Canada Review: Jennifer Saran “Soulful Christmas”

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JENNIFER SARAN – Soulful Christmas

Tarpan 2017

JENNIFER SARAN - Soulful Christmas

Soulful Christmas

Another box of Yuletide presents from American songstress who asked us to wake up and walk with her.

Apparently 2015’s “Merry Christmas, You Are Loved” was so auspicious a debut for Ms Saran that, two years down the line, she’s returning to the same place. The homecoming theme runs throughout this record, yet if the place it’s in is the same, it’s a different performer we meet here: more confident, creatively matured and, well, finely seasoned. Most of what’s on offer now, may accompany a quiet evening in front of a fireplace, though, pieces like “I Have My Own Reindeer” oozing a family atmosphere, and still, there are moments that prompt one to shake comfortable numbness and let joy flow to the world.

An epitome of the album’s spirit, opener “Christmas Lover” – that marries Saran’s deliberately wintry, transparent vocals to THE TEMPTATIONS’ eggnog-thick voices – is where contemporary grooves feed into communal tradition, while the “baby, baby” of the title track links Jennifer’s soft seasonal wonderment to the spirit of Smokey’s miracles. Playful and elegant at the same time on the jazzy perennial “Sleigh Ride,” she’s embracing a too by-numbers music hall on “Swingin’ At Christmas Time” so, for all their lighthearted throb, the dance types of “Christmas Delight” – a perky duet with Cornell Carter – and “Merry Christmas To You” work better than simple ballads.

It’s a revue of sorts, instrumental interludes of tunes such as “Hark The Herald Angels Sing” peppering up the songs’ flow and an a cappella snippet of “You Are My Christmas Star” shaping a triumphant finale. Yet the bluegrass vibe and beats make “Soul Cake” genuinely special – reserved, if  irresistibly infectious – with a “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” quote an icing on it all. There’s an impression that, had Ms Saran and her mentor, Narada Michael Wallden, let their hair down and let all these strings and brass kick in, they’d have a hit on their hands… but then, it’s Christmas and a time to relax.


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Portugal Review: Jennifer Saran “Soulful Christmas”

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Soulful Christmas (JENNIFER SARAN)
(2017, Tarpan Records)
Jennifer Saran must really like Christmas because Soulful Christmas and already her second record on the theme, after the 2015 debut entitled Merry Christmas, You Are Loved. This is also the second release by the North American singer based in Hong Kong this year. Soulful Christmas is a soft disc, with frequent resources to soul elements of Motown (up to here collaborate the Temptations in the theme Christmas Lover). An album with beautiful melodies and to be enjoyed with family during the Christmas dinner. [4.6 / 6]
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Belgium Review: Jennifer Saran “Soulful Christmas”

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American singer Jennifer Saran lives in Hong Kong. Jennifer was born as Jennifer Hill in Washington DC, but spent her childhood in Chicago. Soon her voice was noticed, after which she went to boarding school in Switzerland. There too she sang in the choir. Then she moved to Alexandria, and later to Cairo. Although she dreamed of singing, she stayed away from music, married, raised children, moved to the Philippines, Singapore and finally Hong Kong. In 1992 she joined a choir as a mezzo-soprano. Five years latershe set up a choir herself with a few other members. In 2015 her debut album ‘Merry Christmas, You Are Loved’ was released. The following year she released the successor ‘Walk With Me’, both produced and co-written with the legendary Grammy and Emmy winning Narada Michael Walden, whom you may still know from collaborations with, among others, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Sting, George Michael etc. In the summer of last year Jennifer added the single ‘Wake Up’, together with the South African choir Ladysmith Black Mambazo and guest star Carlos Santana. This single came from her third album ‘Wake Up’, which came on the market last summer.


And now another Christmas CD has been released, with the double single ‘Soulful Christmas’ / ‘Merry Christmas to You’. But first and foremost is the atmospheric single ‘Christmas Lover’, on which none other than the legendary Temptations sing along. The classic ‘Sleigh Ride’ gets a swinging jazz arrangement, and there are also a lot of beautiful, original tracks, which she wrote together with Narada. For example, the “traditional” ‘Soul Cake’ is dedicated to Sting. Furthermore an instrumental cover of ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’ and of ‘Frosty the Snow Man’. And on ‘Christmas Delight’ Cornell sings “CC” Carter. There is already a jazz CD in the pipeline, which should be released in the spring of 2018. A very nice, soulful Christmas CD!



Patrick Van de Wiele (4)


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US Review: Jennifer Saran “Soulful Christmas”


Jennifer Saran
Soulful Christmas
Tarpan Records

Saran’s 2015 holiday album Merry Christmas, You Are Loved was so successful that here she is quickly back with a new set of standards and originals. As with Merry Christmas, Saran again teams up with Narada Michael Walden who co-writes, produces and plays various instruments throughout, and he does all of those things on opening track “Christmas Lover,” a cut that features the legendary Temptations. The song is a slow jam that’s custom made for a hold-me-tight dance under the mistletoe or snuggling on the couch. “Sleigh Bells” is a jazzy ride embellished with a horn section, “Swinging at Christmas Time” moves to a finger-popping beat and girl group recalling vocals while the album’s title cut is a quiet, R&B-flavored pop cut that revels in the joy of spending the holiday with a special lover. Saran also has fun with a take on the traditional cut “Soul Cake” which she dedicates to Sting, and perhaps the best of her co-writes with Walden, the sensual “Where Are You Christmas.” Get it here.

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Belgium Review: Jennifer Saran “Soulful Christmas”

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Belgium review translated


Yes, the Christmas tree has been taken out of the box and the lights, balls and garlands shine like never before, because that atmospheric period of the year has already surfaced: ‘It’s Christmas time’. And so it is time for records with Christmas songs, something that many artists in their musical career at least once venture. With the well-known Narada Michael Walden as producer and arranger in the recording studio, the American singer and songwriter Jennifer Saran, who lives in Hong Kong, has also gone to sing and record Christmas songs.


For her, however, this was not the first time, because in 2015 her record “Merry Christmas, You Are Loved” already appeared on the market and the success of that album has now led to the release of the latest album “Soulful Christmas”. For this album Jennifer Saran has composed eleven new songs, of which we will remember “Long Road Home For Christmas”, album title track “Soulful Christmas” and the ballads “Where Are You Christmas” and “One More Christmas Together”.


“Christmas Lover” (see lyrics video), the opener of this album, is also such a self-written soul song by Jennifer Saran and Narada Michael Walden. It starts with a so-called ‘ghost intro’ of Dr. Otis Williams, after which Jennifer brings the song together with his famous ‘Motown’ soul group ‘The Temptations’. In addition, three striking disco songs can be found on this album with “Merry Christmas To You”, the “Christmas Delight” and “You Are My Christmas Star” sung together with Cornell ‘CC’ Carter.


All of these own songs were supplemented here with six other Christmas songs and some not so well-known covers of traditionals such as “Sleigh Ride” and the rhythmic “Soul Cake (Dedicated To Sting)” that was once performed live by this singer of ‘The Police’. brought. In between we also get two short instrumental intermezzos with the “Coventry Carol” from the 16th century and the “Hark The Herald Angels Sing” composed in 1739.


Finally, we also want to say that we have been able to review this mother of three children here a few times, including last year through her participation in the project with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Narada Michael Walden and Carlos Santana that led to the single ” Wake Up “and the last studio album of the same name in the middle of 2017. The year before we were also able to talk with a lot of praise about her previous studio album” Walk With Me “. With this Christmas album, Jennifer Saran seems to want to create a gift for all her fans and as far as we are concerned this may be done as a thank you at this time of the year.


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US Review: Jennier Saran “Soulful Christmas”

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Jennifer Saran

Soulful Christmas

Review by Gary Hill
When it comes to jazzy, adult contemporary type music, Jennifer Saran’s vocals are just about the best around these days. She seems to have an affinity for Christmas music because I previously reviewed another holiday set from her (in addition to other music of hers I’ve reviewed). This is her brand new set of holiday music, and it is so strong. This will likely be part of my holiday festivities for years to come. The Temptations are featured on the opening song, Narada Michael Walden is a big part of this production, too.

This review is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2017  Volume 6 at

Track by Track Review
Christmas Lover (featuring The Temptations)
This has a cool, slow soulful groove. It’s all class.
Sleigh Ride
I love the classy jazz arrangement on this tune. The holiday classic gets a great telling here, really.
Long Road Home for Christmas
This balladic number is interesting. It makes me think of some of the pop rock that was so popular in the 1960s. The harmonica adds a lot to the piece.
Swingin’ at Christmas Time
A bouncy and fun piece, this is another winner. It’s more modern in texture than a lot of the rest here.
Some Children See Him
Harp starts this cut. It works out with a slow moving and rather symphonic texture. The beautiful vocals are the real selling factor of this piece. There are mellow jazz elements at play.
Coventry Carol
Even more symphonic than the previous number, this is so pretty. It is a short instrumental.
Soulful Christmas
An old-styled soulful vibe really does shine brightly on this piece. This has a timeless, classic quality to it. It’s very effective. The horn soloing on this lends some magic to the number. It was a great move to make this the title track. It’s one of the strongest pieces here.
Soul Cake
This is so cool. It has a great Celtic folk vibe to it. Yet, it also has plenty of jazz in the mix. There are bits of traditional Christmas music added to the arrangement. This is another highlight of the set.
Where Are You Christmas
A particularly pretty song, this is another standout. It’s slow and a bit jazzy. It’s mellow and quite effective.
I Have My Own Reindeer
Jazz and adult contemporary music seem to merge on this. It’s a pretty cut that is entertaining. It’s just not on the same level of the last few.
Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Only a minute and a half long, this is an instrumental on classical strings. It’s a pretty interlude.
Come Home for Christmas
A piano based ballad at the start, this is another pretty song. It’s a slow moving number with a lot of jazz in mix.
Merry Christmas to You
Jazz, pop and more merge on this cut. It has a bit of an electronic edge to it, but not enough to take the more organic vibe from it. This is a fun cut with a lot of energy. It’s one of the standouts here, really.
One More Christmas Together
A pretty, jazzy piece, this is another winner. It has such a great classic vibe to it. It’s packed with emotion, too.
Christmas Delight
A bouncy and fun number, this has a great soulful vibe to it. It’s not one of my favorites, but it’s still very strong. There is a short rap mid-track on this.
You Are My Christmas Star
A bit more modern in texture, this has a real soaring kind of vibe to it.
Frosty the Snow Man
There is a cool haunting vibe to this short version of the holiday classic. Saran’s voice is accompanied by only the sounds of winter and some chiming bells. It is incredibly effective.


US Review: Jennifer Saran “Soulful Christmas”

Title – ‘Soulful Christmas’
Artist – Jennifer Saran
For those not in the know, Jennifer Saran is a North American alt-pop/adult contemporary artist, songwriter and vocalist based in Hong Kong. Her first full-length album, Merry Christmas, You Are Loved (2015), was a worldwide smash and quickly put Saran on the map; let alone on the radar of some very big names within the business.

Indeed, that debut album was created with legendary producer Narada Michael Walden, and released through his very own uber successful label, Tarpan Records. Luckily for us all, that partnership continued onward with her sophomore album, Walk With Me (2016) and her quite stunning follow up, Wake Up.

Coming full circle on her newest release, Jennifer’s latest album is yet another Christmas collection. Featuring guests The Temptations, and yet again produced by the legendary Narada Michael Walden, Soulful Christmas is out November 24th, 2017 via Tarpan Records.

During the holiday season of 2016, Jennifer released a double-single including the tracks “Merry Christmas To You” and “Soulful Christmas”, and now that latter track has spread its wings and blossomed into an incredible, heartwarming new album of holiday tracks.

1. “Christmas Lover” – Featuring The Temptations
2. “Sleigh Ride”
3. “Long Road Home For Christmas”
4. “Swingin’ Art Christmas Time”
5. “Some Children See Him”
6. “Coventry Carol”
7. “Soulful Christmas”
8. “Soul Cake”
9. “Where Are U Christmas”
10. “I Have My Own Reindeer”
11. “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”
12. “Come Home For Christmas”
13. “Merry Christmas to You”
14. “One More Christmas Together”
15. “Christmas Delight”
16. “You Are My Christmas Star”
17. “Frosty The Snow Man”

Containing, and kicking off with, the new single “Christmas Lover” featuring The Temptations, as the sax leads us in, it’s baritone singer Dr. Otis Williams who verbally introduces the song. The trumpets sound aplenty on “Sleight Ride”, before everything is slowed down for a Jennifer Saran original, the harmonica driven “Long Road Home For Christmas”.

The finger-snappin’ “Swingin’ Art Christmas Time” is one of the highlights of this joyous album for me, and that’s backed by the lush harp flow of “Some Children See Him”, the stirring violins of “Coventry Carol”, and then the jingle bells of the title track, “Soulful Christmas”.

The funky, banjo-pickin’ vibe of “Soul Cake” is new and highly original, and that’s backed by the soulful “Where Are U Christmas” (“This is for all the people with blue lights on their Christmas tree. Always know someone is thinking of you”), the beautiful storytelling of “I Have My Own Reindeer”, and then the vibrant “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”.

Jingle bells sound once more as they introduce us to both the piano-led “Come Home For Christmas” and then the ode to children all over the world, “Merry Christmas to You”. The ballad “One More Christmas Together” is a saxophone beauty, and that’s followed by the soul funk of “Christmas Delight”. The album then rounds out with the unexpected EDM sounds of “You Are My Christmas Star”, before the Wintry “Frosty The Snow Man” is upon us.

There are 17 tracks on this holiday album and each one is delightful to hear. Indeed, even where Jennifer covers a classic, she strives to make it her own; and for the most part, does just that. Having incorporated soul, R&B, funk and even EDM into her Christmas spirit, Jennifer’s vocals are magnificent on this quite outstanding new seasonal album.

Chock full of some inspired Christmas covers, along with some aforementioned delightfully inspiring originals (which, in this business, to create just one new Christmas song of any worth from scratch is a miracle unto its own), Soulful Christmas is primed and ready to be your musical accompaniment this holiday season.

In closing, each of the 17 tracks are genuine, enduring, and as festively heartwarming as each other and even her originals sound like they’ve been around as long as the chosen classics. So once you’ve purchased this CD for your holiday celebrations, I urge you to then journey through her back catalog and take in all Jennifer’s other work. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed and for that deed alone, I’m sure Santa will add you to his Nice List!

Russell A. Trunk

Check out the music video of Jennifer and Narada doing their original holiday song “Christmas is Really My Thang,” released on her 2015 album Merry Christmas, You Are Loved:

“Christmas is Really My Thang” – Music Video

CD Purchase Link

US Review: Jennifer Saran “Soulful Christmas”

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Soulful Christmas by Jennifer Saran


For my 598th music review, I am proud to present the perfect album for the Christmas season.  Soulful Christmas is the November 24, 2017, album by Jennifer Saran released on the Tarpan Records label.  This is my third review for this great artist with 17 Tracks which covers several styles such as soul, jazz, bluegrass, and disco as seen in such songs as Christmas Love (Featuring The Temptations), Swingin’ At Christmas TimeSoul CakeChristmas Delight and much more.  This the best Christmas album I have heard in some time and I am impressed on how well this a release is written, performed, recorded and produced.  You can purchase this album today from Amazon, Itunes and other places where Cd’s and digital downloads are sold.


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