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Hey artists, make sure you’re aware of these bad habits so you can avoid them when writing music.

27 Dec

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“At the heart of every music production is its basic building block—the song. It’s the key element, because if you don’t have a great song or songs, you won’t have a great record. You can have the most brilliant players provide excellent performances, and you can do a masterful production job, but if the songs aren’t there, not much of the audience is going to care beyond the first listen. Indeed, music history is littered with artists, bands, and records that had everything going for them except the most important thing: the songs.

That’s why I’m spending an entire chapter analyzing song structure. In the end, no one can predict what will be a hit or what might touch your audience’s heart or feet, but certain elements have tended to work in popular music of all types since the beginning of recorded music. It helps to know what works before you try something else.”

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27 Nov


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“The Top 100 Must-Follow Music Resources on Twitter”

24 Nov


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16 Nov

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Here Are 30 Songwriting Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

10 Nov


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Explore these interesting songwriting tips from 45 famous songwriters

8 Nov


Six Steps To Successful Songwriting: 45 Tips From 45 Famous Songwriters (And One Not So Famous)

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3 Nov


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