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Bay Area Rock Songstress KARNEY Reaches New Heights with Huge Sound and Powerful Lyrics on Her Fifth Full-Length Album NO MERCY

20 Feb



For Immediate Release – San Francisco, CA – Anna Karney has been making great music for many years, performing across the US and collaborating with many talented and notable artists. She has put out several singles and EPs as a solo artist and together with her band, and will release the fifth full-length KARNEY album of original songs titled NO MERCY in stores and online March 9, 2018. Keeping her mind on social justice and positive messages, Anna Karney’s lyrical content offers a sardonic and sometimes straightforward approach to many of the issues facing people today, with a message of hope resonating throughout every song she writes.

While in the process of writing songs for her new NO MERCY release, KARNEY began revisiting earlier material and started to hear some things differently. This was partly due to alterations that happened across years of live performances, but also times had changed, and KARNEY had changed with them. Her good friend and engineer/producer Michael Rosen was also remixing the material in a new and fresh way, and they decided to just go with it. Finished songs so often lie abandoned on vinyl or in digital bits, but KARNEY has found renewed excitement and inspiration with her older works, which has also had a tremendous creative effect on her new album.

Anna Karney’s musical influences include Bob Dylan, Neil Young, John Lennon, Sheryl Crow, Chrissie Hynde, Fela Kuti, and Joni Mitchell. As an arranger, pianist, and guitarist, she has worked with artists such as George Clinton, Linda Perry, and Dennis Bovell. The KARNEY live band includes many great Bay Area musicians such as bassist Kevin White and guitarist James DePrato (both of Chuck Prophet, The Mission Express), drummer Jeff Herrera, renown trumpet player Bill Ortiz (Santana, Destiny’s Child, Tito Puente, Tony Toni Tone), and electric bassoon and tenor sax player Paul Hanson (Bela Fleck and Cirque De Soleil). Anna Karney holds down guitar, various piano, organ and strings sounds, and lead and background vocals on all songs.

For the new album NO MERCY, as well as on previous releases, KARNEY has worked with other Producers and artists in the SF Bay Area such as Producer/engineer Mark Pistel (Michael Franti, Grace Jones, Chuck Prophet, http://www.markpistel.com), Producer/Engineer Michael Rosen (Rancid, Tesla, Smashmouth, Santana, and Papa Roach, http://www.michaelsrosen.com), and Adam Munoz (Herbie Hancock, Dave Mathews, Branford Marsalis, Joshua Bell, Chester Thompson and Lyle Lovett). Songs from NO MERCY are already receiving national Radio airplay on stations across the US and internationally as well.

Anna Karney has had a diverse musical career, having spent many years composing music for computer games such as Star Wars Galaxies, Monkey Island IV, Armed and Dangerous, several SimCity titles, Metal Dungeon, Death Jr., and many more. She has also added youth choral director to her list of musical endeavors, having recently received the esteemed “Dreamcatcher” Award from the Visual and Performing Arts division of the San Francisco Unified School District for her work as a choral teacher and conductor for middle and high school students, as well as her contribution to the furthering of music education in the San Francisco public school system.

Additionally, Anna Karney has scored ballet and modern dance pieces as an artist in residence at Mills College and San Francisco State University. This includes pieces for many contemporary dance world choreographers and dancers such as Edward Valela, Anna Sokolo, San Francisco Ballet School, Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, Oberlin Dance Collective, Richard Gibson and The Academy of Ballet, June Watanabe, Joe Goode, Lucas Hoving, Ed Mock, Janice Garret, Melissa Fenley, and many more. She also composed her Opus 1 Chaconne Sur Sept for nationally renowned contemporary music group Earplay Ensemble.



For more information please visit Karney’s website at www.karney.org


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12 Feb

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US Review: Acting Natural “Acting Natural”

2 Feb

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Acting Natural

Acting Natural

Review by Gary Hill
If you take one look at the cover to this EP you will have a good idea of what the music is like. This group’s sound is based on the pop rock of the 1960s. Think “Beatles,” but it goes beyond that, too. These songs are catchy and really feel classic in nature. This is a talented bunch of musicians who really do a great job of creating strong pop rock music. I heartily recommend this to anyone who thinks that the 1960s sound is long gone. You will feel right at home with this one.

This review is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2018  Volume 1 at lulu.com/strangesound.

Track by Track Review
The One
This is a classy tune. It’s part Beatles, part The Knack and all cool. I love the little bass led break and the psychedelic vocal bit that follows. An organ adds some retro texture to the segment that comes after that.
A breezy balladic cut, this still has a lot of that classic rock texture. It feels a bit more contemporary, though. This is timeless and classic in sound. The vocal arrangement is great, as is the whole smooth groove of the piece.
A bit more rocking, this has a lot of that early Beatles vibe at its heart. This has just a bit of a funky element in some ways, too. This is fun.
A balladic tune, this is another great bit of classic pop rock.
Early Morning
This cut really feels like something John Lennon would have done post-Beatles. It’s a melodic piece that skirts the ground between rocker and ballad.
Missed the Train
More of a rocker, this is catchy and classic in tone. I really dig the instrumental section on this. The guitar solo is one of the tastiest here.



Polish Review: Michael Tracy “Still Got Soul”

22 Dec

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.24.08 AM

Artur Chachlowski , 12/20/2017

Tracy, Michael – Still Got Soul

Michael Tracy is still little known in Poland, but it’s quite well-known in his homeland American artist. His works are part of the musical trend developed by performers such as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger, Tom Petty and John Mellencamp. He appeared on the same stages as Bon Jovi, Styx, Foreigner, Dokken or Jefferson Starship. And I think that these names and the aforementioned names are a good indication of the style in which our hero’s work is written.


In mid-November, a new, fourth album by Michael Tracy was released, entitled “Still Got Soul” released by the newly created TW Music Group label. After three previous records, Michael decided to take matters into his own hands and he was looking for a competent producer who would give his compositions an appropriate old school rock and roll cut. Luckily, he met Bob Marlette and Sahaja Ticotin from Los Angeles, with whom he built a strong bond and started working with them on the new album material. The first effect of this cooperation was the Christmas issue, composed the previous year, entitled “Poinsettia Red”. This piece, in the form of a slightly humorous bonus, closes the program of the album “Still Got Soul”, on which we can also find 10 other recordings with a clearly song character. They fit in gracefully into the atmosphere of American stadium rock. And so they are full of pleasant melodies, incredibly catchy choruses and simple but sometimes pompous arrangements. The most interesting fragments of this release include “Laughter”, “Call Me Wild”, “Sweet Smile”, “No More Waiting” ballad or perhaps the most interesting in this set the title “Still Got Soul.”



Belgium Review: Acting Natural “Acting Natural”

21 Dec

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ACTING NATURAL – Acting Natural (EP)


Three 22-year-old men meet one day in Tampa, Florida. James David Maney (bass) is around the corner, Jesse Leonard (drums) was born in New York and Eric Carnevale (guitar and vocals) was born in Hartford, Connecticut. The circumstances of their meeting were not exposed to us but one thing is certain  : the day these guys decided to make music together under the banner of their group Acting Natural , the music made a good deal.

I speak here of music in general and not of a kind of rock in particular because this trio of Acting Natural is simply federating between the styles and the generations of music lovers, with its rock one could not more natural and sincere. If they called themselves Acting Natural, it was because these three fellows knew what they were doing and what they were.

Including in their look, which we see on the cover of their first EP  :dark suits, black ties, neat haircuts although a bit long. Well, that does not remind us of the Beatles? Exactly, it will be question here of the four of Liverpool, which exerted a huge influence on the young people of Acting Natural. It’s not for nothing that bassist JD Maney holds a Hofner in his hands on the inside sleeve of the record, while Eric Carnevale has a Rickenbacker guitar in the paws, just like George Harrison’s.

The first song of the EP slips into the boots of the Fab Four and reaches a level of quality close to perfection, in the vein of the composer genius of the Beatles. From the first measurements of “The one”, we already have the chorus in mind, we are carried away by this rock slightly garagiste finesse and clarity, literally impeccable. This title has all the finery of a huge hit, although it was the song “Pairadice” that got the favor of the American public in the digital charts, with more dancing intonations to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, late era.

After a first song of this caliber, the people of Acting Natural are expected at the turn, ready to be worn at the top of the maximum score if their EP remains entirely on this line. However, it will deplore a small loss of initial flamboyance on the following songs, the group simply remaining very good and endearing on the beautiful ballad “Nicole”, from a luminescence all McCartneyenne on “Early morning” , captivating on “Bloom”and remarkably psychedelico-garage to the Charlatans (those of the Sixties, not the English of the Nineties) or to the Buffalo Springfield on the last piece “Missed the train “ , second best title of this half-dozen.

It is therefore a first bluffing business card that these ephebes slip us under the door. A little more maturation and a gradual detachment of the shadow of the Beatles in favor of the acquisition of a more personal style will undoubtedly Acting Natural a leading group in the new generation of rockers of the future.

François Becquart

Via Nocturna Interview: Acting Natural

20 Dec



Interview: Acting Natural

December 06, 2017


Two of the three members of the Acting Natural – Eric Carnevale and Jess Leonard – gathered to talk to Nocturnal about this new project from New York and about the first work – a homonym EP – that has caused so much furore on the other side of the Atlantic.

Live, how are you? Can you present the Natural Acting to the Portuguese rockers ?

We are a rock ‘n’ roll band with three elements, coming from New York. We are formed by Eric on guitar, Jesse on drums and JD on bass. Our music comes from the past while incorporating elements of the present and we could not be happier to be able to present our music to rock fans in Portugal.


What is your musical background ?

We started playing together when we were 12 or 13 years old. At first, we learned our favorite songs, focusing on the music of the 60s and 70s. From there, we started writing and recording our own material, as well as playing live, which is what we prefer to do.

When and why did you decide to move forward with this project?

We started playing just for fun, but we soon realized the potential to take the band one step further and move forward. We all knew that we wanted to live a life in music and the band became the perfect platform to do so. Being a longtime group of friends makes it easy to play and work together.

What names and / or movements do you cite as your main influences?

We love the sound and the production of rock and motown groups of the 60s, like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Stevie Wonder. The rhythms and harmonies of that time are a great influence for us. However, we draw inspiration from almost every decade of music to the present. Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala and Coldplay are some of our most recent favorite names.

Your debut EP is finally out. What is the feeling in the band?

We are thrilled to have this EP in the world and finally have our own music out there. And the response was great – there’s nothing like showing fans the music you’ve worked hard on. We are definitely looking forward to sharing our live energy with everyone, following this release.

The first single , Pairadice , reached # 1 in the Top 5 Most Added . Was it a big surprise for you?

Yes! At least a pleasant surprise. This is a high energy song, so we chose it as the main single from our EP. Seeing our names on the tables, alongside some of the artists we hear regularly, was unreal!

The writing and recording processes took place in the same sessions, right? How was this experience?

Yes, some of the songs were written and recorded in the studio, sometimes even on the same day. There is electricity in the air when you are recording something so new. We were all on fire during these sessions, and definitely this can be heard in the recordings.

What will follow for the Natural Acting?

We will end the year with the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour , performing in some of the largest venues in the USA. In the new year, there will be more tours and live performances as well as lots of new music. We’re all excited about what’s on the horizon for us as a band.

Thank you. Do you want to add anything else?

We want to thank everyone at Nightlife for your time and also to thank all those who have supported us in Portugal so far! We look forward to the day when we will play there and go out with you.



Congratulations to Michael Tracy, Rock Artist of the Year at the 11th Annual Queen City Awards!

19 Dec


Thanks @queencityawards and all the fans who voted for 2017 Best Rock Male. #michaeltracyband #StillGotSoul #bestof2017



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