more. A blend of border pushing beats and fun-yet-meaningful lyrics runs through the album like a current.  Whether it’s “Break up Song” featuring Gift of Gab or the provocative “After the Lights On” featuring The Grouch, each track highlights the ever-expanding abilities of Lostribe as more mature, seasoned artists.

Mystik Journeymen “Return 2 the Love” CD

This is what you been waiting for!!! Sunspot Jonz and Luckyiam also known as the world famous underground group Mystik Journeymen return with their new full-length album in seven years “Return 2 the Love.” This    essentially is a “return” to what they “love” about underground hip hop music: raw lyrics and beats. The album   features guest appearances by fellow Living Legends members Scarub, Murs, Grouch, Eligh as well as extended family members Kirby Dominant, Bas1 and Marty James. The Journeymen first started on the Tascam four track with songs about life and love for yourself no matter how different or rejected the world might make you feel. This album is a classic, so if you are a fan of underground hip-hop music, this is a hot CD!

Game Brothas “How the West Was Won” CD

The Game Brothas exploded onto the national scene in 2009, when they recorded the track “Priceless” with Lil’ Wayne, on a Compilation EP. The track was leaked early and went viral. Today they are one of Oakland’s most buzz-worthy groups. What do you get when you combine hard street Rap with electronic club beats? And mix in a bit of Rock? The Game Brothas, a pair of young hustlers on the rise from Oakland, California named Halik Stewart a.k.a Nature Boy and Carmelo Lopez a.k.a. Mista Wonderful. Their debut album, How the West Was Won, set for a late summer release, dares listeners to party like it’s 2011! The album features local talents like GB right hand man, Mallski Wallski, Thomas Knockerson, and Tic Toc Da Titan.

Jaswho? “Re:Droid Musik” CD

After the release of his Nudroid Musik CD in November 2010, Jaswho was approached by a number of producers interested in remixing tracks from the album.  Over the past six months, Jaswho has been in contact with some of the biggest names in dance music getting remixes together for his follow up release titled, “Re:Droid Musik”. The Re:Droid Musik CD features remixes by Miles Dyson, Santiago/Bushido, Cold Blank, Calvertron, Aniki, Larry Fives, Hollywood Rox, Aaren San, George F, DJ Fame, 40 Thieves, Sunshine Jones, Ben Tom, Soulspin & more.  With remixes in a number of different genres ranging from Electro, Dubstep & Tech House, this is sure to be one of the biggest dance music releases of the summer.

Castles in Spain “Reminiscing Chapter V (Five)” CD

Castles in Spain, referred to as “Bombay Zeppelin” by the San Francisco Bay Guardian, is proud to announce the release of their fifth studio CD,  Reminiscing Chapter V, on July 23, 2011. The ten track Reminiscing Chapter V, released on the Chameleon Music label, was recorded at Radiostar Studios and produced by Sylvia Massy, who has produced such iconic acts as Prince, Tool, System of a Down, Tom Petty, Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M, Johnny Cash, and countless others. Castles in Spain is fronted by award-winning vocalist, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter, Biachi Notaro, who embodies the swagger of Joan Jett, heartfelt passion of Melissa Etheridge and Johnette Napolitano and melodic songwriting sensibilities of Linda Perry.

Jr. X “Plead My Cause” CD

Junior X was born in Kingston, Jamaica and is touring the reggae festival circuit worldwide spreading his message of peace and upliftment. He makes music that addresses many important, including love, power, the environment and more while touching people of all races and nationalities. Junior X’s debut album “Plead My Cause” is a compilation of his best work thus far, capturing his message, “Jahstands for those who stand for themselves”. Junior X’s ability to sing with passion and authority makes his music extremely contagious. Distinctively unique in every way, this album is sure to uplift the spirits within its listeners.

Dubtonic Kru “Dub Tonic” CD

After a number of years of working as session musicians, co-producing and composing music for others as well as working as a backing band for a number of reggae’s pioneers, the founders of Dubtonic Kru, Jubba and Stone decided they wanted to bring their own music to the forefront. Their legacy in the studio has seen them making hit compositions such as The “I Swear” riddim for 5th Element featuring Richie Spice’s Marijuana, “Ready to Party” by Voicemail for Champagne records, “Downtown Girl” by D’ Angel among quite a number of other singles and albums by popular artists from Mighty Diamonds & Burning Spear to Junior Kelly & Bushman as well as producing an entire album for Jazz master Guitarist Ernest Ranglin. This album shines!

The Jaded Review: Guide to Hippy Watching in North America Vol 1. Magazine

The Jaded Review is a hilarious satirical view on a wide variety of “hippie” culture covering basic archetypes including, Wooks, SNAGs (Sensitive New Age Guys), Featherhats, Burners, Ballers, New agers and their Feral Indigo children. The guide also contains helpful guides explaining different forms of hugs and what to do if hugged by a hippy. The Jaded Review has achieved cult status in the west coast underground due to its concise but loving critique of many illogical / idiosyncracratic aspects of hippie culture. The zines, for the most part, take a neutral, anthropological stance on hippie watching based on the author and friends collected observations.

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