In Case You Missed It, Watch IDC Founder Steffen Franz On How To Start Your Music Career

Pyramind music business instructors Jeff Straw and Steffen Franz are here to answer all your questions around the music industry and how to get your music career started. Click to watch the amazing Q&A session to help you with your career!

Watch IDC Founder Discuss the Current State of the Music Industry

Independent Distribution Collective Founder and Pyramind Music Business Instructor Steffen Franz talks about the current state of the music industry. With less barriers of entry than ever before, this is a great time to pursue a career in music. Steffen talks about the importance of creating content, building fans, and engaging with your audience. Watch Now!

The Breakdown | Rocker-T | Tru Ganjaman

Watch the latest episode of The Breakdown, a new series that takes an in depth look into a producer’s session. Unlock their techniques and tricks of the trade to utilize in your own productions.

In this episode, Greg Gordon interviews reggae artist Rocker-T in support for his release: Tru Ganjaman The Remixes. The remix package honors the 20th anniversary of the original release of Tru Ganjaman, the album contains 23 remixes and is out 4/20/16.



Through the interview they cover Rocker-T’s background, his production techniques, vocal processing, bass sounds as well as dig into G2’s remix. Learn tips on taking an iconic vocal and building a remix around it.

Rocker-T will be performing live with G2 (Greg Gordon) at Pyramind’s club night at Temple SF on May 4th.


April 20, 2016  |  Jeff Straw

IDC President/Founder and Music Business Instructor Steffen Franz gives helpful tips and info on Pyramind Training Blog!

Independent Distribution Collective President/Founder and Music Business Instructor at Pyramind Training, Steffen Franz discusses his journey and experiences in the music industry and how important it is to be organized versus being a last minute scrambler!


He also talks about two helpful web based tools that he likes to use to stay organized.

Click on the link to read more and see what tools he’s talking about.