Review: Birdseed “Not Out Of Time” (translated)


“There is something special about this band from San Francisco. The group was formed in 2012 by parents who met each other at their children’s music school. Guitarist Mason Morfit, drummer Scott Bell and bassist George Belton were the first three band members to search for the endless list of coverable rock songs. Without thinking too much about it, they signed up for the “Battle of the Dad Bands” in the Bimbo’s 365 Club, and it was only when the date for that match came close, that the trio realized that they were nowhere without a singer. In a mood of mild panic they came to Kerry Landreth, whose voice proved to be a true discovery, and in that way, the band was able to flourish.

George Belton left the band after some time and was replaced by Lane Murchison, the founder of the Bird Music School, where the parents met. A little later, multi-instrumentalist Jamie Goodyear joined. The band got even more glory when saxophonist Peter Landreth joined the ranks. In 2015, when singer Kerry Landreth learned she had breast cancer, everything suddenly became urgent: the first two songs, “Next Trip Around The Sun” and “More Than I Needed The Truth” were recorded and were a sort of testament to her journey.  In the first song Landreth writes about mortality and fear, in the second, she summarizes that in a good relationship you should prefer happiness rather than being right. Sounds a bit swollen, maybe, but if you know that the singer was very ill, from the hospital room straight to the studio, even having to lay down on the ground at times, then you would listen to those songs differently. In early 2016, “We Can Do It” and “Not Out Of Time” were recorded in about the same painful circumstances, with the additional speciality of lyrics written by Kerry’s daughter Bebe in the song “We Can Do It.”

Beginning in 2017, there was “I Want You To Know,” a love letter from a parent to a child, where the parent knows well enough that the child will be able to catch the message only years later. The five songs have now been gathered on a 10 “vinyl record as a preview of their tour, which will be at the end of 2017.

The music itself is rock, with country accents, with pop influences. More than once you think of Fleetwood Mac, but just as well you hear the early Carole King pass by. This is a very nice recording of a band, whose members were no longer teens when they decided to start the group. Of course, that they can all play their instruments very well, but it is especially the powerful message behind the songs that suits the attention of listeners.”

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BIRDSEED will be touring in the Fall of 2017 in support of their NOT OUT OF TIME 10” Vinyl EP, which is available worldwide online and in stores August 4, 2017.

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From Zero Cover_Low Rez

“A music genre that is not often discussed here at ‘Rootstime’ is reggae music, but luckily there are sporadic exceptions to that rule. Like now, with the latest “From Zero” CD of the American Dubrock, Roots Rock and Reggae Formation ‘Indubious’ from Ashland, Oregon.

The four core members of this band are singer, guitarist and bassist Spencer Burton (‘Skipwicked’), singer and keyboardist Evan Burton (‘Evton B’), guitarist Teddy Presber and drummer Corey Foster. The Burton brothers are responsible for the creation of “Indubious” and also for all production of the fourteen tracks on “From Zero,” the fourth album of this quartet and the successor to their previous success album “Wake The Lion”.

The debut of “Indubious” dates back to 2008 with the album “Fresh Leaves” and was complemented with a second CD “Cosmic Seed” in the following year. Of course, reggae icon Bob Marley is one of the heroes to influence this band, but the addition of dubstep to the genre also makes for their own emphasis on their songs.

For three songs on “From Zero” guest vocalists were invited: “Golden Ones” features Jamaican reggae singer Sizzla Kalonji, “Do not Lose Sleep” carries Vaughn Benjamin from “Midnite” for the lead vocals and Canadian soul- And reggae singer Zahira sing along with Spencer Burton on the song “Root Down”.

The honesty means that we can say that we can not find anything bane-breaking on this album, but in the reggae genre it’s an album that will hit many fans. Therefore, we prefer the final judgment on “From Zero” of “Indubious” to the connoisseurs of the genre. We have played the entire CD without any slipping of any track, and we could really enjoy what we were told. In particular, the songs “See Sharp”, “If You Follow”, the catchy “Perfect” and the “We Got Vibes” look like something like Jimmy Cliff will surely follow us.”

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Another great review for J-Bella’s “All For Nothin” from


Jessica Bell is a young American soul and R & B singer from Buffalo, New York who has a great passion for composing and singing his own songs. As a child, she was inspired by singers such as Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys. She brings those songs now marketed under the stage name “J-Bella” with her debut eight-track album “All For Nothin.”

This is however not really eight new songs, because of the song “Shine” We have just three very different versions offered on this disc: as single in a remix’ version and a bonus mix ‘version. All the songs on this album were written by Jessica Bell himself in collaboration with album producer Tim Webb.

Her lyrics are based on experiences from her own life and are therefore right in the heart of this young lady. It was an ambitious new record label ‘Three 2 Go Music “that J-Bella wanted to provide an opportunity to put her songs on a CD and release them. A relationship gone wrong Jessica Bell gave the inspiration to write the songs on this album.

“Shine” is a modern pop song with a lot of soul in the sound, such as current stars like Adele or Sam Smith also bring commit. There is certainly hit potential in this number, as it can get through the right channels on the radio stations. The soul ballad “I Choose You” goes more towards emotionalism and the title track “All For Nothin ‘is a piano ballad that the sensitive strings are touched.

The song “Game” is R & B, but we can still attract less and “Haters” and “Up Down” had provided some finer sharpening and grinding work can be better. These J-Bella can sing and therefore perhaps is entitled to a successful musical career certainly seems to belong to the possibilities, but it is the foreseeable future will tell.

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From Buffalo, New York, Omeri is a singer-songwriter who took his musical inspiration from R & B and pop songs of the fifties. His mother and grandmother were always playing those hits on the radio in their home.
The local record label Three 2 Go Music “gave him the opportunity to put his compositions in the form of an album.” The artists who have most strongly influenced his musical choice include Lauryn Hill (of ‘The Fugees’), John Mayer and Darius Rucker, and the charismatic frontman of the American rock band “Hootie & The Blowfish. These influences can be heard in the eight songs Omeri recorded for “Day Dream’n,” which, as the album’s title track, was released as the first single and can be seen and heard in the accompanying video.
We hear some catchy melodies and great vocals on the tracks of this barely 27-minute debut. “Guess I’ll Be Waiting” is infectious both in dance rhythm in terms of sing-along, and that actually applies equally to the rocking “Read Your Mind”.
Also on this record we hear two different versions of the same songs, with title track “Day Dream’n” and the love song “One Night” which has now also been released as a single. In the quiet acoustic R & B song “Do not Look For Me” we can actually hear the best of this artist’s vocal abilities.
“Genuine Love” is in our opinion the least powerful song on this album, but it can be regarded more as a secondary edge remark, because we think this young guy Omeri has a lot of surprises in store for us and that we will probably experience him again soon.
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Here’s an excellent review of E-Life 7’s “Miked Up”


Buffalo, New York based jazz band “E-Life 7” has recently sprung from years of collaboration between guitarist Ron Walker and bassist Mike “Michael” Pennick, both of which were part of the R & B band, The Exoutics. The recording of the debut album “Miked Up” features keyboard players Rodney Spears and Charlie Crymes Jr., and drummer-percussionist Tim Webb added to the duo.

Guest-starring are Ken Whitman on tenor saxophone in the song “Smooth Ride” and the groovy track “Sunrise”, Walter Kemp III on piano in the song “Inner Beauty”, Van Taylor on keyboards-bass in “That Girl” and Joey Diggs and Dee Osbourne as vocalists sang only two songs “Miked Up” and “Feelin ‘You”.

Rhythmic jazz and R & B songs smoothly alternate on this fourteen-track album with all but one original compositions. The only cover on “Miked Up” is the soulful R & B song “That Girl,” which was a big hit for Stevie Wonder in 1981.

It is smoothly opened dancing on the plate with the swinging instrumental “Sunday Night”, and the slaps on the strings of a bass guitar form a dynamic intro with even the instrumental track “Chaos” and also wordless enduring “Second Level”. Bassist Mike Pennick is in these numbers are central to determining rhythm instrument.

That is also the case in the two tracks that appear twice on this album: “Tony Rome” and “Feelin ‘You” because we get an album version and an’ offered radio edit. Just one interesting “did-you-know” to close out this review: ‘EL-7 “stands for” Enjoy Life 7 days a week “and that’s a nice tip for anyone who is born in the heart of music (… and actually for all others).

Miked Up was released on March 24, 2017 through Three 2 Go Music.

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Review For The Shams Out Of Belgium

No surprise that even the Belgians are into Irish rockers The Shams. Music site RootsTime laid out a nice review for the band’s EP “One and All”.

Here is the translated review:

“‘The Shams’ is an alternative rock band from San Francisco, California, which in 2011 saw the light after lead singer Sean Daly, guitarist Joe Kennedy, lead guitarist Henry Moser, bassist Tommy O’Mahony and drummer and songwriter James Scragg had decided hands to store and to seek their success in the world of music together.

With the EP “One And All” join them for the first time with a record out. Six songs were put together for this release, after the band had managed to collect through the fundraising website ‘Kickstarter’ the necessary financing funds.

The sound of “The Shams” was clearly influenced by British and especially Irish rock formations such as The Pogues, “” The Cure and The Smiths’ and the reasons can be found in the fact that Joey Kennedy, Sean Daly and James Scragg all three from Ireland tribes. It is therefore mostly heard on the ‘Gaelic’-pronunciation of the English language by lead singer Sean Daly. The two other band members indeed have Irish roots from a previous generation.

There is a clear ‘speed’ in four of the six songs on “One And All”: opener “Sunset Paddy’s” boozer songs “Go On Homeboys” and “Drinks Are On Me” and punk-rock song “Sick To Death” at the end of the CD. An exception is the beautiful rock ballad “Not Bothered” and the album title track “One And All” (see video) as from the repertoire of The Pogues’ seems to have been picked, although or sung by Shane MacGowan clone or still has all his teeth.

This ep seems ideal to listen to a hearty crate of beer at the ready. You better find that everything goes much better sound and will invite them to sing irresistible as the empty bottles to be getting. Still here bear on the Irish accent. Cheers!


shams front cover final

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