New Video from RANDY VALENTINE – Happiness Station (Organic Video)

Countryman in London Randy Valentine drops an organic vibes video for modern day classic “Happiness Station” from his 2017 project New Narrative and soon to be released Riddim Album. It comes in a timely manner as the whole world could all use some upliftment.

Produced by Royal Order Music / King I-Vier Music X Loud City Music

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And check out their new video with CORNFLOWER:



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JORDAN HURWITZ is thrilled to announce the release of her long-awaited LOVESICK. THE REMIXES EP, capturing six entirely new visions of the title track from her previous EP that was originally produced by Narada Michael Walden(Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston). The new LOVESICK. THE REMIXES EP is available on all music streaming platforms December 7, 2018, and features six new EDM/Electronic remixes from an array of talented DJs and producers including KYOGRE, EL DIABLO, BIONIK, DJPJ, EDEN, GORDY BULLEN, and STVRBOI.


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Lovesick The Remixes Cover




Lovesick The Remixes Cover


For Immediate Release – San Francisco, CA – JORDAN HURWITZ is thrilled to announce the release of her long-awaited LOVESICK. THE REMIXES EP, capturing six entirely new visions of the title track from her previous EP that was originally produced by Narada Michael Walden (Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston). The new LOVESICK. THE REMIXES EP is available on all music streaming platforms December 7, 2018, and features six new EDM/Electronic remixes from an array of talented DJs and producers including KYOGRE, EL DIABLO, BIONIK, DJPJ, EDEN, GORDY BULLEN, and STVRBOI.


With her powerful melodies, soulful pop, and story-telling ballads, JORDAN HURWITZ is an American singer/songwriter quickly making her way onto today’s music scene. Creating music that holds a likeness to the soul of Lady Gaga, the power of Demi Lovato, and the heart of Billy Joel, together with the effortlessness of Adele, JORDAN HURWITZ’s songs are made to be heard, to be repeated, and to be loved.


“This is my first time letting anyone else take the driver’s seat with one of my songs,” says Jordan. “I have always worked with the mindset of making my vision of my songs come to life. Hearing interpretations of “LOVESICK.” through the minds of these great producers has given me a whole new love for the song.”


The original LOVESICK. EP gave rise to the highly acclaimed songs “I Love Your Abs” and “Riverbank,” both of which have music videos available on all video streaming platforms. The music on the LOVESICK. EP spans many genres and styles, with each track having a unique sound that connects with a wider audience. “Obliterate My Heart” is an incredible duet with Soul superstar Cornell “C.C.” Carter, and the songs “Power” and “Hurricane” are huge and powerful ballads. The EP closes with the title track “LOVESICK.,” a contemporary pop/dance crossover that belongs alongside any of the huge hits on the radio today, and is the basis for the new LOVESICK. THE REMIXES EP.


The LOVESICK. EP was Jordan’s second work with Narada Michael Walden released through his Tarpan Records, with her earlier Here I’ll Stand EP featuring six original songs written by Jordan and also produced and arranged by Walden. “Working with Narada is an incomparable and invaluable experience,” says Jordan. “His talent and artistry take my music to a whole new dimension and continue to be nothing less than amazing.”


JORDAN HURWITZ has gained international exposure and stellar reviews throughout the United States and Europe. Exclusive Magazine says, “[she is] so apt at creating musical visions to back her every lyric that it’s hard not to imagine her standing proudly alongside the aforementioned Taylor Swift at an awards ceremony one day.” The LOVESICK. and Here I’ll Stand EPs were preceded by Jordan’s debut album Infinity, released in 2013 at age 16, and The New Me, released in 2014.


Born and raised in Redwood City, CA, Jordan spends most of her year in Miami attending the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music, where she is in the highly-regarded Bruce Hornsby Creative American Music Program. Currently in her final year, Jordan will be soon be graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Musicianship, Artistry Development, and Entrepreneurship, and with minors in Music Business and Entertainment Industries, Creative American Music, and Advertising.


JORDAN HURWITZ performs to a wide array of audiences both locally and across the country, and is excited to be preparing for her second U.S. tour scheduled for Summer 2019. The LOVESICK. THE REMIXES EP will be available on all music streaming platforms December 7, 2018. Jordan will continue to showcase her talents in assorted venues across the US in the surrounding months to support the new release.


JORDAN HURWITZ is constantly expanding her repertoire with new and innovative music. Be sure to stay tuned for all this promising young artist has to offer!



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SoulandJazzandFunk Review: Cornell “CC” Carter “That Feelin'” Single

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For the past few years San Francisco’s CORNELL CARTER (who sometimes just works using his initials “C.C.”) had made himself plenty of friends in the soul community. The one time top session singer (he’s worked with people like Ray Charles, James Brown, The Whispers, The Temptations, Natalie Cole, Kool and the Gang and most recently Narada Michael Walden) really took off with his long player ‘In The Moment’ from which a series of well-crafted singles and their remixes scaled the credible soul charts.

The good news is that CC is putting the finishing touches to a new album – ‘One Love’ – due June/July. Cornell says it’s his homage to the world of classic soul, R&B and jazz, but in the meantime there’s a new single on the way. ‘That Feelin” will be the album’s lead track and though it’s not officially available till April 27th, previews reveal a tasty, insistent modern soul beater. Cornell is in great vocal form (remember, the man has pedigree!) and the vibe and groove are bob on…. so they should be! The tune was co-written and produced by UK muso Morgan Howell, better known, of course, as ‘Soulpersona’…. and if anyone knows the modern soul groove, then it’s Morgan H! It’s all looking good for that new long player!


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US Review: Unknown Hero “In My Head”

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unknown hereo in my head

Unknown Hero

In My Head

Review by Gary Hill

It would be pretty easy to lump this in with a lot of modern pop music and electronic dance music. Clearly this shares a lot of territory with that kind of sound. However, this album is much more creative than the bulk of those genre. There is almost a progressive music vibe here, and the science fiction angle to the concepts bears that out in definite ways. I like this set quite a bit. Yes, the vocals are processed. I’m not a big fan of that in general. For the most part here, it really works, though. This isn’t necessarily my kind of music, but there is plenty here to pull me in despite that. I would imagine that people who are really into this kind of stuff would really love it.

This review is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2018  Volume 2 at

Track by Track Review
Be Alright (ft. Kate Wild)
An intricate acoustic guitar section opens this. The vocals enter after a bit, and we’re in more of a processed kind of electronic pop song. This is a bit on the odd side, but in a good way. That makes it a bit unpredictable. There are powerful moments, jazzy elements and more here. There are symphonic elements at play, too.
Monsters in My Head
I dig the trippy electronic music vibe on this. The vocals are a bit over-processed for my tastes, though. While the music built around a modern pop element, there are symphonic sides to it, hard rocking ones and more. This is definitely away from the norms.
Her Name
The modern pop sounds are still present on this, but this comes across more like an electronic space music type of piece. This could almost qualify as progressive music.
A Minor 2125
There are some particularly pretty elements at play here. This feels like a modern classical piece in a lot of ways. I think that’s the point, given the title. There are some non-lyrical vocals on this, but otherwise it’s an instrumental.
Hero Beware
I really dig the electronic groove on this piece. The extremely processed voice at the onset is designed to sound artificial or alien and does so in style. This has some cool melodies and energy. There are some computer type vocals later in the track, and overall this is very trippy and space-oriented.
One More Day
With both male and female vocal loops at the start, this is a trippy kind of modern jam. This is more of a hip hop kind of piece as the main vocals (still processed) enter. This is creative and dramatic.
Make It Happen
The modern pop music groove on this works quite well. I dig the texture and vibe on this number.
As you might guess from the title, this is electronic dance music. It has a cool groove and is rather unusual as the genre goes. It has some cool atmosphere.
Keep Moving Me
I love the funky guitar sound that opens this number. It eventually shifts out to another cool electronic groove. There is definitely a healthy helping of fusion the mix, though.
Going for a Ride
Another classy electronic pop song, the rhythmic groove and keyboard textures on this are both great. This number has a few vocals, but is mostly instrumental.
Ask Me
There is a lot more of a hip hop groove to this piece. It is cool, but not a highlight. I do like the vocals on the piece quite a bit.
Hero’s Groove
Somehow there is a bit of a James Brown vibe to this. There is a lot of old school soul music sound merged with more modern elements on this piece. Like a lot of the music here, there are a few vocals, but it’s mostly instrumental. I suppose this one does qualify as electronic dance music more than it does anything else.
Close My Door
There are a lot more vocals on this piece. The number is very electronic, but also quite soulful. It has a cool groove and vibe to it.
Be Alright (Instrumental)
Some cool acoustic guitar work opens this. The electronic music enters as that continues, bringing drama and more layers of sound. There are some vocal loops on the track, despite the parenthetical. I suppose they are used more as instrumentation, though. I like this version of the cut much better than the one that opened the disc. I just wasn’t all that crazy about Kate Wild’s vocals.
Monsters (Instrumental)
Here we get another instrumental take of one of the cuts from the earlier in the set, but this time the title gets shortened, too. Again there are some vocal bits as loops on this take. I like this version quite a bit, but I think I prefer the original version.


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