Check out these awesome tips on “How To Turn Your Next Live Show Into a Great Snapchat Story!”


“In today’s world of social media, there are so many ways we can give people a window into our lives — whether it’s an Instagram photo, a Facebook text post, or a Snapchat video. As musicians, this is like gold to your fans. It’s a great way to share your experiences with those who can’t be there in person.

You can post links to your gig and photo recaps after your performance is over, but you can also create a Snapchat Story to really give your fans an exclusive look into what playing a show is like for you, the artist. What do you do backstage? What’s your load-out like? Any pre-show rituals?

Below, we’ve outlined a formula for turning your live performance into a great Snapchat Story. Follow these steps for your next show, and be sure you encourage your fans beforehand to follow you on Snapchat using an email and social media service like Fan Reach. And remember: filters, filters, and more filters!”

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Quick Tip: Use Twitter Lists To Give Your Music Networking A Boost


“Twitter lists bring order to your Twitter stream, allow you to network better, and provide you with an unlimited, yet organized, feed of news and ideas.

Besides that, as Hootsuite puts it, “Twitter lists are the new ‘follow.’” When you add someone to a Public list, he or she may be notified via email and via Twitter itself.”

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Learn how to use Pinterest to boost your fanbase and album sales!


“Marketing your new album or promoting upcoming gigs? Use Pinterest to inexpensively and effectively grow your audience, drive web traffic, and sell your music!

Pinterest is basically a social media scrapbook where users save and share images and links. It has long been considered a powerful tool for driving web traffic, second only to Facebook. Music marketers have been recommending bands invest time into Pinterest advertising for years, but the platform’s reputation for wedding planning and mason jar recipes has kept many musicians from taking it seriously and pursuing its potential.” Click the link to read more!

Hey artists, need some Instagram tips? Well here you go!

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“We all know what Instagram is, and what it’s about. But did you know that it’s an important social networking tool that you’re probably not getting the most out of? Here are ten Instagram tips for musicians.” Explore more here!

Here are some more excellent tips to amp up your social media!


“As a musician, you surely understand what a crucial role social media marketing plays in getting more fans for your music, but actually figuring out the kind of content you need to post can be confusing. What it all boils down to is finding the right balance for the specific audience you’re trying to build.

There’s no exact science to it, but it’s safe to say that for every self-promotional post you publish, you should have many more brand-building posts. These posts can take on a variety of forms, but the common thread is that they all get fans to pay attention, become interested, trust you, engage with you, and only then will they take action when they see a self-promotional post.

Check out these 11 easy content ideas to get more fans for your music through social media!”

Check out these common Instagram mistakes!

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“But while IG can be used for good, some artists and bands make many mistakes when it comes to the social media photo-sharing service. The good news is that those errors are not crippling, and they’re way easy to fix. Here are seven common Instagram gaffes that are remedied with a couple of minor changes to habits or routine.