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Talk Sick is seven tracks of Electropunk sexual innuendo with deep, body-pulsing bass and sound distortion that only Orgy can produce. It has been said absence makes the heart grow fonder.  The rebirth of Orgy with their new EP, Talk Sick, gives credence to the saying.  Talk Sick is immediately identifiable as Orgy musically, lyrically, and vocally with Gordon’s voice easily recognizable to welcome back older fans with a fresh and varied sound to draw in a new generation to the orgy. CrypticRock gives Talk Sick 5 out of 5 stars.”

-Jason Rhode,

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Table Rocks Music Festival by Erica Vincent (124)

Table Rocks Music Festival by Erica Vincent (148)

Table Rocks Music Festival by Erica Vincent (223)

Table Rocks Music Festival by Erica Vincent (206)

IDC Adds Orgy’s NEW “TALK SICK” EP To Physical Catalog!

IDC is excited to add to our Physical Distribution catalog the newest release from ORGY, the “TALK SICK” EP, available to pre-order now for the August 21st release date. The title is available in CD format as well as a 180 Gram Limited Edition Vinyl LP with Download Card.


This is an extremely hardworking band that has spent the last couple of years reinventing their sound, creating work they believe fans both new and old will love. ORGY will be touring the USA in major markets through 2015 in support of TALK SICK!


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Bobby Hustle’s New Album “It’s The Hustle” Available Everywhere Today!

Big up on the official release of Seattle reggae voice Bobby Hustle’s full length album “It’s The Hustle”, available physically and digitally today! Bobby has been a name in reggae for awhile, and this album is certainly the culmination of a lot of hard work up to this point. Cheers to the Hustler and the journey ahead!

You can pick up “It’s The Hustle” via any of these links:

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Find out more about Bobby Hustle at!

‘It’s the Hustle’ – A review by Anne Carlini

“If you don’t know who Bobby Hustle is, that’s ok, as soon everyone will, trust me!”  Anne Carlini

Bobby Hustle’s new debut album, It’s the Hustle, will be out on July 17th.

Read the full review from Anne Carlini at Exclusive Magazine here:

Checkout Bobby Hustle’s music at


Preorder “It’s The Hustle” here:

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Check out the review for IDC band MKRV’s new W.A.Y. CD!

Great review for Independent Distribution Collective band MKRV‘s new W.A.Y. CD. Check it out here: