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Here are important things to keep in mind while negotiating a music producer agreement

9 Aug

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“Whether you’re a music producer, or a performing artist working with a producer, it’s important to discuss the terms of your arrangement with each other. While it’s better late than never to formalize the artist-producer relationship, it’s easier to start the conversation before heading into the studio, and much easier before the music generates interest and money.”

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Great Interview With Producer Jus For MusicGuy247

26 May

Jus sat down with Robert von Bernewitz to discuss his most recent release “Obsession”, how he found himself in New York, and what the future holds for the up and coming producer.

Check out the full interview here: http://musicguy247.typepad.com/my-blog/2015/05/justinnaundros.html


To learn more about Jus, or to get the “Obsession” EP, go to https://thisisjus.bandcamp.com/!

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