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For two decades, the ‘Bayonics’ formation has been bringing a musical mix of Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B, funk and ‘Latin music’ during their many performances in the Bay of San Francisco where the roots of most musicians that are part of this group are. . The central figure is Jairo Vargas, the blind singer of “Bayonics” who has turned his sometimes difficult life experiences into positive songs for the band’s first fully-fledged album entitled “Resilience”.

The first single from this twelve-track album is the song “Exile” that can be heard on the video, which is about the forced search for a new home after you were evicted from your previous home. The desperate search for a better life is viewed here from two different perspectives and in this song it is made clear that “Bayonics” also wants to convey a message in their music.

The influences of other formations from San Francisco Bay such as “Santana” and “Sly & The Family Stone” are clearly present in the music that “Baytonics” brings to “Resilience”. We hear that in songs such as “El Bajo”, “Soldier Dance”, the rhythmic “Olvidaste” and the highly danceable reggae song “Around The Way” in which the inspiring spirit of Bob Marley haunts.

Issues such as immigration, poverty and urbanization that cause entire neighborhoods to undergo an unprecedented transformation are not excluded in the “Bayonics” issues. But also more personal themes such as love and heartache are discussed in the songs on “Resilience” which in English means “resilience” and points to the flexibility that people need to survive in this hectic world.

In songs like “Runaway”, “We Gon Show” Em “,” Batalla En Babylon “and the acoustic” Not The One “,” Bayonics “wants to make the listener aware that this necessary resilience can be found everywhere as long as you are positive and optimistic keeps thinking. In this way the world will gradually become better and more livable for everyone. “Resilience” is therefore an album filled with songs that contain a message of love and forbearance and that is, in our opinion, a very noble objective of these “Bayonics”.


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“Our guide to a better world! … “

Soul artist Cornell “CC” Carter has been making a name for himself as a singer in the San Fransisco music scene for years. A mix of jazz, blues, funk, soul and gospel is the basis for his inspiration and creativity. In 2016 he composed his album ‘In the Moment’ together with co-producer “KC” Crumpler, who also measured for his new release (the successor of ‘Vindicated Soul’ [2017]) ‘One Love’. With thirteen original tracks he plays the audience again with a mix of R & B, funk and soul.

In addition to his solo work, CC is also part of Narada Michael Walden’s all-star band and he is a much sought-after session musician in the SF Bay Area. CC can be heard on two tracks of Santana’s ‘Santana IV’ [2016] album.

For ‘One Love’ CC in the studio could count on the help of drummers Morgan Howell (Soulpersona, UK) & Brian Braziel, guitarists David Council & Dave Shul and bassists Kirk Crumpler & David Agent.

Cornell says: “ONE LOVE is a message of Oneness with the planet and each other and …”

The songs with which CC wants to impress us this time include the soulful “Relax”, the funky “Badeyah” and the song “One Love”, in which CC preaches his message for love and togetherness. With “That’s My Baby” and “That Feelin” (performance Soulpersona) it becomes very soulful again and, for “Something Like” you can safely take your dancing shoes out of the closet. On “Life” Niece Robinson sings the backing vocals, after which the album ends with a bonus number. “Somethin ‘Like” the “Soul Mix” offers the listener on top of everything extra “feel good”.

Cornell “CC” Carter’s ‘One Love’ is the album of the month for all R & B, Soul and Funk fans. Those who are looking for some extra “feel good” moments should not doubt now!

“Cornell” CC “Carter’s ‘One Love’ is for all R & B, Soul and Funk fans the” album of the month “. Those who are looking for some extra “feel good” moments may not doubt now! … “-

Eric Schuurmans





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Belgium review translated:
Of the six tracks on the EP “Things Are Looking Up” by the Australian-American acoustic rock band “The Walk-A-Bout” from Long Island, New York, there are two songs that we have heard before, especially ” Oasis “and” Drifting Tide “which was added as bonus tracks to this mini album.
This five-member band was formed around the Australian lead singer Darren ‘Sully’ Sullivan and is completed with Kevin Anderson on acoustic guitar, Dave Christian on electric guitar, Michael Perrotta on bass and Drew Bertrand on drums. The latter also took on the role of producer of this six-track EP.
Kevin Anderson and Darren Sullivan are the songwriters of service for all tracks on this album, which starts with the title track “Things Are Looking Up”, followed by the melodic single “That’s Just The Way It Goes”, a gently ripping rock ballad that we you have given to the accompanying video for an introduction.
“By My Side” we find a rather mediocre song, but the subsequent “Consequences” carries our full approval. As mentioned above, song number five “Oasis” and six “Drifting Tide” are previously recorded tracks from their debut album “The Walk-A Bout” released last year. We suspect therefore that this ep-tje forms a snack to a second full-fledged record, which is expected to come on the market early next year.


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George St. Clair is an American folk singer and songwriter from Austin, Texas who has been living in the United Kingdom for several years to practice his daily profession of archaeologist and anthropologist. In his songs, the life of the past and of today is sung in simple and understandable terms.
The scene in which all these stories take place can be effortlessly devised by the listener himself, whether it is somewhere in the high mountains of West Texas or in the soothing surroundings of the vast meadow landscapes or the dry desert areas of his homeland. On his latest album “Ballads Of Captivity And Freedom” he brings twelve folk and country songs in which his new world in London seems to be covered in a few songs.
Opening song “Tularosa” (see acoustic live version on the video) sets the tone for what we are all offered afterwards on this great CD. George St.Clair has received instrumental assistance from album producer and bassist Ben Bernstein, keyboardist Kirby Hammel, guitarist and pedal steel player Dan Lebowitz and drummer Mike Stevens, while backing vocals were provided by Maya Abramson and Mark Estall. Together they created a broad orchestrated record that sounds very smoothly.
Other songs on “Ballads Of Captivity And Freedom” that have charmed us are “The Places Where They Prayed”, “Autumn 1889”, the cheerful up-tempo and “handclapsed” “Corridors” and country rock tune “Lie To Them”. Furthermore, it is also enjoying the songs “Cimarrones”, “New Mexico”, “Pedro Paramo” and album-closing “Talkin Mesquite”, inspired by the native country of his mother Mexico.
His Texan musical examples Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark certainly have their influences in the music of this troubadour George St.Clair and that will remain very nice references until further notice. Whether he will be able to follow in the footsteps of these legendary artists with this record, the future should prove.
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Belgium Review: Jennifer Saran “Soulful Christmas”

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Belgium review translated


Yes, the Christmas tree has been taken out of the box and the lights, balls and garlands shine like never before, because that atmospheric period of the year has already surfaced: ‘It’s Christmas time’. And so it is time for records with Christmas songs, something that many artists in their musical career at least once venture. With the well-known Narada Michael Walden as producer and arranger in the recording studio, the American singer and songwriter Jennifer Saran, who lives in Hong Kong, has also gone to sing and record Christmas songs.


For her, however, this was not the first time, because in 2015 her record “Merry Christmas, You Are Loved” already appeared on the market and the success of that album has now led to the release of the latest album “Soulful Christmas”. For this album Jennifer Saran has composed eleven new songs, of which we will remember “Long Road Home For Christmas”, album title track “Soulful Christmas” and the ballads “Where Are You Christmas” and “One More Christmas Together”.


“Christmas Lover” (see lyrics video), the opener of this album, is also such a self-written soul song by Jennifer Saran and Narada Michael Walden. It starts with a so-called ‘ghost intro’ of Dr. Otis Williams, after which Jennifer brings the song together with his famous ‘Motown’ soul group ‘The Temptations’. In addition, three striking disco songs can be found on this album with “Merry Christmas To You”, the “Christmas Delight” and “You Are My Christmas Star” sung together with Cornell ‘CC’ Carter.


All of these own songs were supplemented here with six other Christmas songs and some not so well-known covers of traditionals such as “Sleigh Ride” and the rhythmic “Soul Cake (Dedicated To Sting)” that was once performed live by this singer of ‘The Police’. brought. In between we also get two short instrumental intermezzos with the “Coventry Carol” from the 16th century and the “Hark The Herald Angels Sing” composed in 1739.


Finally, we also want to say that we have been able to review this mother of three children here a few times, including last year through her participation in the project with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Narada Michael Walden and Carlos Santana that led to the single ” Wake Up “and the last studio album of the same name in the middle of 2017. The year before we were also able to talk with a lot of praise about her previous studio album” Walk With Me “. With this Christmas album, Jennifer Saran seems to want to create a gift for all her fans and as far as we are concerned this may be done as a thank you at this time of the year.


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Belgium Review: Lindsay Bellows “Wake To Dream”

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Belgium review translated:

Five self-composed songs that were recorded in a recording studio in Nevada City, California together with a number of local top instrumentalists. That is briefly summarized in what you can expect from the epic “Wake To Dream” by Californian singer-songwriter Lindsay Bellows from Grass Valley.

This young lady has soul music flowing through her veins, especially through the influence that her parents’ records have had on her youth and her musical development. They played all those beautiful R & B and soul songs by artists such as Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and Smokey Robinson, in short songs from those artists who also still regularly ring through the living room with the undersigned.

It is her first roll on record, but it will certainly not be her last, because she will undoubtedly very quickly come up with a full-fledged studio album, we are firmly convinced after listening to “Wake To Dream”. Her sense of melody, vocal harmony and emotions in the songs is special and genuine.

We can already see that when we hear the groovy song “Slow Steady”, the first song on this cd and also to listen to via the video added here. Lindsay Bellows often makes use of her voice and a ‘loop pedal’ that takes care of the repetitive sounds. This is also the case with the songs “Wake Up” and “Wild And Free”. As a result, these songs are often sober and minimal instrumental, which makes them even more attractive. Hardly more orchestrated are the two songs “Part Life” and the cheerful sounding poppy closing “Simple Gifts”.

Lindsay Bellows had an ‘8 to 5’ office job as a management consultant for many years, but if she can sit down with her for a bit, she will spend her time on some stage just outside those ‘8 to 5’ hours in the following years. songs are allowed to sing. We may not need to clarify that an unlikely dream would come true for this young woman. Review: Birdseed “Not Out Of Time” (translated)


“There is something special about this band from San Francisco. The group was formed in 2012 by parents who met each other at their children’s music school. Guitarist Mason Morfit, drummer Scott Bell and bassist George Belton were the first three band members to search for the endless list of coverable rock songs. Without thinking too much about it, they signed up for the “Battle of the Dad Bands” in the Bimbo’s 365 Club, and it was only when the date for that match came close, that the trio realized that they were nowhere without a singer. In a mood of mild panic they came to Kerry Landreth, whose voice proved to be a true discovery, and in that way, the band was able to flourish.

George Belton left the band after some time and was replaced by Lane Murchison, the founder of the Bird Music School, where the parents met. A little later, multi-instrumentalist Jamie Goodyear joined. The band got even more glory when saxophonist Peter Landreth joined the ranks. In 2015, when singer Kerry Landreth learned she had breast cancer, everything suddenly became urgent: the first two songs, “Next Trip Around The Sun” and “More Than I Needed The Truth” were recorded and were a sort of testament to her journey.  In the first song Landreth writes about mortality and fear, in the second, she summarizes that in a good relationship you should prefer happiness rather than being right. Sounds a bit swollen, maybe, but if you know that the singer was very ill, from the hospital room straight to the studio, even having to lay down on the ground at times, then you would listen to those songs differently. In early 2016, “We Can Do It” and “Not Out Of Time” were recorded in about the same painful circumstances, with the additional speciality of lyrics written by Kerry’s daughter Bebe in the song “We Can Do It.”

Beginning in 2017, there was “I Want You To Know,” a love letter from a parent to a child, where the parent knows well enough that the child will be able to catch the message only years later. The five songs have now been gathered on a 10 “vinyl record as a preview of their tour, which will be at the end of 2017.

The music itself is rock, with country accents, with pop influences. More than once you think of Fleetwood Mac, but just as well you hear the early Carole King pass by. This is a very nice recording of a band, whose members were no longer teens when they decided to start the group. Of course, that they can all play their instruments very well, but it is especially the powerful message behind the songs that suits the attention of listeners.”

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