PETE KRONOWITT Announces the FLIP VA BLUE TOUR with John David Coppola



PETE KRONOWITT says, “I am trying to become more involved in our democracy by putting my time, resources, energy and passion into making a difference in our elections. In early August, I will be kicking off the FLIP VA BLUE TOUR to recruit volunteers for Virginia state legislative elections in November. The tour will support Democratic candidates for the General Assembly. At each show, campaign staff and volunteers will bring their friends and families to listen to music, learn about their local candidate, and then sign up to take action.

My long-time collaborator, friend, and talented bassist John David Coppola, who played upright bass on my first album, Phases of the Heart, will be touring with me. There will also be special musical guests, including Peter Roganand Chris Anderson, at several shows. “


Also, don’t miss the next singer/songwriter showcase at Café du Soleil this Friday, July 19 with special guest Jesse Brewster  (showinfo)

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Let It Rock Review: Pete Kronowitt “A Lone Voice”


Singer-songwriter from San Francisco taps into the heart of Americana to rock actual and timeless issues.

While continuing to plough a country field on an album number four, Pete Kronowitt has somehow hardened his approach to performance, if not composition. Most of it is topical – in all meanings of the word – yet there’s an obvious shift in the nostalgic mood of “Follow The Leader” or the hoedown of “Necessary Evils” from the artist’s debut that are revisited here, 13 years down the line, in a new, politics-wise, climate. That’s what, perhaps, necessitated the starting of this record with “Change Is Gonna Come” – not a Sam Cooke classic but an optimistic piece which may be a bit soft for a real kick – and the taking of hope to a boogie limit for “Body, Choice & Mind” where steel guitars dance with a piano.

Such a sweet roll, perfect for “Holding Your Head” or “Tears On The Back Of Her Head” that are adorned with an organ purr, can distract the listener from the irony of “Got Guns?” until its lyrics become straightforward, and “Puppet Master” doesn’t try to hide behind subtle hints either, the cut’s jaunty facade notwithstanding. Of course, merriment can serve the lyrical purpose of the fiddle-kissed “She Gives” much better, yet when juxtaposition of a message and a tune is required, Kronowitt excels in applying this kind of contrast. Make it sharper, and the ghosts of Woody and other Pete will emerge.

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PETE KRONOWITT/A Lone Voice: Long before Bruce Springsteen discovered Pete Seeger, it seemed like he might be the new voice of the populist. Didn’t happen, but Kronowitt seems to have picked up the ball and run with it. A protest, folk/rock singer in the classic 60s mode, his songs are a wake up call to an apathetic world that doesn’t realize how the sand is shifting under it’s feet. Without a strident lick in any of the lyrics, this diverse collection is one of the few that can send a message without hitting you over the head with it—and keeps rocking throughout. Certainly out of the ordinary for these times, it’s loaded with truths that need to be heard. Check it out.


San Francisco Political Singer/Songwriter and IDC Artist Pete Kronowitt Releases New Full-Length Album

A Lone Voice Delivers Timely and Salient Political Message

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 1.37.11 PM

For Immediate ReleaseSan Francisco, CA – The hunger Americans feel for change is palpable, and no artist voices this urgency better than San Francisco-based Pete Kronowitt, a seasoned singer/songwriter who is releasing his fourth full-length album, A Lone Voice. Pete’s emotive songs fuse acoustic pop and indie-folk, while evoking an era when music was made to battle injustice. A Lone Voice, releasing worldwide on July 15, 2016, masterfully explores themes ranging from socio-political struggles to musings on the human condition. His sound is a Steve Earle-Elvis Costello hybrid, a heap of alt-Americana influences.

The album was recorded and produced in Nashville, Tennessee by Grammy-winning songwriter Phil Madeira, with backing musicians David Mansfield on guitars, mandolin and violin, Dennis Holt on drums and percussion, Chris Donohue on bass, and of course, Phil Madeira on guitars and keys. A Lone Voice features a set of lyrical new songs spanning folk, pop, country, and acoustic-punk influences from the Ramones to Pete Seeger and John Mellencamp.

A Lone Voice stays upbeat, despite presenting some uncomfortable truths and lifting the curtain to reveal political and media manipulation. Audiences will join the chorus of the title track “Change Is Gonna Come” (inspired from Sam Cooke’s iconic song) and tap to the beat of the album’s protest anthem “Got Guns?” Through his music, Kronowitt pokes fun at the absurdity of extremism and reminds us, the power of change is always here and now – within ourselves.

There are also intimate, personal moments in this collection, drawing connections between the national zeitgeist and the all-too- human emotional toll it takes on those we love. The smooth and Clapton-esque “You Are Here” reminds listeners (and Pete himself) to be present. “Holding Your Hand” is a gift for his wife after 20 years together, and the tender, album-closing “Perfect Day” is a moving tribute to his sister, who took her own life. “Tears on the Back of Her Head,” co-written with producer Phil Madeira, was written for two friends lost to cancer and their spouses, and may be the most stirring track on A Lone Voice.

Pete Kronowitt has toured internationally in China, Japan, and Vietnam, and across the US in the last few years with long-time friend, collaborator, and 30-year veteran bassist John David Coppola. John, who has toured with The Danny Morris Band, was integral on Pete’s debut album Phases of the Heart. That album was recorded in 1993 at Rutabaga Studios with John Alagia, whose production credits include the Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, and Ben Folds Five. Kronowitt’s second and third albums, Threads and elements, were produced by Pete Snell, who toured extensively with Lyle Lovett.

With an unwavering belief that together, we can raise our voices to demand common sense solutions, Pete reminds us, “The people of these great United States are bound by the many things we have in common, and we must reject any manufactured issues which are cynically created simply to divide us.” With his revolutionary new album, A Lone Voice, Pete Kronowitt has called for a rediscovery of the protest song…and not a moment too soon.

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Pete Kronowitt will be performing a CD Release party and delivering his strong political messages to the Agora Theater and Ballroom in Cleveland, OH ahead of the Republican National Convention this July 18-21, 2016.

There will also be various gigs throughout 2016 in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the West Coast.

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