Create Your Media Buzz Right Now

Meeting with an up-and-coming mash-up artist this week (whose work has been compared to the likes of Pretty Lights and RJD2) has inspired me to post a three step how-to for creating your online buzz right now.

As many artists know, taking the first step to create your online presence can be overwhelming. Chances are you have said, “What the hell is Twitter?” or “Why would I devote hours of my day to writing witty posts on Facebook?” Well, my friends, read on for three steps you can take right now to quickly setup and easily maintain the major social media platforms necessary for you to create your online brand:

Step 1 (30 minutes): Create accounts on the top outlets for independent artists: Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation, Bandcamp and SoundCloud
Step 2 (15 minutes): Keep track of your log-ins in a secure location so you don’t waste time searching for your passwords; LastPass and RoboForm come highly recommended across the Web.
Step 3 (15 minutes): Use multi-platform tools to publish to your accounts as well as track your followers. My favorite way to track and analyze traffic is Social Mention, and I recommend Hootsuite to send out one message across multiple platforms. With Hootsuite, your message will be blasted out to Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, MySpace and more, all with one click.

Listen up: Keeping track of your followers is necessary in order to analyze fan traffic when creating your buzz! Think of this as a way to track your return on investment (in this case time investment). Three months from now, you will see your fan base grow and will want to thank me for helping you start your buzz today – I accept cash, check or chocolate ice cream (kidding).

-Ashley Lamp


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